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  1. Knightfall

    [NFP] Is this a Bug?

    Had this happen in one of my games a few days ago and was wondering if this is a bug or a deliberate tactic by the AI. It's confusing as it seems as thought the AI is essentially voting to punish itself.
  2. NFP Leader Concept Art

    NFP Leader Concept Art

    Firaxis concept art of Hammurabi, Simon Bolivar, and Ba Trieu.
  3. Z

    [NFP] Leveled Game MODES - Heroes and Legends

    Adjustments to every hero, for balancing this mode and reducing impact on gameplay. REQUIRES: Babylon Pack from New Frontier Pass. CHANGES: These are the changes made to each Hero: ANANSI Charges 6 -> 3; Ranged Power -5% ARTHUR Power -5%; Questing Knight Lifespan 12 -> 15 BEOWULF Charges 6 ->...
  4. V

    Tips For Playing Maya At Immortal or Deity

    Can anyone give me some good tips for getting started with the Maya since the April Patch changes? The play style seems really interesting, but I'm struggling to wrap my head around it. Is there anything you look for in a starting location that is specific to the Maya? What should the build...
  5. K

    Hellenistic fusion not working on pillaged district after march 2021 patch?

    Hi all. While playing Alex after the march patch, i realise Hellenistic fusion does not grant me eurekas or inspirations anymore if i pillage those districts before capturing the cities. Is this intended?
  6. Duke William of Normandy

    [NFP] Last Minute Suggestion for the April Update(Because since others are doing it, why not?). :P

    Since others are asking for some last-minute changes for the April Update, I thought, "why not jump on the bandwagon"? :shifty: Disclaimer: I know this isn't happening since we're two days away from the April Update's release, I just want to be naive for naivety's sake. :p So, here it is: Let...
  7. Duke William of Normandy

    [NFP] April Update Video

    Start the discussion! Edit: Can finally get rid of the 2K Video placeholder now.
  8. Laurana Kanan

    [NFP] Portugal (March 2021) - Patch Notes Discussion

    OVERVIEW The Portugal Pack introduces João III as the leader of Portugal. Also includes the the Nau unique unit, two unique structures (the Navigation School building and the Feitoria), a new map script, world wonders, and the new "Zombies Defense" mode. Includes the Portugal civilization with...
  9. Mali has competition. ;)

    Mali has competition. ;)

    Just look at those Yields! Mansa Musa doesn't have a cent compared to Portugal now!
  10. Hellenism Salesman

    [NFP] Improving NFP's Game Modes

    The New Frontier Pass has added a bevy of toggleable modes to add and change Civ VI's gameplay. And while many of them are satisfactory, there is always room for improvement, and this thread is here to single those improvements out. What would you change/add to NFP's existing game modes...
  11. Duke William of Normandy

    [NFP] Portugal is the last NFP Civilization confirmed. Also... Zombies??!!

    Firaxis has accidentally released the Steam Achievements for the March Pack, revealing Joao III will lead Portugal, as well as some hints about the new Mode. It apparently has something to do with zombies... https://imgur.com/a/acubiUU Anyway, what are your thoughts on this?
  12. Zegangani

    ALL Bugs, AI actions and UI Elements in Civ VI we want to have fixed

    Since Civ VI Developers are constantly checking this Community for Feedback and Suggestions from CivFanatics (Civ/ Leader & CS Pickers, Barbarian Mode...etc), and the Bugs Section to gather more Infos about the Bugs...etc, I thought it might be a good Idea to make a Thread just to submit ALL the...
  13. Zegangani

    [NFP] How satisfied are you with NFP (So far - Updates included)?

    It's been 9 Months now since we got the 1st NFP Pack, The Maya-GrandColumbia Pack with Apocalypse Mode, and now, so far, we got 7 new Civilizations, 10 new Leaders/Alt-Leaders, 7 new Game Modes, 1 new Scenario and plenty of other Stuff (Bug and Balance Fixes, New Features, improved AI...etc)...
  14. Hellenism Salesman

    [NFP] How many leaders are geared toward each victory?

    Warning: Long, very subjective categorizations inbound. This was partly a personal experiment. Looking back on base-game Civ VI, I have no issues with the civilization choices overall, but the different victory types each had an inclination to... weren't very well spread out. Base Game...
  15. Hellenism Salesman

    [NFP] What's your favorite expansion?

    Civ VI has had lots of DLC over its lifetime, notably in the form of Expansion Packs. So my question for you is: which expansion is your favorite? Now when we're judging them, I'm not talking about overall quality or which is the best buy, I am asking purely about which one brings you the most...
  16. MightyEvilPunk

    [NFP] Can create industry with just one luxury (Monopolies and Corporations mod)

    I have Civilization 6, New Frontiers Pass, (540535) So it is easy as that: At the beginning of the turn I have one improved pearl resource near Mediolanum (Which is the only pearl resource in my empire at the moment) And I have option to improve this resource by builder who is located in...
  17. N

    Request: Balancing (nerfing) some Heroes of the new Hero Mode

    Is there someone who is interested in balancing (nerfing) some of the OP heroes? And perhaps adding some new in the future? Cheers
  18. Laurana Kanan

    [NFP] Vietnam & Kublai Khan Pack (January 2021) - Patch Notes Discussion

    OVERVIEW This new content pack introduces Bà Triệu as the leader of Vietnam and Kublai Khan as an alternate leader of either China or Mongolia. Also included is the new Monopolies and Corporations game mode, as well as a new district (The Preserve), with new buildings (the Grove and the...
  19. Duke William of Normandy

    [NFP] Which Civilization/s do you think Kublai Khan will lead?

    The whole thread is summed up in the title. What are you waiting for? Vote!
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