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2194 Gigamap v3 Two Player PBEM Test


Smith, Wesson, and me
Jul 20, 2001
Duluth, MN, USA
For those other than us to reading, this is a thread between Pap1723 and I where each of us plays all the civ's on either side of World War II. This is pretty much only for further testing purposes of his 2194 Gigamap Scenario version 3.

In the Pacific theater:

- American and Soviet fleets annihilated in port at Pearl Harbor and Vladivostok, and surprise attacks appear all across the Pacific.
- Guam, Wake, Manila, Davao, Rabaul, Ambon, Surabaya, Singapore, Taiyuan, Wuhan, and Nanning all captured.
- Port Moresby completely destroyed.
- Tarakan unattainable by amphibious attack, so it is besieged.
- All garrisons in Mandalay, Rangoon, and Dhaka have been annihilated, but the forbidding Burmese jungle has prevented their capture.
- Similarly, the forests and hills of the Soviet Maritime District have prevented an attack on Kharbarovsk and the occupation of an empty Vladivostok.
- The grand threat of American industrial strength coupled with the risky business of a Siberian campaign convince Japanese leaders to undergo massive industrialization ventures unparalleled since the reforms of Meiji.
- British far eastern fleet annihilated off Singapore.
- American lend-lease transport sunk off the Kuriles.
- American submarine sunk off Darien.
- American carrier task force sunk south of Dutch Harbor, the contents of which are unknown.

In Europe:
- American lend-lease transport sunk off Narvik.
- Nothing in the skies over Britain. Hitler is realizing that Britain simply cannot be dealt with until the Soviet Union is destroyed.
- No progress in North Africa either, since the British positions are too well fortified.
- Action is always on the eastern front, however, where Kalinin, Kharkov, and Sevastopol all were conquered before axis forces were overextended.

Phew, that took awhile.
Controlling 5 countries sure does take a long time!

-Japanese bomber destroyed W of Hanoi
-Japanese artillery destroyed near Wuhan
-Japanese Zero destroyed on the runway of the airfield W of Xian
-New Chinese recruits add to the army, maybe our huge population can delay the Japanese advance enough to allow our allies to help us.

-Tragic loss of an entire fleet that was stationed at Pearl Harbor, and despite leaving the harbor early, the USS Hornet was destroyed north of Midway Island.
-Jap sub sunk SE of Singapore
-Jap sub sunk E of Australia
-Jap sub sunk SW of San Diego
-Jap sub sunk in the North Pacific
-German U-Boat sunk S of St. John
-German U-Boat sunk in the Carribean
-German U-Boat sunk S of Santo Domingo
-German U-Boat sunk near Greenland
-New Power Plants will be completed in 26 American cities next month. This will increase our production by 100%.
-American scientists report they will have new ways of Mass Production next month also.
-President Roosevelt commends the navy, despite major losses at Pearl Harbor, they were able to inflict damage against the submarine fleets of the Axis countries

-Commando raids into Kobenhaven, city garrisoned by troops from Britain
-Naval bombardment in Brest softened the defenses enough so that commando units were able to move in quickly. The major U-Boat base was secured before the Kreigsmarine was able to destroy it.
-Wellington bombers take part in campaigns against Kobenhaven and Amsterdam
-German garrison in Bergen, Trondheim, and Oslo destroyed by naval bombardment, lost in the fighting was a British and a German battleship.
-2 U-Boats sunk NW of Norway
-Bombing missions from Malta destroy advancing columns of German tanks in North Africa
-Italian destroyer sunk near Tunis
-2 naval task forces seen steaming to the Far East

-German garrison in Narvik destroyed by naval bombardment
-Josef Stalin demands that the industry in the Soviet Union must be improved to aid the military with the weapons needed to repel the German and Japanese invasions.

Darius, make sure you are pressing CTRL-N at the end of your turns, so that your production and units are safe.

Pap, you should have known there was a problem:


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Geez, I was wondering how the hell you got Brest. Now I'm sorry, and I feel terrible for forgetting this time (it's actually the only time I've forgotten), but you should have noticed this and said something before playing out your whole turn. Here's the Ctrl-N'ed file, and sorry again. I hope your turns took less time to play than mine, cause otherwise I'd hate to have to redo them.
I'm sorry this took so long. I can stand having long turns, but it takes far more grueling effort to do the whole turn when you know you've done the whole damn thing already. Anyway, the report is identical to the one above except for the following:

- Palembang captured.
- Novgorod captured (actually I did the other time but I forgot to put it in the list)
- British Lend-Lease transport sunk off Narvik as well.
Pap, just so you know on Thursday, June 20, I will be leaving for a three-week vacation that will end on July 11th. So you can pretty much take your time on the next turn if you're going to be doing it soon, unless you want to get one round through before I leave.
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