1. Freaky

    Current state of Civ VI modding?

    I'm a big fan of Civ IV and Civ V after Vox Populi, but last I checked, the devs didn't want to release major modding capability until after they were done with all of their DLC. Now that I look again, I see a lot of mods, but nothing approaching a real fan-definitive Vox Populi type of mod for...
  2. 123nick

    [GS] "failing to load content" when trying too start a modded game

    Hello Im using JFD's civilzations, Rule with Faith, and JNR's mods When i try too start, i get an error "failed to load content" or smth like that Also come of the tooltips in the civ selection screen are in spanish Logs are attached
  3. bostonbongrips

    Unique Units Retain Trait

    Would love to see a mod where a unique units retain their trait once upgraded. This was possible in CIV V because the unique unit traits were given as a promotion rather than a passive trait. Not sure if this is possible in CIV 6 but it would be awesome for your oldest surviving units to have...
  4. Kylorin

    Fall From Heaven 2

    Where are the death night graphics?? I need them for a mod and I CANT FIND THEM
  5. D

    Mod conflict with Dramatic Age mode

    Does anyone know of a popular mod that fails to load with Dramatic Ages mode, but works with all other modes including the new Corporations mode? Dramatic Age works if I disable all mods, but I went one by one down my list and couldn't figure out which was crashing on new game. Thanks!
  6. Gameboy2396

    Idea/Request: Multiple Diplomacy Quotes

    Hello. There's been a mod that I've wanted for ages to get onto Civilization VI. This has been available in past games, but for Civ VI, there's only one line for each. This is where I want a mod that extensively adds tons more unspoken lines for them to say during diplomacy, so I'm not tired of...
  7. unartis

    [C3C] Space Race Victory alternative

    Space Race Victory alternative :goodjob:I have some plans and ideas for this untapped area within Mod Development. I created a fantasy mode in which I wanted to take advantage of space racing. the idea of building a magic tower as an idea arose. Finally, the creation of the Elixir of Power is...
  8. P

    [BTS] How to Merge These Mods? (RevDCM & Varietas Delectat)

    Hi all, I have spent the past 7 hours trying all sorts of ways to merge these two mods. RevDCM - Uses a DLL. Download: Varietas Delectat (including Ethnic Diversity) - Doesn't have a DLL, just a graphical mod (with some minor...
  9. nzcamel

    [GS] Mute Rockbands

    Can someone create a mod to mute the rockband sounds, and maybe have a popup window saying what level their performance was. One of my favourite things about Civ is the soundtrack; and so to have that interrupted a couple of times a turn by these abominations :mischief: does my head in.
  10. hapseleg

    How to add windows mods (also from Steam) to your android

    Hey guys, I figured out how to get your mods from steam into the game on your android phone, there are of course some mods that won't work but I am amazed by how many actually works. You can also use mods you download from civfanatics or github but I use Steam Workshop so that's what I am gonna...
  11. Darkator

    Civ 4 I have problem with my addon

    When discover new tech crashes civ 4. please help me.
  12. C

    mods do not work in internet mode

    games do not show up in lobby if they are mods. They use to has things changed. how about a work around or fix so they will work again capt. jack
  13. King Phaedron

    Better Effects of Future Science

    +5% to city projects... And then we have the Synthetic Technocracy, +30% to city projects. Why would Anyone in their right mind want additional production for city projects? They complete in 2-4 turns in every city! Why do the devs want me to select production for all of my cities, every...
  14. C

    multi-player Mod games

    Question; Perhaps I need to be key hauled but for some reason, we are trying to play a MOD of Colonization. We can play just fine in Single-player mode and also fine in Multiplayer mod as a single human and multiplayer Ai. However, when we try to play multiplayer across the internet the mod does...
  15. marius_kaparius

    A shout-out to a fun Civ 6 Youtube Channel

    I would just like to highlight the Youtube channel A CityMaker I've been enjoying of late. The creator uses Civilization VI and its mods to recreate famous cities and relay some of their history. I did a search and did not find a similar thread. I just felt that this person deserved some...
  16. Vanilla Feline

    [GS] 2020 World Builder - Starting Locations Help

    I am putting together a map where I am aiming to have all Civs and City States start with predetermined starting locations. The goal of the map is to be an alternative to TSL Earth maps, where the map itself is unique but follows a similar geographical and historical logic to Earth. That...
  17. Z

    [BNW] Every mod freezes my game on start please help

    Ocean cities, wonders packs, Future worlds, reform and rule, the air/land/sea unique unit packs, corporations, you name it. I have tired these all individually (one mod loaded, start game, game freezes after i hit begin and my first settler is about be selected) These mods worked fine about 2...
  18. SunniBoi

    Looking for artists to make units, willing to pay

    Hello to all, I'm looking for people who can make units for civ 3, preferably medieval/fantasy centered units such as foot soldiers and perhaps dragons. I'm willing to pay for anyone's efforts and I would love to know how to just make these units myself. So any help would be appreciated...
  19. I

    Question about modding

    Hello. Do u know how to write a code to have an effect working when I choose the social policy tree?
  20. K

    Hotseat a scenario you created with mods

    Hey guys, I've been going around the forum trying to find an answer but cannot figure it out I created a map with a scenario (custom civs and city states), some of which are from Mods. I'd like to play the game in hotseat with my other mods activated (ie Emigration, IGE, Extra Wonders, etc...)...
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