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New World 2016-10-05

New World

  1. wonx2150
    Information: The Europeans have entered the age of discovery and began sending ships to the far corners of the world to discover new lands. They have now arrived on the shores of this new world and began to explore it. The English, France, Spanish and Portuguese have all arrived in the new world and foundered cities. Now they begin to explore the rivers and jungle of there new lands. The native tribes where once a great civilization but war and other disasters tore there civilization apart and now all that’s left is scattered villages. There is another native people in this new world who reside on islands they are a simple people who fish and grow a few crops to support them selves although they have little knowledge of the world beyond there home.

    Will the natives be able to drive back the Europeans or will they destroy each other and divide this land between them.

    Installation: Simple extracts/copy all the files from the zipped file into your civ 2 folder. Then you will find the file in main menu/ Begin scenarios

    WARNING: the new terrain file will change your existing one so if you value it back it up before you install my new one. Same applys for the rules, i have made clearing jungle much faster and it also offers more food as jungle than before.

    Any problems comments or suggestions email me on yocal2150@gmail.com


    1. english_Ta6.jpg
    2. french_ZBG.jpg
    3. islanders_Ymt.jpg
    4. natives_667.jpg
    5. portugues_b5O.jpg
    6. spanish_0EC.jpg