New Scenario - Hundred Years War (1337 - 1356 AD)

New Scenario - Hundred Years War (1337 - 1356 AD) V1.1

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Mod is still under development. Expect changes/updates over the next few days/weeks!


This scenario is the first test of a reusable scenario management engine, a library of routines that transforms Civ5 game engine from one that tries to take a civ from the "Stone Age to the Stars" over 6,000 years into a hyper-focused engine that seeks a deathmatch fight against an opponent for 10-20 years.

The project name for this library is "Merlin" - a behind the scenes actor who gets others to do his bidding even if they don't know it.

Merlin manipulates AI civs to help them put up a cohesive, focused campaign against human opponents.

This first scenario is a proof-of-concept project to make sure Merlin puts up a good fight.

If/when it's more developed, it will be almost trivial to develop new, different scenarios with just a few hours work.

This particular scenario covers the first phase of the HYW between England and France. It is built on my older scenario "Guerre de Cent Ans: A Hundred Years of War" (

But unlike that older scenario, once the game started, normal Civ5 behavior took over, meaning the AI didn't act like it was in an existential fight against a near-opponent.

Merlin hopes to change all that, and make human players struggle...

You'll need to move the scenario map to the game's MAPS folder. The scenario map file is in a location someplace like this:

C:\Users\user\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\Hundred Years War (1337-1356 AD) (v 1)\SCENARIO\MAPS

Where "user" is the folder you installed the game at.

When you load the mod, and Setup the game, be sure to select the scenario's map then the "Enable Scenario" button - to select one of the 7 playable civs for the scenario.

I'll post better instructions tomorrow....

Mod is fairly stable, but it is a LOT of code/new material, and not all features are final in this version. So, don't be surprised if you see a new version every day for the next few days.

Greatly appreciate any suggestions, bug reports, etc.



To follow or contribute to Merlin's development, please join the collaboration spaces on both Civfanatics and Discord:

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