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Feb 11, 2008
Hi All,

All files are located in the 'advisor backgrounds rar' file.
The science advisor backgrounds are here:

Like many before me, I've never liked the cardbox backgrounds that the original Civ3 had. The same background for every advisor and menu... that's a bit too dull.

So, to spice things up I've created a few Advisor backgrounds and also, I've taken some that were made already and altered them a little to my liking.

Domestic Advisor: (self made)
Trade Advisor: (self made)
Military Advisor: (self made)
Foreign Advisor: Ronning click here for more
Cultural Advisor: Balthasar click here for more
Science Advisor: (self made) -> posted here

Demographics: Balthasar
Espionage: Balthasar, changed by me

Oh, and new buttons.
Beautiful, beautiful buttons.

All files go into .../art/advisors
except " X_ESPIONAGEbkg ", which goes into ...art/espionage (make new folder if necessary)

All original files are in a separate folder.

[edit] re-uploaded
[edit] added science advisor link


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Theov... Always Good to have some different Graphics for use :thumbsup:

By the Way, you can correct the Magenta color on the Domestic Advisor Screen by changing ClearType font to standerd.

To do this, type ClearType in search then click Adjust ClearType text then Uncheck Turn On ClearType.
You simply reverse this to change back to ClearType fonts by placing a check mark in the Turn On ClearType box.

Personally, I just keep ClearType Unchecked and do not see any Great difference.
How's the mod going?
I've put in a couple hours of work into over the past month or so. Mostly replacing older unit models with newer ones that have been recently created.

I also used most if not all of your graphic UI mod and I really like the cleanliness and modern look. Fits well with my mod of "World 2004" that I call "World 2018".

My mod is far from being released but most of the mechanics I wanted seem to be working fine.
If you are looking for advisors, I think these two are the best:
(I made Elvis my cultural advisor, obviously, and the lady my domestic advisor)

Elvis the Cultural Advisor by Il Mafioso:
(right click the link in the post, or find it in the attachments of this post)

Female Military / Domestic advisor by Frenchman:
(right click the link in the post, or find it in the attachments of this post)
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