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Add-on Pack 1 Crashes


Sep 5, 2007
Since there is no other thread on this, maybe it is just my PC that is experiencing frequent game crashes. I've been playing Pacific '36, Open. Up to mid-'46 now and the further I play the more frequently I get memory allocation error or, more disturbing, black-screen-to-desktop Windows conflicts. It almost always happens when loading a saved game (yes, I use the random seed and cheat!) I tried rebooting the PC to eliminate any potential temporary registry problems to no avail. I played the regular BtS game for a week and had one or two memory allocation errors but the Windows conflict is new to the RtW. Any ideas? Anyone else experiencing this?
Post a save when the game crashes. I can take a look at it.

I myself never have crashes during BtS or RtW, but it doesn't mean it isn't a bug. :)
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