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Terra Mirabilis v2.20

A mod that reworks Natural Wonders in Civilization VI, and adds 19 new ones that include some old fa

  1. v2.03 Update

    ~ Added triggers for resource mods with higher load orders

    v2.02 Gathering Storm update


    ~ Krakatoa is now an active volcano in Gathering Storm (no longer available without the expansion)

    ~ New wonders from Gathering Storm have been given ownership effects.

    ~ Given that natural wonders receive ownership bonuses anyway, volcanic natural wonders no longer provide +2 Yields on adjacent tiles. Given that their yields stack with each eruption, Kilimanjaro, Eyjafjallajökull , Vesuvius and Krakatoa all have +1 Adjacent yield instead of 2.

    Bug Fixes:

    ~ Dead Sea, Everest, Grand Mesa, Matterhorn, Sinai, Sri Pada bonuses now applies to all player units instead of city-trained units. There is something with the way this effect is hooked up in the background where units will lose the ability on game reload.

    ~ Motlatse Canyon ability reworked. The original ability used an effect that could not be stacked as it turns out. This was bad news for Australia.

    ~ Other Various bug fixes reported by users.


    ~ Eye of Sahara bonus now grants +1 (was +2) era score each time a +4 era score bonus is triggered. Golden Ages were too frequent with the former bonus.

    ~ Naturalists may now be purchased with both Faith and Gold. Why not have both?

    v1.21 Update

    New Wonders
    ~ Bioluminescent Bay
    ~ Dallol

    ~ Icons for the african wonders update (Mosi-oa-Tunya, Lakes of Ounianga, Namib Sand Sea and Vredefort Dome) have been recreated
    ~ Historic Moments for those wonders have been updated too

    ~ Tweaked the defaults in the user settings for better balance
    ~ Added Natural Wonder fertility, a customisable weight that contributes toward importance of settling on NWs for AI. Hopefully this will make NWs more of a race ;)

    ~ Added Italian localisation courtesy of the delightful YamiNick. Massive thank you for the support!
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