ADNES1: The Rood, The Roll and the Dragon

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Just watched a video on the era

Seems like the anglo-saxons are on their way.

happy holidays everyone !
I think it's already been mentioned several times that the Anglo-Saxons were present: the reason my faction leader is so respected is that he fought back those Saxons.

Still, happy holidays to you.
Yes. Basically they are here conquering Britain and will be conquering for the next few hundred years. Your kingdom historically if i understood the video right survived until much later and basically became Cornwall.
Winter has covered the landscape in a blinding white, deer digging through the snow for roots and grass, as Bréanainn makes his way through the forest. He has a fresh deer on his shoulder. It's usually not worth the trouble hunting these days, but a certain guest has necessiated a few trips the last few weeks. He wipes some snot off his face and tightens the scarf around himself. It's not insufferably cold, but you have to be careful. Bréanainn follows the path down the creek, crosses the small stone bridge and spots the lodge on the hill where he's staying. It's a small building, and is a bit under the weather. It has been ages since he last lived here, but he needed a place to stay on the way home from Laughn.

The room is lit in a homely orange from the centre fire, the guest in the hay bed, turning around in his sleep. He has stopped bleeding. Bréanainn sits down on the table and starts draining the carcass into a few iron pots, carving off the skin for future use. It should do for a few days' food. The wind starts picking up outside, and he closes the rest of the windows. The whole lodge reeks of smoke and blood now, but it's better than freezing to death.

The man wakes up again. He said his name was Máedóc, and not much else. Knocked on the door and begged to stay and rest. Bréanainn is a good Christian and took him in, tending to his wounds. Máedóc has refused to say where he got them, so it's probably in some fight, but Bréanainn doesn't care much. He returns to the bed, sitting down next to the stranger, cutting out a flank of the deer.

"Did you sleep well? How are you feeling?"
"I had a nightmare. But I'm feeling much better."
"That's good." Bréanainn puts the flank into an iron pot with some mushrooms, water, fat and spices, preparing a quick stew. "I caught another deer. We should be good for a few days."
"That's good," says the man.


The solstice has passed, and the snow has picked up. Bréanainn wakes up to see the man in the doorway.

"Wait, you're leaving?" Bréanainn says.
"Yes, thank you for taking care of me. Sorry I've been so quiet. It's been a few terrible months and I'd rather not burden you with it."
"That's alright. I was just happy to help. This means I can travel home again soon."
"I left some payment for your help," the man says. "Or a gift. Whatever you want to think of it, I want you to have it. You saved my life, I owe you that at least."
"That is unnecessary, but very kind of you."
"It's on the table." The man closes the door. "Goodbye."

Bréanainn gets up and finds a small pouch on the table. Opening it, his jaw drops. There are at least a dozen Roman coins, and a small bracelet of silver. This is worth a fortune. As he examines the bracelet, he finds the inside is covered in dry blood.
Hope you feel better in time for Christmas mate!
I've canceled Christmas and everything. It's a whole thing. This wrecked my exam work, so even if I'm healthy, I need time to work now I don't have... That said, thanks for the kind words. (Same to Gelion)
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Well I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas, I now intend to get thoroughly gazeebo'd, throwing out 2021, and good fortune to 2022.

This NES will get an update as soon as my hangover clears!
Yes indeed! Fear not my friends. I'll be back as soon as I get a moment.

Flying to Prague this weekend for a holiday, THEN I'll get the update posted!
I wonder what the rolls are for this turn at least...
Not quite.. rolled my ankle dancing though...

Update later TODAY!!!

Update 4: Snowfall

Across the lands, the exceptionally fluffy snowflakes slowly drifted. Barely a whisper of wind as they fell into deep drifts. Tree branches bowed in supplication, the thick covering burying buildings and pathways. Only the bravest of intrepid traveller was still out on the road. Now was a time to be stoking the fire, throwing on the Yule Log and for family to come together. Festive songs were sung, and prayers and offerings were made the the many gods.


Spoiler :
Diplomatic Action: Accept the delegation of Oathsworn and Craftsmen from Meadh and the offer of alliance.

Traitors and cowards will always band together, given the opportunity. It is only a matter of time before they strike, we must be prepared. First and foremost the Emain Macha must be restored and fortified, a second seat of power to remind the people of their oaths and to honor the gods who've granted me this throne.

Roll 10 (11): Trees are felled, ditches dug. The fortifications about Emain Macha are renewed creating a formidable structure.


Spoiler :
Dumnonia, Turn 4: Census Dumnoniarum

The feast went as planned, and Ambrosius' position was all the stronger for it. The local peasants were pleased, the neighboring Brittonic lords respectful, and the Romanized urban dwellers that remained had a moment of celebration amid the chaos. Hope was beginning to return to his corner of the former Empire - but that was not to say all was well.

As the last of the attendees of his feast finally dispersed, Ambrosius came to realize how much quieter the town was with them absent. The forum, once abundant with trade and commerce from pilgrims or merchants, was nearly barren: the Baths, while still a social centre, were in disrepair. Streets once abuzz with people were now nearly deserted. Aquae had never been a major city like Londinium or Camulodunum, but looking about him, he still realized that the once prosperous vicus had grown far smaller than the times he had visited it in his childhood, crumbling all around him. It was as if he was looking at the hollowed-out remnants of its past glory, and he could not help but silently mourn it.

In times like these, he felt as if he really was the Last of the Romans.

As he settled into the abandoned basilica in which he held court, it soon became all too clear to him that this crumbling was not exclusively physical. What few records he could find regarding the region were decades out of date, and much had changed since the last tax assessments he could find. If he was to govern this land as a Roman would, or indeed govern it at all, he would need to understand what resources he had at his disposal. As such, he appointed six trustworthy men, all of whom had served him well in the campaign at Bradonicus Mons and had proven themselves as reliable men. These men would ride out into Ambrosius' lands and make records of his holdings, allowing Ambrosius to make more informed and rapid decisions. This would be the first step toward restoring an administration over these lands. In the meantime, as these men took census of his holdings, Ambrosius would continue efforts to settle in as best he could.

Roll: 16(18) The six men, loyal to Ambrosius compiled the information requested of them. Well organised, and detailed Ambrosius could clearly see what he must do next [+2 to Infrastructure rolls for the next 3 turns]

Dal Aradi
Spoiler :
Dunlainge mac Finchada rode astride his white palfrey, Siochain, whose snout and mane were painted blue and red, the Ariadi colors. He had ridden ahead of his warband, anxious to see the pikes and ditches constructed by his son Aethen's party.

He had had such ambitions for the north, yet they must remain just that until this business in the clanlands was resolved. A horseback messenger caught up with him.

"Hail, Dunlainge King," the boy, whose beard was barely a wisp, greeted him.

"Welcome, Eachach," he replied. He had decided as a boy to learn the name of every low person who looked to him for leadership.

"Tell me, do you think the border fortifications will deter my cousin's aggression?"

Eachach seemed unsure of how to respond.

"I can't know, my lord. They seem stout enough, but men can simply walk past them if they're not charging reckless." He demonstrated by urging his pony through the thicket of pikes and back again.

"You're not wrong. Aethen Lord believes them to be a deterrent, a warning rather than an actual way to stop men from crossing into our lands.

Please, take word to Fionn mac Cumhaill of Dunluce and llan mac Fráech of Tyr Connail for me. Tell them we will hold fast in the Ariad until we get word from them.

Aethen Mac Dunlainge approached his father. He was on foot, as was his party behind him. The group was 40 strong, each man armed with falx or ax and shield, painted the blue and red of the Ariadi.

"Aethen, good to see you on this side of the dirt. How are preparations? And Aoife?" Dunlainge dismounted and one of Aethen's servants took Siochain by the reigns.

He and his son clasped arms, the warrior's greeting. His eldest son was tall and deceptively lithe, with coarse yellow hair. Many a killer had underestimated him, and met his end at Aethen's blade.

"We are well, Father. Aoife is with child again, though I have asked her to go to Doire until the spring. Mother wouldn't have wanted her out in the freezing mud. God rest her soul."

Dunlainge nodded. His late wife was always overly protective of Aethen's bride, Aoife.

"As for your orders, I have had meetings with the local landowners, and they agree that a good defence is the best offense. If we have the local population's support, any enemy in our lands will have worse odds at manoeuvring, and will give us the advantage.

Dunlainge laughed. "I'm sure the coffers are a little lighter for these conversations. Well done, son. Come, let's get back to camp, the named warriors will be electing a new champion of the Ariadi tonight at the feast.

Roll 12 (14): Persuasive words, and sometimes a few coins helps explain Dunlainge mac Finchada's plans to the local population. They make preparations as they might.

Tyr Connail

Spoiler :
The King Ilan mac Fráech commands his most trusted lieutenants to establish a number of smaller barracks throughout the kingdom for the purposes of better coordinating the raising of levies and the defense of the realm.

Roll 13 (18) Despite already having a grand barracks unlike any other in the known world, throughout the land, a further series of well provisioned smaller barracks are built to train up the local populace further.


Spoiler :
Cornwall was rather remote from the centres of Romanisation, nevertheless Roman rule left its mark in the territory. A local Romano-Celtic aristocracy emerged, and with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire this aristocracy took on the administration of the land. While Kernow has reverted to feudalism and civic institutions have been weakened, with Lord Marcus being a first among equals rather than a true overlord, it retains a Roman façade: Latin terms for political offices have been maintained and so has a pretension of being Romans.

Roll 13: Lord Marcus holds sway over his people, and a little bit of Rome remains in the tip of land bearing west.

Spoiler :
Turn 4: Champion of the Druids

On the next May Day, King Failge Berraide welcomed the gathering druids to the restored fortress at Uisneach. And with them came many of the Pagan Chiefs who had contributed to the Oathsworn, invited by the King himself on this most holy of days. With the sacred rites and ancient traditions fulfilled, the gathering turned to matters of Law.

And so the King of Meadh, surrounded by the wisdom and strength of Meadh, looked across the gathering, lit by sacred flames. He stands. he announces:

Heed my words, Druids of Eire. For here on this most sacred land of the Tuatha De Danaan, I was crowned Meadh King. For here I, Failge Berraide, fulfilled my oaths and more, restoring the Uisneach to the glory of our forefathers. Heed my words, Ancients of Eire, for I shall proclaim a new oath!

I, Failge Berraide, King of Meadh, swear to restore the Kingdom of Meadh to her full extent, as was set forth by the first Heroes of the Tuatha. I swear that this land shall be made as it always was, a land that remembers and respects the Ancients which gifted it's bounty to our forefathers, us, and our descendants. Let this be my oath!

If I break my oath, may the land open to swallow me, the sea rise to drown me, and the sky fall upon me.

And so the oath was completed, the flames seemed to double in height as the Oathsworn all raise their shields in salute and shout.

And now I beseech you, Druids of Eire. For too long, we let the Christ-God divide us, to lay our brothers and sisters low one soul at a time. I ask of you to to swear this oath with me; An oath of loyalty to the Ancients, and to the Land; An Oath to stay at Uisneach until the Kingdom is Restored, to Proclaim the Laws, to Perform the Rituals; An Oath to train a new generation of Druids together, one whose flames burn brighter than the false light the Christ-God's priests will offer.

Swear these Oaths, and let Meadh be restored in the eyes of the Ancients!

Action: Invite the local Druids to Uisneach and ask to relocate their groves to Uisneach permanently. By reading the laws in the halls of Uisneach, we will centralize both our religion and our administration.

(Their apprentices, once trained, will replace their stations as we bring back order to Meadh.)

Diplomatic Action: Send a delegation of Oathsworn and Craftsmen to the Uladh to assist in the restoration of Emain Macha. Diplomatically, you can consider this an Alliance or a Trade offer, I guess.

Roll 10 (12). The Druids gather and settle across Meadh. Any flickers of Christianity are extinguished as the old ways are renewed. A previously unsure population is galvanised by the clear message from their leader.

Spoiler :
Dunluce Turn 4: Winter

Expand merchant contacts all along the west coast of Britain to increase trade and tax revenue.

As the weeks moved past the Winter solstice and the people of Dunluce settled into the quiet time of the year where indoor activities dominated: trade goods were made, farm implements repaired and stories told. The gods were thanked for the abundant harvest. Young warriors were trained.

Finn MacCool and Sive welcomed Flaith Eiwan from Tyr Connell into their household and into their council. Trade was on the minds of all and plans were made for its expansion in the spring. Merchant leaders would be dispatched to all the important ports along the western coast of Britain to build relations, seek mineral resources, and explore opportunities before the trading ships set sail in the spring. Council Taig, son of Ciann, spent the winter crisscrossing the Lord’s lands and ensuring that every village and town had at least one and maybe more blacksmiths. Priestly emissaries prepared for their journey south to Emain Macha as soon as the weather and roads permitted. Two Cormac Cas’s sons would accompany them on their pilgrimage.

Roll 13 (15): Dunluce’s ships are welcome all along the west coast of Britain. The quality of their goods, and the propensity to strike a deal guides them well. Their presence is felt more permanently in a few key ports.

Spoiler :
Laighn Orders

Build a massive Cathedral in Kilkenny to attract interest and pilgrims. Send priests to places that accept them for some proselytizing. Use my feared by local populace to make sure the new lands are stable and productive.

Roll 10 (12): A grand Cathedral begins to take shape, striking awe in the local population.

Spoiler :
Mumha orders

Send a Christian clan representative to Laighn to establish formal relations, particularly in trade. Make sure some good deals are made, and that the trade relations and trade posts function without incident. Showcase amiability. Trade between Mumha and Laighn influenced by Mumha plutocrats should be mutually beneficial, and ensure codepency.

Roll 10 (12): Trade between Mumha is slow but steady. Some confusion between the ardent Christians and their more casual new acquaintances, but gold often solves any such quarrels.

Spoiler :

- Aedan you must understand that *hiccup", you cannot just order people abouts. We *hiccup* called out everyone and none of your people came. Its *hiccup* not like your Roman Sen...

*falls in the gutter*

Aedan shrugged his shoulders and picked up his happy collocutor. It was a few months after the so-called "summit". A few drunk monks, a few second grade local nobles. Not that grand collection that the King had promised him. As he walked on deliver his cargo into the hands of a very capable, but strict woman Aedan's thoughts came to going over the events of the past months. A few came, the people he was hoping for. Romans. Some of noble birth, some of common descent. They came and met each other. Some promised support and their friendship.

If the horse doesn't move we take a rest and make it try again. I've made contacts with some Greek monks from Ravenna and other places. Let’s continue with the plan. The king will have to make do.

Orders: Move in a community of Greek monks from Italy and Greece, make them work on manuscripts on their Christian faith. Listen to preaching, make some remote dwellings for hermit sites.

Roll 10: Only faith could move a man from sunny Greece to the wet heath of Ireland, but move he does, along with others of his faith to these new lands, to spread the word of God.
Any apologies for the delay, I know its a little rough but I was determined to get this moving again. Each Update will be 1 season now, so next it is Spring :)
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The men worked hard through the winter and spring is now here. A celebration is called for. In both the Emain Macha and Ráth Celtchair a Spring Festival is held, with this one especially dedicated to Macha of the Morrígna to celebrate the restoration of her seat of power. The king of Meadh is invited to take a place of honor at the festivities for their help, uncalled for yet greatly appreciated, while the craftsmen of both kingdoms are celebrated for their fine work.

Diplomatic Action: Invitations are sent Meadh to partake in the celebrations, so the possibility of deepening our bonds can be discussed in person
Only faith could move a man from sunny Greece to the wet heath of Ireland, but move he does, along with others of his faith to these new lands, to spread the word of God.
Mans I hope ;) They are a community of well educated monks that at this very moment have build dwellings and are discovering the holy sites in Eastern Ireland.
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