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AI Fix In Expansions?

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by Wunderschlung, May 21, 2020.

  1. Casworon

    Casworon Prince

    Aug 9, 2014
    While I do agree in principle. I think its worth noting that as a general rule the AI in 4x releases is abysmal.

    One of the only games I can think of that stands out is civ iv, and they literally incorporated a modders AI improvements into the game when they released the expansions.

    So the standard practice has always been 'devs make the art and mechanics, modders fix the AI'. And even if this means I might have to wait a few years after release to get the experience I want, I'm okay with this, I know it will get there eventually.

    However Firaxis isn't letting us follow the standard practice anymore. And quite simply, the art and mechanics don't work if we can't fix the AI. So we are left with, essentially, a broken product for players like us who have put thousands of hours in 4x games and are looking for something more than what they are offering.

    But that's fine. I can take my business and time elsewhere.
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  2. tzu

    tzu Chieftain

    Oct 20, 2017
    Yeah! But painful as it is, Amanda Bonacorso (current civ6 lead producer) does in her latest interview not give a tiny spark of hope that they will release the sources even then, years ahead, at the end of the development cycle.

    They could do it. If it were impossible, they wouldn't have said for years: "No decision yet." They can decide it.
    They just don't want do it - at this time. They don't want do it anytime later. But who knows? Maybe they change their minds ... so let it be open ... keep all options, be free ...

    While on the other hand I hear, that they will not become tired to support civilization&leader - collectors.

    Players interested in own work on nifty game mechanics & AI are here 'caught in the drought' - or like frogs in lukewarm water.

    Old World feels for me in some aspects like a sequel of civ4 and (even more) civ4basedColonization. More important: it solves with limited orders convincingly the problem of snowball balancing:
    Old World has no uncertainty about sources or communication issues:
    You know, developers asking for "Help improve the AI"?!!
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  3. Kwami

    Kwami Emperor

    Oct 3, 2010
    Sure, but it does have teleporting armies that just appear during combat! Did they fix that, yet?

    Don't get too excited. The AI will still be easy to beat and you all will complain about it. That's just about guaranteed for any 4X game. I'd like to be wrong, but I'm probably not.
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  4. tzu

    tzu Chieftain

    Oct 20, 2017
    "teleporting armies that just appear during combat" simply because your scouts haven't seen them coming ... or do you express the AI players do not abide the rules?? Do you have indications for that?
    Don't worry, I won't get "too excited". As a student I spent many lunch breaks in department stores playing against the upcoming chess computers and discussed a lot with other enthusiasts how to improve them ... for years their performance was really poor ... but then suddenly a Mephisto taught me fear, I couldn't win any more en passant ... au contraire, he often announced me a mate in five or so ... then it was real hard work to win. Don't worry, I won't go over board - I know how limited computers are. :D
  5. Starwars

    Starwars Prince

    Oct 11, 2017
    They are not teleporting any more than a Cavalry swooping in in Civ VI. The AI uses the same resources as the player does and the player can certainly learn how to counter it effectively.

    The AI will always be handicapped against a good player, this is true. But there's a huge difference from Civ VI AI and how many mistakes it makes (not to mention how many WTF moments you have with it still) and something like Civ IV AI which sure as hell isn't some super advanced future computer AI but still can be extremely deadly if you're not playing well. This seems to be the case for Old World as well, though it's obviously still in Early Access.

    I'm not looking for a challenge on par with playing a good human opponent but it'd be nice to see an AI that doesn't just mindlessly send single units into my territory to be picked off, that doesn't just shuffle units around when it could take out a unit of mine if it just focused, and that actually... fires its attacks (which still doesn't happen sometimes, particularly with citystates).
    And that's just for the combat side of it.

    But, it's also not going to happen unfortunately because this game is so many years into its lifespan now and it's just not a priority.
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