Bug Fixes:

Some bonus yields from Great Works were lower than intended, fixed those.
Found and fixed a bug that could cause crashes when there were multiple rebellions in one turn.
Fixed crash in rare military AI edge case.


Town improvements have a maintenance cost of 1 gold.
Cargo ships cost more.
Missionaries and inquisitors cost more and have more religious strength.
Disabled civs asking you to not settle near them anymore. Borders still cause diplomatic tension.
AI buys fewer units, particularly when their gold yield per turn is negative.
Some optimizations so turns process a little faster.
Set up options:

No notifications about units (default true)

No notifications about starvation (default false)


Made some World Congress projects more attractive to AI civs so there is more likely to be competition building them.

Several Libertarian policies have smaller gold penalty.

Added gold yield bonus to solar farms and wind farms when researching the battery technologies.

Slowed down unit maintenance cost increases.

AA units and SAM units can no longer attack.


Rebellions cause a screen to popup explaining who is rebelling against you and why. There are now options for dealing with rebellions. Some of the options require you to have certain technologies or policies. Some options cost gold. Guide the path of your Civilization in how you choose to deal with the rebellions.

Added a notification when your people are rebelling against another civ.


Don't show the choose production notification for cities that already have production selected.
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