Another remarkable Letter to the Editor

Paul in Saudi

Apr 20, 2008
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Letter: Higher taxes a crime against humanity

The past two years have shown us how fast the tyrants will grab hold of a situation and run with it. The latest encroachment on our lives is when the auditor jacked up everybody’s real estate taxes, by a lot, as much as 70%, unsolicited and unprovoked. Meanwhile, the commissioners, mayor and council remained silent. That’s some fine leadership. With leaders like that, who needs enemies?

Let me give you a couple of examples of how cruel this is.

Let’s say you want to keep your life simple, so you rent a cheap apartment. But your rent is $100 a month too high, to pay the real estate taxes.

What about the little old lady, living in the family home, on $800 a month in Social Security. But she has to give $100 to the county to satisfy its greed.

It’s truly a “Crime Against Humanity.”

Our forefathers knew that if we-the-people left government unsupervised, it would become tyrannical. We must organize and fight back, or these criminals will take man-kind to zero.

Ned Bushong

People seem to have lost a lot of their moderate vocabulary.

Random letters like this existed in small town newspapers for decades (not every day, but once in a while, perhaps when the newspaper was running low on submissions to choose from/"we might not print all your letters, but sooner or later we will print one of yours"). We had one guy writing 9/11 and other conspiracy stuff, paper printed his stuff like every other day (he probably wrote them every day). Then he ran for mayor, and well, he certainly had name recognition.....but he lost easily.
Random letters like this existed in small town newspapers for decades
Yeah, they were the place to go for internet-level-crazy . . . before there was the internet.
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