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Feb 2, 2010
Hello everyone.

I've been wondering for some time. Is there a way to speed up the production of buildings / units in cities without rushing the pace at which technologies are researched. I personally love to play games at epic speed because but then it takes forever for units / buildings to be completed and games become horribly boring and tedious as you have to wait forever for anything to happen.

In the other hand, I really don't like as well when technologies can be researched too fast because I feel it's too rushed and there is no time to properly enjoy each age of History.

I was just playing a game with Spain in epic and the pace of research was perfect and historically accurate, but then it would take me like 10 turns to train a tercio, so it would take forever to have a prover army.

So, is it possible to increase the rate at which units / buildings are produced without affecting the speed at which research is carried out?
You could adjust the unit and building cost values in modifiers.py. Or if you don't want to do that, play as a civ with better production modifiers, although Spain has a unit production modifier of 90 which is below average.
I totally understand your points as a marathon enjoyeer myself.

However there are tweaks you can make with what the game provides you with to make production better.

Spain a good example. Usually I make Madrid my main unit producer with an armory think I could pump out a tercio every 3-4 turns on marathon. With levy armies civic I could use my high food coastal cities to pump out a navy (sometimes make galleys and upgrade them later with gold)

For production you could use whipping and cutting down trees strategically to pump put key buildings faster. Or use the citizenship civic for a bit to get those buildings 50% faster.
Thank you both!
I'll have a look into the modifyers.py file and see...
This is just something that annoys me in every civ game... there is just no time to properly enjoy each age. That or units get forever to get produced...
See also Assets/XML/GameInfo/CIV4GameSpeedInfo.xml.
For now I reduced unit and building costs by half and maintenance costs by 1/3. It's definitely more fluid but it's affecting the speed at which research is carried out. But it's definitely more enjoyable :)
increase the research cost of every civ by 30% in WB. you can do that
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