A question about Digital Deluxe edition


Dec 31, 2013
A month ago I bought the Digital Deluxe edition for the game, and somehow I was sure it would include the Aztecs and other cool DLC's. I was quite busy during the past month, and I played very little. Today, I decided to have some playtime, and I was unpleasantly disappointed to not find Azetcs in my game. Steam says that I have 25th Anniversary Soundtrack and Digital Deluxe Extras installed, but I am not seeing any extras. No Aztecs and no DLC's (are the 4 multiplayer mods the DLC, really?).

My question is: were those even supposed to be in the Deluxe version? Were Aztecs supposed to be in Digital Deluxe? Were DLC's supposed to be in the Digital Deluxe? It feels bad to pay $20 extra and not get anything extra...
Aztecs were for pre-orders, not DD.

The good news is they unlock for everyone for free in another 2 months
Hmmm, looks like Digital Deluxe wasn't even worth it. Thanks for clarifying, and I guess I will wait another 2 months for the Aztec. :cry:

It depends, basically you're getting a discount on the DLCs before you know what they are. So it depends if would've bought them anyway or not.
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