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[NFP] April Update Video

Duke William of Normandy

King of England & Unofficial Welcoming Committee
Jul 27, 2020
Rouen, Normandy

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Edit: Can finally get rid of the 2K Video placeholder now.
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True Start Huge Earth MAP!!!!!!
Trebuchet Unit!!
Mediterranean Map!!! :D
I appreciate the attempt to correctly pronounce "Qin Shi Huang", but it still ended up like "Qin Shua Heng" instead
Note: not trying to criticise them, just pointing it out
Men at Arms and Line Infantry Units!
some screenshots of the new units' combat strengths

Spoiler combat strengths of new units, plus swordsman and musketman :
Men at Arms and Line Infantry Units!
Don't forget the Trebuchet! :p
So I'm guessing Man-At-Arms is a Medieval Melee and Line Infantry is Industrial Melee, similar to the Rifleman unit from before.
So... what do we all think about the buffs? Personally, I'm interested in the Khmer buffs.
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