1. amadeus

    Russia and the West

    I think this is a big subject and not directly related to the war, so deserving of its own thread. Why? What are the factors that you think have led to the current state of relations, and how far back are you talking about this enmity?
  2. Birdjaguar

    [RD] Russia Invades Ukraine: War News Thread: Round 6

    Biden plans to visit Poland for the anniversary of the start of the war. The president will be in the region for three days, but the White House did not say if he would make a trip into Ukraine. WASHINGTON — President Biden will visit Poland later this month for the one-year anniversary of...
  3. Birdjaguar

    Russia's Future

    This is a speculation thread on what Russia's future might look like across the spectrum of arenas that might include: As part of the international community Militarily Economically Politically As a place to live As Climate changes As the war winds down and the rest of the world assesses its...
  4. Arakhor

    [RD] Russia invades Ukraine: Part II

    This is the new thread for the Russia-Ukraine war. This is an RD thread, with the expected behaviour requirements. If we have to infract anybody else, it will come with lengthy thread-bans. Do not start any other Russia-Ukraine threads either. In short - if you're going to discuss the war...
  5. Birdjaguar

    Global Strategies for Dominance

    The post Ukrainian war situation seems ripe for its own discussion thread. To launch that I grabbed a piece from the WSJ that looks ahead and the complex issues involved. The pdf is a chart related to the article. that is the only way to grab it. How the West Can Win A Global Power Struggle...
  6. Hippie_Peace_man

    Soviet Union (Concept)

    After a recent unfinished Denmark game, I was inspired to create a puppet civ (like Venice) that could settle cities. I've never made a mod before, so I figured before attempting to create the civ, I would post my idea here and listen for feedback on whether this is OP or UP: Soviet Union...
  7. SpaceCommunist

    Soviet Union (Leon Trotsky) 2017-11-21

    NOTE: Requires the "Soviet Union (Lenin)" mod by Space Communist to play. The mod can be found here and here. Stats:
  8. RFormica

    Civ6 New Leader Poll

    Notice: Even though the Edward IV mod is posted as coming soon on my description, it is complete and I am just waiting for the leader art.
  9. WillowBrook

    Trouble triggering trans-Siberian railroad achievement

    I've been working on a huge marathon game as Peter trying to get the trans-Siberian railroad achievement. Are there any hidden requirements? The description simply says: Playing as Russia, have a city that is at least 60 tiles away from your capital, connected by a Trade Route and road at the...
  10. Wingednosering

    Why Does Russia Have A Unique Holy Site?

    I've been wondering this since launch. I can think of tons of nations that were very religiously focused and deserve a unique Holy Site. Russia isn't one of them. However, I don't know much about Russian history, so maybe somebody can enlighten me. What is the historical reason for giving...
  11. E

    []Portuguese Translation

    There's a translation error in Peter's power, from Russia. Original Text: Receives Science or Culture from Trade Routes to civilizations that are more advanced than Russia (+1 per 3 technologies or civics ahead) Original Translation: As civilizações que são mais avançadas que a Rússia...
  12. sman1975

    Napoleon at War

    Napoleon at War (NAW) is a Civilization V Modification environment that allows a player to relive empire building on a grand scale across Europe in the early nineteenth century. It provides a variety of play options, from small scale battles to epic continent-wide wars of survival. Steam...
  13. DrekkSama

    [VidLP] Turns of War - A Competitive Civ Series

    A newcomer to the franchise, I started playing Civ with Civilization Revolution. An easy path that leads to falling in love with Civ V and now Civ VI. I gathered 3 friends who I knew also loved Civ and brought them to compete weekly in what we call Turns of War. Each game we play we label as...
  14. n00buk

    [LP] Silent Russia

    Here is a playlist of my first Civ VI game. I don't do audio commentary, so just the gameplay. Fractal map, King difficulty. Updates Daily. First video:
  15. CupHead5998

    [BTS] I will be playing this game of civ for 20 irl years.

    Hi It's my first time posting here, but i wanted to craft a story that goes for 20 irl years, It'll be an AAR as russia, the first update will be soon
  16. I

    Lavra is a superb district

    My post seems to have gone unnoticed so here I repeat the info: From what I have learnt from the National Parks thread, all Holy Sites do increase the Appeal of all surrounding tiles by +1. For Lavra it means that it has three effects: -It adds Faith -It increases the Appeal in your city -It...
  17. Mongol Defence

    Mongol Defence

    Meh... I respected them quite too much :/
  18. Catherine Caught Spying

    Catherine Caught Spying

  19. Unstoppable Soviet Socialist Republic

    Unstoppable Soviet Socialist Republic

    Road to War Freeplay - Russia declared war on Turkey and the UK and France's colonies in the Middle East and slaughtered them. Russia advanced into Egypt but gave Britain Alexandria back. Then Germany foolishly declared war on the commies and got slaughtered.
  20. Epic Cultural Win Finale

    Epic Cultural Win Finale

    Russia nuked me before I completed Utopia Project. I provoked war to farm culture from other civs.Ironically,I didn't do this with Russia. Difficult is Emperor here.
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