ADNES1: The Rood, The Roll and the Dragon

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I wanted to run the NES to there being some battles, before throwing the Vikings in as a force to push the players in a new direction. Probably a few more updates were needed to get to that interesting point.

I also wasn't comfortable with the "roll" mechanic. I can understand how boring a turn is if you got a 5-10 where essentially nothing happens.. and if players had been more Power Gaming it would quickly have swung the other way where every roll would have been a 20+

It works as a fun forum game, but not something like a NES. I want to reward players creativity and story telling, not a random roll of a dice.

I hope another NES lives, certainly I was excited when @Daftpanzer's NES update, but I understand how infrequent that is.
Didn’t really have a long term plan. Started with hoping to unify Ireland, but with the terrible leader i got i moved to become a raider, then changed to maybe bring christianity to try and get back to unifying Ireland. My idea kept changing with the rolls.
My plans were to build up the infrastructure to train a 'proper' Romanized army and then use it to reclaim the territory of one of the Roman provinces in Brittania, peacefully incorporating the Romanized segments and conquering the native-dominant ones, then ask the remaining Eastern Emperor to appoint me as governor of said province (Brittania Prima) for legitimacy (as most of the sub-roman kingdoms kept the appearance of being part of Rome for a long while). Afterward, I'd have tried to keep going as well as building up a bureaucratic administration, with the end goal of conquering the Saxons (and any settled Vikings) and restoring Roman Britain as something of a Western parallel of Byzantium. Heck, maybe if I had a proper casus belli I'd send a legion over to Ireland to form a province out of some of it, or if I got REALLY strong I'd conquer across the Channel and restore some parts of Gaul from the Franks.

Religiously, I was torn between switching back to one of the Late Roman pagan branches (most likely Sol Invictus) and committing to Christianity; more than likely, I'd have looked at how the Church was doing in Ireland and the rest of the political situation as well. I had a slight leaning toward staying Christian, but both sides had their appeal.
Original plan was to reform the kingdom of Ulster, then probably try to get crowned High King. If things went well stick with paganism, if things went badly switch to Christianity. Having two hostile neighbors with noone to pester but me made that iffier, so I was probably going to see about fortifying that border, assisting my good buddy to the south until *they* were secure, then make a push north with their assistance
I was gonna go full Pagan revival. I also was angling to get that second action per turn by trying to establish a Druidic bureaucratic class.

To make things more interesting maybe make the ones near 10 things like “Success with a Cost” or “Failure with a Benefit”.

Also, is strength meant to be a mix of HP and army power? Maybe have wealth or other stats that can be decreased as a possible cost to things.

so the adjusted roll range would be :
1 : Unbelievably total failure. Action WILL backfire.
2-4 : Failure, with penalty
5-7 : Marginal failure with possible penalty
8-10 : Failure, no penalty with possible bonus/unexpected benefit
11-13 : Straightforward success with possible penalty/unexpected cost
14-16 : Success, with possible bonus
17-19 : Success, with circumstantial bonus
20 : MAXIMUM POWER. Guaranteed success, with added bonus
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Main issue is always going to be a single roll means a single result, with very little control over it. Allowing folks to attempt multiple actions, maybe allow them to attempt the same action multiple times to increase the odds of success, would help with the 'rolled a 5-10 four turns in a row' problem. Have some costs and resources associated with them, per Terrance's suggestion (Power, Wealth, Prestige), would also help. Having more than two levers to pull on is always appreciated.
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