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  1. PDX Firefly

    Developer Diary | Domains & Culture

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to the next Developer Diary for Millennia. I am Ian Fischer of C Prompt Games and today we will cover Domains and Culture. Domains If you have been following Millennia, you know a theme of the design is the idea of player authorship. We are excited by the idea of the...
  2. King Phaedron

    The Best Map I've ever made - a dramatic Soulblazer!

    This took me weeks to make and polish. In the past I've had a tendency to add too many bonus resources and wonders, well I've corrected that. This is a very balanced map for everyone, and in many cases, the area is suitable for specific players. A Map based on Soulblazer, one of my favorite...
  3. ManoftheHour333

    Victory Conditions for Civ VII

    As famed American nuke-crackpot Douglas McArthur once said, "There is substitute for victory". And in the game of Civilization, this is true. It's one of the core game mechanics to encourage people to keep playing towards the end! While many have been saying that Civ should go in a direction of...
  4. G

    My Take on "Immersive Empire Names"

    I left a rather lengthy comment on a recent JumboPixel video about the upcoming update, which will supposedly include a mechanic for consistent, era-crossing empire identifiers. I thought it might be worth sharing here to get others' thoughts on how I've come to think of the whole...
  5. Solidirio

    Proposal: Nationalities and Migrations

    Hi, first of all this is my first post in this awesome community, and im here since the amount of people who still create stuff for this game is trully amazing - :c5capital: Basically something like what was done in the Cultural Diffusion mod, by giving the citizens of each city a nationality...
  6. Narz

    How to make culture/life less boring?

    There's a book I think its called Bowling Alone about how participation in clubs, sports, leagues (like bowling leagues) has been decreasing steadily since the 70s. This book is 20+ years old iirc. In the last two decades people have become more isolated than ever even before coronatimes. The...
  7. T

    Don't understand Culture Victories

    I have around 600 hours and culture victories take so long for me. I currently have 900 science 3700 culture 1488 faith (playing as kongo) 23000 gold 2400 tourism 1234 diplo points and its turn 330 with me sitting at 543/576 tourism. I'll win soon but it took way too long. I have resorts...
  8. L

    Culture being blocked?

    I’ve won a culture victory so know how to get it but in current game playing as Ghandi my culture seems to be blocked. Even got the hero who gives you culture and used him up twice, almost no increase in culture (should have been huge). Am on turn 270 with 47 culture which is nuts - have theatre...
  9. Zegangani

    Collecting Ideas for a Rise and Fall of Civs, Dynasties, Cultural Pressure or Ethnicity Mod for Civ6

    I'm currently working on a Mod Series that introduces many new Mechanisms/Systems to the Game (and altering some existing ones), which work like the NFP Game Modes (that you can enable/disable as you desire), but are more fleshed out/detailed and interconnected with the Game's existing...
  10. C

    [REFERENCE] C2C Cultures sheet

    Good morning, everyone. On the Discord, we had the idea of assembling a chart for all the cultures in C2C(Excluding punks. That's kind of a different thing). This was because many cultures are lacking in units, heroes and other historically significant things. So we put this together to keep...
  11. Agamemnomnom

    Best Civs for Culture and Science Victories?

    Hey all! First-time poster here. Been playing Civ since Revolution but am just now getting serious about it. I'm going for a culture victory, but I'm not sure what the best Civ for the job is. I've gotten one on Prince difficulty with Pericles (my fav for culture victories,) but I was...
  12. Q

    Tourism Bug?

    Hello people. Im playing as Babylon, marathon speed, immortal difficulty, 16 players. As you can see im right now at 295 turn. When i checked tourism page, i was really shocked. All of the civ are in CLASSICAL era, but yet Brazil is INFLUENCIAL among all the civs, even more than 100%, he has...
  13. D

    1.16 Japan 600AD UHV - 4 city start

    This is a detailed strategy for 600AD Japan to complete UHV1 (1600AD), followed by a suggested conquest order and foreign policy to achieve UHV2 & UHV3. Thanks to Leoreth & the mod community for creating this great experience. Screenshots are from current git version, played at epic speed...
  14. Hellenism Salesman

    Which is more important: Science or Culture?

    So, out of the two main researching resources, I was curious to hear which people found more important in a general sense. I'm sure that priorities change based on difficulty level and other factors, but I want to hear your answer as to which is better in most situations. I personally lead...
  15. Trashperson

    Tradition (Up to date with Barbarian Clans update) 2.0

    Tradition is a simple flavour mod that renames several aspects of the game for accuracy and immersion, with all parts being modular in the settings. This mod's genesis was with how it always kinda bugged me that the legacy policy cards had such uninspired names, being just the government's name...
  16. Joij21

    Are Corporations Destroying Culture? Are They Preventing Us From Developing A Refined Culture?

    I guess this pertains more to the U.S. and other Anglo colonial nations like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Other colonial nations like those in Latin America tend to have more interesting cultures with some native influence, so I don't think they really count. Europeans, Chinese, Indians...
  17. ebcott

    Memorialize Units

    It would be cool if you can retire veteran units and create a memorial improvement or great work out of them that provides a little yield bonus of some sort.
  18. anonxanemone

    Historical Concepts Translated to Gameplay and Mechanics

    What are some gameplay and mechanics that represent concepts of history well? Are there any concepts that should be implemented or (if already implemented) should be implemented better? Personally, my favorites are the eureka/inspiration and district adjacency mechanics introduced in...
  19. LPlate2

    [SDK] Assymetric Cultural Expansion 2020-08-23

    Hi, These are the files, including the edits I made discussed in the thread, https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/terrain-technology-limiting-culture-spread.641656/ . The modcomp allows for; 1) blocking the spread of cultural influence of terrain types until a pre-requisite technology is...
  20. Honeydak

    Cultural Walls

    It's what it sounds like. I really want a mod that changes the look of walls to match the culture of your civ (sandy for eastern civs and so on) like we had in civ 5. I don't know if this is super difficult to do, i'm not a modder sadly. But i would love it, and i'm putting the idea out there
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