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civilization 6

  1. Northboy85

    Darkleaf's Mod Pack (As featured in my Slave Mod) 2016-12-08

    Improved Resources & Improved Build Times Mod: Deserts: Oasis and their adjacent tiles yield 1 Food and 2 Production. Fishing Boats: Now yield +1 Food/Gold. Hills: Snow Hill and Desert Hills give 1 Production. Sea Resources: Fish give +3 Food, Crab give +2 Food and +1 Culture, Pearls give +2...
  2. Northboy85

    Darkleaf's Slavery Mod + Bonus Addons v2

    DARKLEAF's SLAVERY MOD! Yes, it's true! The project from HERE Has finally arrived! The aim of this MOD is to accurately depict Slavery as a cultural, religious, and historical importance for mankind. Conscript or capture Slaves to use for a variety of purposes. I've also added Palace...
  3. M

    [VidLP] Let's play - How to do a good start on Deity

    I read on the forums that people wanted more Deity Let's plays so i thought i'd do one. I've done 3 of these half-hour parts so far so if you want something special to be done or want me to answer any questions you can ask me here.
  4. G

    [VidLP] Civ VI Multiplayer Let's Play: Relearning that Conquering Mechanic

    Welcome to our 1st season of Civilization 6 multiplayer! This game features Rich, Justin, Miles and myself in a multi-perspective 4 person free for all game on a small Pangaea map. We hope you enjoy it! This is our 8th season with the Civilization series. Currently - Episode 3: "Justin Only...
  5. J

    Defending against AI religious aggressiveness?

    Go ahead, laugh, call me noob. My first Civ6 game ended in defeat, playing ROME, on PRINCE (in turn 390/year 1969). Okay, I lost against Gandhi who won religious victory. I didn't care about getting a Great Prophet or religion, but apparently the other civs' apostles/missionaries are no match...
  6. Fredrik Gröndahl

    Swedish translation 2016-11-21

    Menyer klara och en del inne i spelet - Det som inte är översatt ännu är på engelska. Instruktioner om du vill testa finns på github: Swedish translation :)
  7. J

    City states & germany

    Germany gets +combat vs city-states, but generally is conquering them better idea than envoying/suzeraining for bonuses?
  8. Skulbow

    Fall patch discussion thread

    Downloading and patch notes on Steam...2.1GB
  9. M

    [VidLP] Germany as Barbarossa on Emperor (again)

    With the previous playthrough having been ruined by too much of a focus on religion (which turned out to be terrible), we decided to start again with Germany. Having become quite enamoured with the district system of Civilization VI, I decided to pick a nation which uses them quite heavily...
  10. dexters

    Steamspy Civ6 at 1 million

    Crossed 1 million around 10/31/2016 Data is only up to 11/1/2016 so it's probably close 1.1 million now assuming it is adding 30k sales a day http://steamspy.com/app/289070
  11. NickPirozhkov

    Sid Meier's Civilization VI - Review

    Link -
  12. V

    My first game and impressions

    ROME (Prince, small, continents, standard) Ancient age capital location with 2 stones, 2 rice, 1 cotton early exploration: to the south is Spain (ca 12 tiles) turn 25: I found 2nd city Arretium close to Rome, near river and Yosemite wonder turn 26 we meet Brazil, they are close to Spain: SE...
  13. MaxNear

    Civ VI no compatible graphic device

    Help this message appears when I try run the game: "No compatible graphic device found. Please ensure that your system has a correctly configured, compatible graphic device." Any solution?
  14. senshidenshi

    Senshi's Civilization Laboratory

    In the dawn of the Sixth Age, as the great empires of the Fifth slowly sink into the ash, as the once mighty rulers of grand domains are forced to rebuild from the crumbling remains of their new capitals, a solitary figure slinks through a ruined castle. He grins to himself. Finally, in this...
  15. Firebug

    Firebug's Pre-Release Civ Designs

    I wanted somewhere to keep my designs, and discuss my future mods. I would then migrate to a new thread at release (similiar to the Firebug's Civilizations thread on Civ5 C&C) where i can actually post any future mods i make. Oh and maybe attract the attention of people that might want to help...
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