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Another Letter to the Editor

Paul in Saudi

Apr 20, 2008
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
Here is the link:


I thought Ohio was supposed to be a nice place.


The Democrat Party is falling deeper into total rubicon and with their Hitler propaganda regime tactics. Continuing gaslighting people into believing in the conspiracy theories against Republicans and Trump supporters. You can always tell who listens to radical left media outlets. Such as CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS including newspapers Washington Post and New York Times.

They’re spreading dangerous propaganda. I suggest people need to educate themselves on how the Hitler Regime gaslighted the German people. As well as the tactics that were used against others who questioned the regime. History is repeating itself, but instead it’s happening in America. Those who stand up against cancel culture, woke, critical race theory, DFP are speaking out against Marxism and Marxist groups. BLM supports the Cuban Communist Regime. These organizations are controlled by the elites and the Trilateral Commission.

Trilateral Commission is deeply involved in every aspect of our government and taking more control everyday over our lives. Patrick Wood has researched them for over 46 years. He explains their history and their agenda as a guest speaker on caravan into midnight.com technocracy. This podcast taped six years ago discusses what we see unfolding today in this country. This agenda will effect the world.

The spread of the Delta Variant is caused by Biden. Allowing illegal immigrants positive with the virus possible with other diseases and transporting them throughout this country. The virus won’t be eradicated until Biden closes the border. He has no plans to.

People need to rethink what’s happening today.

Sue Brady

That is a recurring problem. No letter really has enough room for more than one idea.
My problem is the potential ideas are presented but never fleshed out, right or wrong in their analysis.

We have:
  • Democrat gaslighting
  • Left-wing news propaganda
  • Marxist groups
  • The Trilateral Commission
  • Biden letting in illegal immigrants to spread the coronavirus
I guess the Trilateral Commission one is the “focus” but that’s just telling me to look for a podcast. You’re the writer, Sue, write!
I wonder what DFP is referring to. From a google it is mostly about googles ad flinging, but may be the Department of Finance and Personnel, Decimal floating point (that maths is evil) or Digital Flat Panel (display signage is also evil).
I did a Google for "Sue Brady Lima" and discovered she is a serial writer of strange letters. If you have time, it is worth a look.
For me that gives exactly one result, ranting that the kent state killings were "a tragic accident".
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I wonder what the Trilateral Commission does during Republican administrations?
There are at least 74 million stupid/ignorant Adult Americans. She is one of them.
I don't know about this letter, seems pretty loopy in its own right. But it's true that NYT, CNN, and fox etc. are fake news. Even if someone says it and makes non-factual statements otherwise, that doesn't make this particular fact untrue. An idiot yelling that the sun is shining won't force nature to rain.

So many of these media outlets recently wrote how a baseball fan was yelling a racial slur at a player...despite that in the video he was obviously not looking at the field and it was later confirmed he was yelling to the mascot "digger". Then these newspapers change their article titles/modify the articles...not as a correction. Just straight up edit them after release w/o saying they did so. You can also still find articles from these papers claiming the cop who died after Jan. 6 riot died from injuries sustained in said riots...despite that not only was there never evidence for that, but we have had strong evidence against it.

Not the first time the papers have done this kind of behavior. Not by a long shot. That someone (or even many someones) write weird letters won't change that these papers have no journalistic integrity and probably haven't for a long time.

Also not a fan of due process violations for aforementioned rioters. No bail, pre-trial detention for > 7months for even some non-violent offenders seems a little...inconsistent. Even people who commit assault (or worse) routinely get bail.
I wonder what the Trilateral Commission does during Republican administrations?

Plots and molests children, one assumes? Pretty non exotic fare, usually. That renders the error to be one of assuming coordination, not content?
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