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Tomatekh's Historical Religions v.18

Adds additional historical (pre-modern and indigenous) religions to the base game.

  1. Tomatekh's Historical Religions v.13

    Historical Religions v.13

    - Added compatibility for the New Frontier Pass
    -- Simon Bolivar prefers Catholicism
    -- Lady Six Sky now prefers (Tlateomatiliztli (Tzol'kin))
    -- Moved Oriental Orthodoxy to the base Christian denominations (in preparation for Ethiopia’s upcoming inclusion).
    - Added a partial Chinese translation (religion names) thanks to Flactine and 柚子酱 (I used parts of both of your translations, thanks again for your hard work).
    - Anglicanism now functions correctly with the HR_CUSTOM_NAMES option.
    - Removed the cross from the Jehova’s Witnesses Icon.
    - Updated the Latter-day Saints pedia entry.
    - Miscellaneous text updates to various pedia entries and civ names.
    - Miscellaneous bug fixes.
    - Per request, added an option to disable Mi-Chos individually
    - Per request, added an option to enable Anglicanism separately from the HR_PROTESTANT_EXTENDED and HR_CHRISTIAN_EXTENDED options.
    - Per request, added an option to disable Spiritism separately from the HR_DISABLE_EUROPE option.
    - Per request, added options to enable Forn Sidr and/or Anglicanism while Historical Religions Lite is being used.

    - Mod updates reset the configuration file to its defaults.
    - The update is possibly still compatible with older saves (provided you change the configuration file back to the values used for the save. If the update is not compatible, I’ve provided a download link for the previous version at the bottom of the Steam Workshop description.
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