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  1. King Phaedron

    Linear Cities NEOM aka The Line

    A type of late game city. The main advantage being that you can make a new city without any regard for district limits due to population, and with less overall construction. I think it would work like this: 1. If you make any land district, you can't make a line district, and if you make a line...
  2. H

    [BNW] Quest for Glory - Deity Challenge - Off shoot

    I haven't seen any others following the good tradition laid out by Nizef, so i thought i may be able to lend my own spin to a quest for glory. Apologies for stepping on any toes, bit I thought it was a great idea and I could lend a small twist. This time, you are playing as Arabia, and the...
  3. FishFishFish

    Arabia's portrayal in Civ VII

    Arabia’s portrayal in Civ VI has peeved me for a long time. Firstly the choice of Saladin, while I do not necessarily think Saladin is a bad choice for Arabia (although I’d rather see an actual Arabian Caliph instead), his focus on science despite being the leader during the turbulence of the...
  4. King Phaedron

    Cannot meet Saladin

    Hi, I just liberated the city of Mecca from Greece who had captured it early in the game, but the leader does not show up. Neither does he show up on the next turn either. There appears to be a bug where if you have never met an early game civilization and then liberate them they do not show...
  5. CivLifeRyoutube


    In this post I am going to be detailing how to play Arabia on deity victory as shown in this video series: Arabia is one of the original civs that came out with civ 6 vanilla. Arabia, to this day, is one of the strongest hybrid civs in the entire game. They might not be the strongest at any...
  6. D

    why is Saladin leader of Arabia ? (and why i should be something else civ leader)

    hello i don't know if this the right place to ask the question so sorry if this is not why is Saladin leader of Arabia ? should he be technically leader of egypt ? this would introduce a new Islamic Egypt/Misr empire civ unavailable with tons of character from early independent Turkish dynasty...
  7. TahamiTsunami

    Top City-State Choices

    It's been fun going over polls for Returning Civs, Brand New Civs, etc. While I'm not overly familiar with the popular choices enough to confidently do a poll, I figured I'd start by finding out which city-states would be the most desired. I'd definitely recommend checking out the ultimate...
  8. C

    Arabia Guide

    An experienced player's guide to Arabia in Vox Populi. Arabia has been redesigned to be not only strong but well designed and fun to play. The civ is very strong beginning in the ancient era, and is able to continue to be strong until late in the game. Let's look at his components UA: A...
  9. C

    Settlers are for Chumps: Deity One City Challenge

    Can you win the game with only one city? Time to find out! Let's do this.
  10. V

    Arabia UA proc observation

    Hello, before I get into the details of what in particular I observed about Arabias UA, I´d like to introduce myself a bit as this is my first post on this forum. I`ve been playing Civ5 for about 5 years now, and for the past 3 years I almost exclusively played it with VP. This Mod is an...
  11. Autumn Leaf

    Why is Ar-Rutbar excluded from the Arab flipzone?

    I'm curious as to why Ar-Rutbar (the square immediately west of Baghad/Babylon) is excluded from the Arab flipzone. I can understand excluding Tyre, but Ar-Rutbar has no history before the modern era. It's as if someone set out to exclude Babylon from the flip, and missed. But excluding Babylon...
  12. TyrannusRex

    Female Arabian leaders?

    I started to get curious as to if there were any historical women from the Arabian empire that could make good alternate leaders. If so, I feel like it's a good opportunity to bring an overshadowed historical figure to light, while at the same time representing a minority not usually seen in...
  13. lonnie

    City state/Arabia bug

    Hello has anyone encountered the bug when creating a map in the World builder via " create your custom map". The big is dealing with creating city states. I have a map with 12 civs and 6 city states. The map loads and I play the map. The problem is one city state always "generates" as Arabia. To...
  14. M

    Poland MP strategy?

    How to play as this civ. I played my 1st multiplayer game lately and I did this more or less: Got 5 cities, in a corner of a map, safe position, I had advantage at this point I think cuz other didnt have as many cities at that time and some were at war. Prioritized Holy Sites and Commercial...
  15. B

    Arabia's University Replacement (Madrasa) Does not benefit from Albert Einstein's Ability []

    Activating Albert Einsteins Ability should add +4 science to all universities, but has no effect when playing Arabia. Version: []
  16. W

    Saladin/Arabia broken menu item for purchasing buildings with Faith

    ( I am playing as Saladin, whose power allows purchasing Religion-gained Faith buildings in Holy districts for 10% of their usual cost. In my current game, I have 350 faith, and the Gurdwara costs 30. When I try to purchase it, the option is invalid, and the tooltip states: "Not...
  17. B

    Bug: The Last Prophet | Arabia

    Playing as Saladin, there's 5/7 religions founded, Egypt and Spain are nearest to claiming the next Great Prophet. I'm expecting one of them to claim one and then my leader UA to kick in - the 2nd to last Great Prophet to be claimable by me. However, the turn ticks over and BOTH Egypt and...
  18. Harun Al-rashid Caught Spying

    Harun Al-rashid Caught Spying

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