May 7, 2006
wow i like his armor
The beard work looks very belivable, I think he might also make a desent Hadrian or Constantine with apropriate backgrounds.
This is still my favorite by you, but as it seems in the Boudica thread that you like to always strive for more, let me put forth a single suggestion: that you add a mustache connecting to the beard. The picure of Masinissa on a coin (courtesy of Wikipedia) seems to show one, and it would then make the leaderhead all the much more like the real likeness.

The only other point would possibly be recoloring his breastplate to a slightly different shade, more the color of the metal bits on Hannibal's, in order to differentiate the armor a little more from that worn by the Romans. Since they were allied closely in his later life, however, differentiating is probably not a big deal. It just might be nice for it to be a different color so that you can then reuse the model (with a different pattern on the armor and different hair again, maybe the current hair or simply scruffiness, but a different color) as a seperate Roman or early Byzantine leader.

I've been away for a while & just recently noticed this LH. Very nice job. :goodjob:

I am wondering if I may have your permission to use this in my modpack, with full credit to yourself, of course. Any consideration is appreciated, thanks.
This would probably be great for Civ 4 gold 5.0, should they put a Numidian civ in the next update (I've suggested it ;)). Great likeness to the coin on Wikipedia!
I really wish someone would create some female asian or african LH's...


There has been a female leader created for Vietnam, which I'd like to use for Gold, and Makeda Queen of Sheba will be included for Yemen (inspiring debates on her ethnicity, no doubt).
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