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Terra Mirabilis v2.20

A mod that reworks Natural Wonders in Civilization VI, and adds 19 new ones that include some old fa

  1. v2.08 Update

    ~ Override GetUnitActionsTable in UnitPanel.lua to eliminate Builder lag.

    This change eliminates the Builder lag but will mean there is less information in the Builder actions panel and may have other consequences. The lag was caused by the fact that the UnitManager.CanStartCommand for the Build Improvement action with exclusion test set to true reloads all Requirements and Requirement Sets everytime you select a Builder unit. Hopefully Firaxis will fix this or make it much more efficient (or release the DLL so that modders can fix it!).

    Response from Dennis Shirk:
    "This was a deeper issue exposed by some of the mods that were generous with adding new requirements, etc. The team has some optimizations almost ready that should kill it. Not in time for the current release unfortunately, but know that it's addressed for the future."
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