1. I

    [SOLVED]District's Icon disappear or transfer to "?" while ingame.

    Hello, I have a problem with my mod's icon. It's district's icon which disappear in diplomatic player screen and random Icons in production queue, with map pin is "?". But in the start game (choose leader and custom game), the district icon appear normally. Other Icons like unit icons (copied...
  2. Lacanne

    I would like to use Civ 6 icons and art

    Hello everyone. I hope i'm posting this in the right section, i'm not used to using forums. So i'm just your regular civ 6 player and i first would like to say i'm french (so my english is poor) and i'm not interested in modding. For what i'm about to ask, i've already done researchs on this...
  3. MrTerror

    [GS] Icons.... not working?

    Hello. There is a problem with icons in my mod! Basically I created another building and wanted to simply add icons to it. I did it the same way i created previous ones, but... it dosen't work! Can someone help me and tell what's wrong, please? Here are screenshots: (Working icons from the...
  4. Sailor Cat

    Making and Implementing Icons and Leader Images

    This tutorial walks modders through icon and leader image creation and implementation, focusing mainly on implementation. Requires Modbuddy. Found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2420858843
  5. paisvalencia

    Would someone take a look at my code?

    So I've been working on this mod project for Aragon. The gameplay is up and running, but the UI still doesn't appear no matter what I do. I've been playing around with it for several months now and I'm very much frustrated. If someone could take a look at my code and tell me what I'm doing...
  6. paisvalencia

    Icons unable to load

    So, the title is pretty self-explanatory. Whatever I do, I get mystery (?) icons on everything, the leader backgrounds don't load etc. The rest of the mod works well, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  7. Geminus

    [R&F] Icons

    Hi all, I was wondering how the game knows which icon is for what. I mean, in the Icons_Districts file for example for Hansa there are only these two lines: <Row Name="ICON_DISTRICT_HANSA" Atlas="ICON_ATLAS_DISTRICTS" Index="9"/> and <Row Name="ICON_DISTRICT_HANSA_FOW"...
  8. Toastyland

    [Vanilla] (solved) Select menu icon

    Hello, I have tried the challenge of creating my first civilisation mod and everything is going fine so far, except for one thing that I am unsure about. My icon and colors function correctly in-game after you have chosen your civ and started, but on the select menu, my colors do not appear on...
  9. P

    User Interface, Icons help

    Hello, new player here. Is there any documentation that walks through the interface description and most importantly lists all the icon meanings. I saw a thread that listed all the invisibility icons and it would be very useful if there was a master list of icons and descriptions to help...
  10. F

    [Solved] Civ and leader icons not appearing in game.

    I am working on my first mod and have managed to get it to work, but I cannot figure out why the leader and civ icons and background aren't appearing in game, despite the unit and district icons showing up just fine. They all appear during the civ select screen while creating a game, only the...
  11. Asterix Rage

    Coming soon ...

  12. Polar_Knight55


    I had an idea to get as many as civ (fan-made icons) icons as possible, right now i have the official ones, but i am looking for more fan-made ones. I need from you some icons with transparent background. Here are 2 conditions: 1.They have to be unique 2.You need to provide the name of the icon...
  13. Mosile

    Mosile's Art Icon and Concepts threads

    Hello all, This here is mainly just a thread where i can share art i have made for Civ V on photoshop as well as ideas i had but never could do due to my lack of experience with modding. If anyone would like to use any of my art assists for any potential projects, make some of my concepts into...
  14. pineappledan

    Icon changes for VP

    With VP nearing its final stages, I think some of the Icons used in VP could use a facelift. I was looking through Pouakai's Enlightenment era mod, and was stunned by the high-quality icons made by Janboruta and Sukritact for the mod. I have not asked them for permission yet, but wanted to see...
  15. Toussaint10326

    How to add custom unit/building icons

    I want to add custom building icons to my game, how could I do this?
  16. I

    Adding Icons and Images?

    With no luck, a friend and I have attempted to follow the current guides to add icons and images to our mod. We have tried following both https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/how-to-add-loading-screens-icons-kill-cleopatra-in-the-dip-screen-make-blp-files.611608/ and...
  17. Ardeus

    Changing the civ icons in the pick menu

    I understood that changing the color DOESN'T effect the civ icon in the pick menu as they are not customizable and prefixed. So, in which directory the icons are found? Or there's a mod that changes the color already?
  18. Infixo

    Real Building Upgrades 4.1.3

    Works with September 2019 Patch. Building Upgrades to: - Vanilla buildings (including UBs) - all except ones enabled by beliefs (the game doesn't allow to build more than 1 in a Holy City). - DLCs (if active): Tlachtli, Sukiennice, Basilikoi Paides, Prasat. - Rise & Fall: Food Market, Shopping...
  19. S3rgeus

    Browse IconTextureAtlases (and Localization) tables?

    I've succeeded adding new Atlas entries to the IconTextureAtlases using the UpdateIcons action, but unlike Civ5 it doesn't seem like the existing IconTextureAtlases table is present in the debug database (the one at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization...
  20. PsychoticSquid

    [] - Quirks with mousing-over turn summary icons

    Mousing over the turn summary icons that appear above the next turn button for long enough also triggers the tooltip for the tile below it that shows yields and occupying districts, etc. and this second tooltip overlaps the other. There should be code that prevents tile-based tooltips from...
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