Air Units Sinking Ships


Nov 5, 2001
Spearfish, SD
Ok, I'm sure with the thousands of posts out there this has been asked, but I couldnt find an answer reasonably easily. So here's my problem. I've been modding the XML of the game a little bit here and there, nothing too major. I've been trying to find a way to allow for air units to completely destroy sea units, without allowing them to do the same to land units. I understand the realism/balance issues that made air forces too powerful in previous Civ games, which is why I presume they made the damage limits. However, it makes much more realistic sense to me that a fighter squad could sink a few ships, than to destroy an entire group of infantry.

As far as I can tell, all air attacks share a maximum damage value which can be found in the UnitInfos.xml file under each unit as <iAirCombatLimit>XX</iAirCombatLimit>. So what Im wondering is, is there a way to allow for the total destruction of sea units by air attacks, without allowing the same for land units? Or am I stuck with my Jet Fighter not being able to sink that Caravel off my coast?
What I experimented with was a torpedo bomber that could totally destroy, but was relatively weak. It also got a huge bonus vs watercraft. That way if you had enough you could take out land units, but it would be too expensive really..
or a specific torpedo plane with -100% against domain land... nop ?
The problem is that the AI will use it against land units, too, even though it does absolutely no good.
Then let them do it I guess.. I never actually had a chance to try it out much, but it was helpful in patrols, and supplementing my navy. But then I was fighting multiple land wars and it was nice having a cheaper alternative..
Thanks for the link to the thread PeteT. It seems as though yall figured out how to do what Im looking for. Unofrtunatly, it appears that what was neccisary to mod is a bit over my head. So, I suppose Ill just stick with the default system and always have ships available to finish off the units my air force weakens.
I have noted the lack of fighters attacking ships as well- but i just add this to the UnitAi for fighters/JetFghters in CivUnits.xml:

This seems to tell the fighters that they Can attack ships.
Ive modded their attack to full kill, with +100% v. Battleships.
The Ai seems to catch on to this pretty quick, and ive noticed a marked increase in AI carriers once flight is discovered- usually Battleships hangaround for ages.

In my [BST SDK]Ultimate Ranged Combat mod I solved this problem by introducing a iRangedLethalness XML value and iRangedSurvivability XML value. By giving ships a low or negative iRangedSurvivability value they become sinkable by units with an average or high iRangedLethalness value, which will not be able to kill units with a high iRangedSurvivability value..
Part of what makes air units killing land units so powerful is in how difficult it can be to stop those air units and how much damage they can inflict all at once. If interception is tweaked and the net damage from air strikes is reduced, it should require a lot of airstrikes to kill one unit and doing so at a high risk (if the target has air cover). I'd also reduce collateral damage, but that's me.
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