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Unit Spawn Handler 2016-10-05

Unit Spawn Handler

  1. LeeS
    Lua utility program that handles all requirements for spawning units into the game from an lua script. Written especially towards the needs in scenarios to sometimes spawn units at certain turn increments, etc. While written with especial attention to the needs of scenarios, it is fully usable in a 'normal' mod.

    For complete details on what it does and how to use it within your own mods/scenarios, see Unit Spawn Handler Lua

    The included file within the download is the xxxxx.civ5mod file for the mod. This is simply a zipped version of the mod that you can extract using 7z or Winrar. Or you can copy/paste from your download folder to the Documents/My GamesSid Meier's Civilization 5/MODS folder and let the game 'unpack' the zipped version of the mod the next time you start the game and enter the MODS menu.