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Civ 2 C&C mod 0.5

NOTE: Original project thread is here:

NOTE2: @Blake00 is working on a remaster of @wonx2150 's C&C Africa scenario here:

NOTE3: Sadly Wonx2150 accidentally re-uploaded his v0.5 version here instead and has sadly informed me that he's lost his v0.6 files over the years since. :(

Civ 2 C&C mod v0.6
This version adds the new map Madagascar to the MOD. There is a few other minor changes including fixing up some of the graphic problems and improving the terrain. I have also changed some of the buildings and there graphics and introduced 3 new units to NOD. The new units are Cyborg (new infantry) Harpy and Banshee (new aircraft). These units are taken straight from Tiberian sun and you’re welcome to use them if you would like. They are only slightly modified by me.

Although the new NOD units are only available in Madagascar. You’re welcome to add them to any of the other scenarios if you would like.
Due to the size of having 3 different sound folders I’ve not included the Uprising and Africa maps sound files use the same ones from 0.5 they haven’t changedJ.

To install: Place it into your Civ II to folder and copy the sound effects from 0.5 to the Africa and Uprising (it’s the main folder) so you have sound. Madagascar has its own sound and is in this download. If you don’t have 0.5 you can download it from Creations/
If there’s any problems or you need help let me know :).

Civ 2 C&C mod v0.5
Yes that's correct Ive finished version 0.5 now :). There isn't a lot of new features Ive fixed up the problem with the City names and shields having different colors. Ive also finished my Africa map based on NOD's Campaign from the original C&C.

Enjoy and keep reporting those bugs, I'm going to start working on 0.6 very soon.

Civ 2 C&C mod v0.4a
This is just a fix of the rules file, Ive uploaded the entire mod again as i figured its not very big. Anyone with very slow net can say and ill upload just the rules. It corrects some problems with the teck tree and units :).

Enjoy :) and keep reporting those bugs, I'm working on 0.5 at the moment.:king:


Civ 2 C&C mod v0.4
Yes 0.4 is out :). Theirs a few changes including Sound for all those people that like to listen to there Civ 2 :p

The changes include

  • Sounds effects for all units.
  • New Graphics for some units.
  • Some new buildings.
  • No more spy's.
  • And I'm sure theirs others Ive forgotten :)
I havnt made and new maps yet although im working on the idea. The plan will be that there will probably be sub folders in this so there can be differnt terrain for europe to africa and so on :). Also ill work on a new teck tree soon so that games can be played from the very start :)

Let us know what you think :)


0.3 Info
This scenario/mod is an experiment at adding in Command and Conquer Original into Civ 2. It’s not all there for example Ion cannons don’t exist and I’m sure there’s other things I missed. This is only version 0.3 though so if there’s enough interest for me and others ill try and make improvements and expand it.

I’ve worked mostly on C&C 1 units (with some missing) as it was always my favorite and I still remember playing it when I was little, got it at the same time as I got Civ 2 a year or so after my parents got a computer. (Many years ago now)

This mod features 1 scenario its not great but it shows off the new units and Tiberian there is NO Sound effects as of yet so some of the units may sound weird (using original sound effects I don’t play unit sounds turned on so I’ve not noticed. Ill try to fix this later on. Also I’ve not changed any buildings apart from the Manhattan project (which is Temple of NOD)

Feel free to edit and improve this just let me know when your done I may then include your improvements in my next release (when ever that is) if you want credit make sure you give me a name..

For anyone who doesn’t know what Command and Conquer is, or lost there copy. Its now free and can be downloaded legally.

Also this requires Civ 2 Gold to work you can get the files to upgrade and civ 2 to gold from here

Older versions can be downloaded from my site. Creations/

Wikipedia page

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