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Orion's Challenge v106H 2016-10-05

Orion’s Challenge Mod Comp v1.06H for BTS 3.17

Known Issues: If anyone can help resolve this issue please feel free to recommend any known fix you may have.
1. Button to create forest remains on, even though the current plot already has a forest.

Change History:

Version 1.06H Changes: 31 Oct 2008

1. Added new religion: Shinto, which is discoverd with existing tech Priesthood and is a fully capable religion. Game now has 8 religions to choose from.

Version 1.06G Changes: 21 Oct 2008

1. Fixed the bug that allowed AI civ to found more than one Holy city when playing limited religions. This was a very difficult bug to fix, but it is finally done. Rebuilt 2 functions in the CvGameUtils.py file and created a new function to do a centralized Holy City check.

2. Added an option to bypass the religious tech first to discover rule. In limited religions: If a player does not own a Holy City and the religion for the religious tech has not been founded yet, then the player can found the religion. Make sure the Choose religions game option is unchecked at the start of the game. Special thanks to Modifieda4 for the idea.

To play with bypass option: Set value to 1
To play without bypass option: Set value to 0

Version 1.06F Changes: 27 Sep 2008

1. Foreign Inquisitions! They have three prerequisites:

• There must be an open borders agreement with your civilization.
• The state religion of the civilization must match yours.
• Your state religion must be established in the city.

2. Created an option for foreign inquisitions in the GlobalDefinesAlt.xml file. If you want to play a game with foreign inquisitions, then simply change the default value to 1. If not, make sure the value is set to 0.

3. Fixed limited Religions bug that allowed the AI to found more than one Holy City. It was only a one line fix in the CvGameUtils.py file.

Version 1.06E Changes: 12 Sep 2008

1. Added a new building called the "Holy Office" as a prerequisite for producing Inquisitors. Holy Office building attributes:

Cost 240 hammers
+2 Gold (Simulates the confiscation of victom's personal property)
+1 happiness (Simulates city benefit for maintaining Religious Unity)
+1 Unhealthy (Simulates loss of population due to Inquisition)
Can turn one citizen into Priest
State Religion must be present in a city to build the Holy Office
Holy Office is now required to produce an Inquisitor

Version 1.06D Changes: 31 Aug 2008
1. Police Unit now has it's own combat group called "LAW ENFORCEMENT UNITS"
2. Police Unit now has 5 exclusive promotions that no other unit has: Riot Control! Each promotion adds a 10% less chance of a city revolt if the police unit is garrisioned in that city.
3. Limited Religions: Only one Holy City is allowed to be founded per Civ. The option is set in the GlobalDefinesAlt.xml file.

To play with limited religions: Set value to 1
To play without limited religions: Set value to 0

4. AI now founds a religion right on time.
5. Tech Theology ignores the limitation where only the "first civ to discover the tech founds a religion". Theology now allows a player to found one of the remaining religions if the player does not already own a holy city; even if the player is not the first to discover Theology.
6. Eliminated the religious tech exploit and guarantees a level playing field for all Civs.
7. Fixed minor python bug for limited religions.

Version 1.06B Changes: 04 Aug 2008
1. Converted mod to be compatible with BTS 3.17 patch
2. Updated to DCM v1.6
3. See DCM for a number of bug fixes.

Version 1.05A Changes: 2 July 2008
1. Added new Prerequisite 6 for Religious victory: You must have built the Official state religion shrine.
2. Fixed goody hut bug by removing Archery Barrage (See item 4).
3. Removed Ranged bombardment Mod (See item 4).
4. Added Dale's Combat Mod (DCM), which includes Archery bombardment, Ranged bombardment and other cool options.
5. Fixed Multiple minor bugs (Priest, terraform, forest creation, and AI choose production bugs)
6. Fixed XML Text file (Text_Key_is_DCM_Bombard) for CIVPEDIA.
7. To avoid a conflict, the Abandon City/Building popup execution command is now "Ctrl-A"

Version 1.04D Changes: 18 June 2008
There are now 5 prerequisites for achieving a religious victory - Religious Unity at long last!
1. A player must have an official State Religion
2. A player must have the Holy City for the official State Religion
3. All of a player's cities must have the official state religion established.
4. All of a player's cities must not have any non-state religions established.
5. Religious influence must be at least 80%

Version 1.04C Changes: 18 May 2008
1. Fixed bug that had the Corn Field" button comes back on After irrigating a plot to create a Farm.
2. Fixed bug message that says “Will destroy farm" which came on after the farm was built.
3. The farm is now considered an upgrade for Corn, Rice and Wheat, but the upgrade is not automatic - You still have to use workers.
4. Once the farm is built, the crop buttons for Corn, Rice and Wheat now disappear.
5. You must plant Corn, Rice or Wheat before building a farm.
6. You must have fresh water on flatland to plant Corn, Rice or Wheat; until Civil Service tech.
7. Fixed the art and data entries in the Civilopedia for 104C changes.

Version 1.04B Changes: 20 April 2008
1. Fixed minor typo that prevented terraforming of a plot.
2. Can now Terreform Tundra into Plains (skips desert thanks to Eisklinge)
3. Fixed bug that had AI workboats traveling through ICE before prerequisit tech.
4. Created separate unit called the "Ice breaker" and increased the cost.
5. Eliminated the upgrade of the Workboat to Ice Breaker. Both are separate units.
6. Eliminated Build farm execution button bug that states, "Will Destroy Corn".

Version 1.04 Changes: 27 Feb 2008
1. Added capability to plant Corn, Rice and Wheat with tech Agriculture
2. Added capability to terraform plots with tech Biology
....Flat land --- ice > Tundra > Desert > Plains > Grass
3. Added capability to Build or Remove Hills
4. Added capability to Plant a Forest with tech Guilds

Version 1.03 Changes: 2 Feb 2008
1. Added the Police Mod
2. Added the Ice Breaker Mod

Version 1.02 Changes: 18 Jan 2008
1. Updated Dales Ranged Bombardment Mod to the official version - Replaced by DCM
2. Added Main Screen Mod by NeverMind

Version 1.01 Changes: 5 Jan 2008
1. Added Archery Barrage - Replaced by DCM
2. Added Abandon/Raze City and Buildings

Version 1.0: 29 Dec 2007
Combined Dales Combat Mod with the Inquisition Mod.

This mod merged the following mod components into a Mod composition called Orions Challenge. Whew! Lots of work! Special thanks and all rights reserved to all of the following authors: :thanx:

Sto: For the Religious Unity code.

Dale: Dales Combat Mod (DCM)

BMARNTZ: Inquision Mod

DUAL: The Shinto Religion Mod

Nemo: Abandon/Raze City and Buildings

NeverMind: Main Screen Mod

Orion Veteran: Police Mod

Orion Veteran: Ice Breaker Mod
http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=153566&page=2 See post 40.

Instructions: Download and extract all files into the folder: C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\Mods

Special notes: These are my favorite mods put into one single mod. Each mod adds what I believe to be essential upgrades to Civ4 BTS. There are other worthy mods I would like to add. ...Someday.

Religious victory is set at 80% religious influence.

Other mod recommendations for BTS 3.17:

Download the Blue Marble mod: Install HighRes version

Download Smartmap:


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