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+Another Silly Letter to the Editor

Paul in Saudi

Apr 20, 2008
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
This time from the Bismarck Tribune. https://bismarcktribune.com/opinion...cle_eb898214-d77e-11ec-9805-37191e8340aa.html


1. Why did we stop a madman from killing Jews and watch this madman kill civilians?

2. Why is it we have to fight for health coverage, but an illegal alien gets covered?

3. Who is paying to bus illegal aliens from the southern border to Washington, D.C.?

4. Why don’t we report that law enforcement shot a criminal? Rather than a Black man was shot by a white cop or vice versa.

5. Where in the Bible does it say that only Black Lives Matter?

6. Why are we allowing protests at the homes of our Supreme Court justices?

7. If I cross a posted fence I go to jail, but thousands are crossing our southern border and getting a free bus ride.

8. Why were we energy independent and now we are paying high gas prices and not allowed to drill our own oil?

9. Why is everything Biden, don’t we have a Congress anymore?

Gary Berube, Mandan

We can see here why Republicans constantly attack public education. They can just tell people whatever they want.
There's something quaint about sending your broken schizoid ramblings to your local paper rather than just dumping it on Twitter like everyone. Keeping up the old ways, sort of thing.
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