Random Thoughts XIV: Pizza, Pomegranate Juice, and Shreddies

Looking up aptonyms on Wikipedia, and found that there are two Bowsers at Nintendo
Every time I see the Boeing thread, I read it as The Boring Thread.

And that makes me wonder . . . what would happen if we had a Boring thread?

I mean . . . of course, some wag would say, "Yeah, so what makes this thread different?" Ha ha, wag. Now go away.

But after that what would happen in a Boring thread?

How long could we keep the thread boring . . . but keep it going as a thread?
I think we should all keep in mind, when making any analogy in a forum, that you should always make sure the numerator of your analogy expanded in the same proportion to its counterpart in the original icon of the analogy that the expansion of the denominator likewise adhered to. Otherwise it is just projection and (unwittingly or not) biased. Remember, analogies cannot but be rational :yup:
I can think of a current thread that's already pages longer than it needs to be.
There's also Bjork.
Who is likely the only icelander whose existence I was aware of.
At least if we go by living ones and those who lived in recent times. I know of people who wrote the sagas, but not by name - don't like kennings anyway.

BUT I have heard they are a very nice society, and also bibliophiles.
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She's got hair alright.

You could've told me she's a J-pop star and I wouldn't have batted an eyelid
^Maybe it uses other stuff, but I'd suppose the above is a very old pic of hers? ^^
She is almost 60 now.
She was big for a while, back in the mid-late 90s (and maybe early 00s).

:culture: If you ever get close to a human :culture:

I know Björk, though I've never listened to her (or looked at her much for that matter)

I see by putting her name on DuckDuckGo she's still linked to her stalker
Thought I made a bloomer with the second image but no that was really her just probably wearing a wig



But this is also from 2022 :think:
I read a very basic approach to Zeno's paradox, called Achilles (it is the race between Achilles and the tortoise), where the person thought it would be a good idea to just use decimal periodicity as "counterargument".
It's part of FB posts by teachers on math to secondary school kids, so nothing strange with the actual approach. If we assume that Achilles was 10 times faster than the tortoise, and the starting advantage of the tortoise was 1 stadium (ancient greek measure for distances), it follows that for each period of concurrent movement of Achilles and the tortoise you would have the distance minimized to its 1/10 (Achilles moves) and simultaneously increased by 1/10 of 1/10 (tortoise moves). So the race would go on for 1,111... stadia, therefore you can get rid of the periodicity by setting some x=1,1..., a 10x=11,1... => 10x=1x+ 10x-1x=>9x=10*=>x=10/9= 1 stadium and 1/9 of stadium.
But the whole point of the paradox is that you are meant to see time frozen, moving only when the tortoise moves, stopping each time it stops and only then check Achilles' position=> if you allow for both moving, obviously there's a time the faster one will overtake the slower one. Being a paradox, it tells you that there are infinitely many moments when the tortoise is ahead (of course it is a converging series; it doesn't add to infinity. Yet the point in Zeno is about sets with infinitely many members).

My impression was mixed. On the one hand, it's a fine (though obviously too easy; there is only one decimal part and only that being repeated) way for kids to practice turning numbers with decimal periodicity to fractions. On the other, it belittles what Zeno presented. Imo the kids would be better served if there was explanation of why the fractional form means that decimal periodicity in some cases (eg 0.999... or 0.333...), due to always being in tautology with the ratio of linked integers, has certain implications (eg 0.999....=1).

*10= 11,1... -1,1...
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just another example of AI wiping history . Not a fan , nor could understand more than a 10% or a quarter of any of her music videos but Bjork was unhinged in her own way long before computers became available for masses to fake .

the IRS is the only American institution halfway respected in places . Not that they are taxing the Rich enough but compared to places they at least tax the Rich .
I just found out that one of my high school teachers died. I also worked with him in the theatre, in a production of Gypsy.
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