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Random maps 2016-10-05

Random maps

  1. wonx2150
    This is just a set of random maps some based on reality some made up :)

    included are:
    England: based on the British Ilse also used in my Invasion of Britain 53 AD.

    Mediterranean: This is the original game map with the terrain features added. As in some versions of the game they don't seem to be there just the outline.

    Wastelands: this is a hypothetical map the terrain is harsh and hard to play on makes for an interesting battle. :cool:

    Islands: this is an archipelago it features many islands with smaller ones in between the civilizations are well space.

    Badlands: this is based on Afghanistan style terrain i was going to and maybe still will build a scenario based on this map. Its tough terrain making for a hard life :p

    Enjoy :)

    any ideas comments or suggestions feel free to email me