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AoI The British Empire

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by BorisTheGood, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. BorisTheGood

    BorisTheGood Chieftain

    Jan 31, 2015
    Inspired by others who have written of their games in this section this is to be a story about the glorious rise and rise of the British empire in the late 19th and early 20th century.

    We all know that the British Empire is the powerhouse in this scenario, but she is exposed in the middle east thanks to the Persians and Ottomans, the Far East due to China's growth, the hold on the dominions of Canada and the Caribbean could easily be threatened by a strong American presidency and the least said about the threats in Africa from the French, Portuguese, Netherlands and Germans the better.

    My immediate aim is gain a technological advantage and then improve infrastructure in the colonies to drive rails from one settlement to the next thus keeping the needs for vast armies smaller as they should be more mobile. My long term plan is to aim for a diplomatic win although I'm well aware that I will probably ruffle a lot of feathers before I get there.

    Updates are likely to come regularly at first and get slower the longer the game goes on as we all know that turns take an age when you are a few years into this scenario.
  2. BorisTheGood

    BorisTheGood Chieftain

    Jan 31, 2015

    1895 AoI, first game in a long time on Civ3 and I’ve decided to play a safe game that requires lots of looking after. The British Empire is the superpower but requires lots of management, this is going to take a while.

    Jan 1895
    The French Foreign ministry sends a diplomat to visit us about an incursion near Tangiers, right now it suits us to bow to the French and we sign a ROP pact, this should allow us to control channel traffic too unless the French send their fleet into the channel first.

    Feb 1895
    The French Fleet has indeed sailed for the channel and the Irish Sea, but we blockade both also choking off the North Sea with our fleet deployed off the coast between Middlesbrough and the Norwegian coast. Research is going well and our Admiralty is currently drawing up plans for a new generation of cruisers.

    Apr 1895
    Liverpool embarks upon the project of building the world’s first X-ray machine, at the same time London Cements its position as the centre of world economics by completing the Gold Standard, from now on British prosperity through trade should be untouchable. Meanwhile in South Africa the city of Capetown is set to be the terminal of the great railway corporation, a project to join South Africa to Egypt and the African west coast receives rapturous support when raised in Parliament as the riches of Africa should be far easier to harvest with a railway. A delegation is sent to meet King Oscar of Sweden, very favourable term are agreed that will allow our ships to enter Scandinavian territory and the Swedes are free to use our ports for commercial but not military purposes. A chunk of money changes hands in our favour that pleases the Chancellor no end. The Admiralty embarks upon a project to design a new generation of battleships.

    May 1895
    A road connecting Afghanistan and India to one another is completed it will make reinforcing the frontiers against bandits far easier in this lawless area of the world, the British Raj is building troops quickly anyone would think we fear the Persian and Ottoman empires to our west?

    Jun 1895
    La Plata declares war on Germany? I'm not expecting this to make much of a difference to the world as we know it but for now we will remain neutral.

    Aug 1895
    Plans are completed for a new improved battleship HMS Majestic, the keel for which is laid in Ireland to be built in record quick time by Harland and Wolf, The Admiralty will have to wait a while for new plans though as right now we need to look at improving our colonial territories and take a step off our planed research path.

    Oct 1895
    The Foreign office makes plans for a state visit of King Leopold to London, amongst the subjects discussed is a trade agreement and a Rights of Passage, the Dutch pay a huge contribution and we agree that we will route our new African railway through Dutch Territory around Elizabethville, the route confounds our civil engineers but it’s still going to require the cooperation of the German Empire for now at least.

    Jan 1896
    The Germans get annoyed with our workers passing through their African territories so in order to maintain the peace we withdraw and immediately dispatch diplomats to Berlin to negotiate a RoP. Given that we need to pass through German territory we are surprised by the generosity of the German politicians, perhaps they didn’t understand we are using them? Our scientists have built the world’s first safe and useable X-ray machine it’s a shame that several of them died in pursuit of this great achievement but we can now see inside people and help those injured in service of our empire to heal better, one of the first to benefit is an injured merchant seaman who fell and broke his collar bine in three places. The Admiralty is also delighted with its new Quail Class torpedo boats they have greater range and speed than the Chargers that they replace and put the balance of naval power in the North Sea firmly back in British hands.

    Jun 1896
    Not a great deal has happened in the past few months, the African colonies north and south are interlinked and a railway is being constructed. 8 Majestic Class battleships have been produced and the Admiralty has already got plans in hand for even larger ships meanwhile in London the greatest work of literary fiction yet produced has taken the English speaking world by storm. The Army have recently demonstrated the effectivness of cavalry when dealing with rebels and we have set many of our barraks aside to train new horsemen.

  3. Tani Coyote

    Tani Coyote Canis Latranscendental

    May 28, 2007
    Not often you see the British being played; the diplomatic approach is certainly a useful handicap given their ability to otherwise curbstomp everyone.

    My experience is that the British tend to do well in Africa, but they lose Canada and India very easily.
  4. BorisTheGood

    BorisTheGood Chieftain

    Jan 31, 2015
    Dec 1896
    A competition is started in the City of Liverpool to make a powered flying machine capable of crossing the Mersey River, a handsome prize is offered to the first team capable of this achievement attracting entries from both local and international talent. Confidence abounds that this short crossing can be achieved sometime early next year, Scotsman Percy Pitcher is quietly confident that he can Launch his Triplane over the Mersey given favourable weather conditions.

    Feb 1897
    Austria declares war on the Central South Americans, I’m guessing that a tribute was refused but I can’t see the Austrians doing anything about it as they can’t leave the Mediterranean unless we open the door for them. Our block ship off Tangiers allowed us to shut the Italians, Balkan nations and the Austrians out of global expeditions from a very early stage. In order to connect my far eastern territories our planners have suggested that the British Raj should launch an expedition into Tibet, they argue that without colonising the Tibetans we will never have a safe route through the Himalayas, we agree that a build-up of local troops inside India should be sanctioned, artillery is dispatched from Australia to help.

    April 1897
    The railway of Africa is opened, Its inaugural Journey started on the 15th, it is now possible to travel from Cairo to Capetown without having to change trains, progress indeed. A road connecting the west of Africa has also just been completed, African resources can now pour north for a quick trip from the Mediterranean back to London. A first attempt by Pitcher to cross the Mersey took place on the 22nd to say it was a failure was an understatement, the triplane tipped over at speed ended up stuck in the soft mud by the side of the river. Percy Pitcher was hurt but confident he would be in the air before the year is out. Scientific papers published on the 29th April show that materials contain Electrons and this explains why some materials allow electricity to flow through them whilst others burn.

    June 1897
    The deal with the French that allowed us control over the Straights of Gibraltar is over, the Foreign Office come out smelling of roses where they agree an extension of the RoP agreement with France and the French end up paying us for the continuation of this deal, mind it may have something to do with half the French Navy sitting of the coast near Cork.

    July 1897
    In Liverpool there has been intense completion in the air, yes really, firstly Percy Pitcher got his Triplane into the air, it flew for just over thirteen feet getting off the ground by a few inches before tumbling into the water when the engine failed. Then the Canadian Cassey Baldwin tried his luck, despite a long run up his aeroplane failed to get off the ground and Mr Baldwin aborted his attempt saying he needed a stronger headwind. Orville and Wilbur Wright of the USA had brought their powered glider with them across the Atlantic after hearing of the prize, Orville was heard saying that one day the sea crossing would be done in the air in the space of a day something that didn’t go down well with the ship owners of Liverpool. Anyway their Aircraft the WrightFlyer managed also to lift off the ground pushing the boundaries of powered flight over a hundred feet. No one crossed the Mersey but the prize it was decided would be split two ways with Percy Pitcher and the Wright Brothers both receiving equal shares. Britain had in effect bought the Theory of Flight.

    August 1897
    The Portuguese cross our borders into Liberia, it’s not a serious issue but we make a formal request that they should withdraw to which they agree. At the same time the African Great Western Railway company announces that services to the ports of Cairo and Capetown will commence once the rains have settled, the express service is planned to take two days to the junction near Fashoda at which point a train going north or south can be joined it is a modern miracle that the Imperial cities through so much of the African continent can now be travelled to in a matter of days rather than the months it previously took.

    September 1897
    Germany and La Plata sign a truce, no territory has changed hands and as far as we know nothing more than light skirmishes have happened, the war as thought has been mostly one of words.
    We send diplomats to Tibet to deliver a message that we either wish to assimilate their territory by peaceful means or we will use force. Unsurprisingly the Tibetans refuse our demands so we declare war. Our Horse Artillery units from India and Australia begin shelling Tibetan positions, very little effect is seen in this opening phase.

    October 1897
    The bombardment continues, it’s painfully obvious that the current British field gun is lacking in both range and elevation factors that are hampering its effective use in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Royal Artillery Garrison at Woolwich is set the task of deciding which artillery piece would better suit our troops in the field. Meanwhile the keel of the New Battleship Canopus is laid it’s been more than a year since the Navy received a new ship and the newspapers see this big project is worthy of a large story. Despite continued bombardment the mountain passes remain firmly garrisoned, in order to push on further though before the weather starts to turn it is essential that a path be cleared now. We push four company of colonial cavalry forward immediately after our latest bombardment and achieve mixed success although at high cost, the Tibetan Trench Garrison hold but are weakened in number and the fact a rifle company recently was spotted heading for Kanpur gives us the resolve to send in the infantry. British Indian Infantry clear the pass but suffer significant losses in doing so, we really do need improved artillery and fast.

    November 1897
    Work on a Vacuum Tube by George Swan has led to the completion of the first reliable electric light, plans are afoot to start manufacture of the bulbs on a large scale which should improve working conditions for many. The Woolwich arsenal has decided upon a 13lb carriage gun to replace the current artillery pieces in future service, it is hoped that these will the able to be deployed without much delay.

    January 1898
    The British Indian Army has marched into Lasha with minimal casualties, it would appear that the cream of the Tibetans army where already brushed aside in the pass. Work is started in secret in London to recruit and establish a Spy network so that we will at least know about our neighbours and adversaries’ capabilities should we ever need to.

    Feb 1898
    The Tibetans government seek a truce, we have established what we need for now (a passage to China and our colonies in the Far East) and it is in our interests to stop the conflict. We take 40% of Tibetan gold and maintain Lasha as a province of Northern India, shortly we will build a road through the mountains but for now we will keep the state well-guarded.

    March 1898
    Using a very powerful transmitter in Ireland and a booster station in Bermuda we broadcast a signal across to the east coast of Canada, the Western extremes of our empire can now reliably remain in contact with us the dawn of a new age of communication is surely not far away?

    Apr 1898
    The Russian Tsar sends message that he would like us to loan him gold with no repayment terms, how odd? As he is a distant cousin and the amounts he is asking for is pitiful we loan the gold to him but make no mistake we are not frightened and order the Russian troops to leave our territory alone.

    May 1898
    We complete the Intelligence agency and our first spy is planted into the Russian Court, we quickly learn that whilst the Russian army is fairly large it is still mostly a civil defence force composed largely of guard units with a few infantry and barley a brigade of cavalry in the current books.
    Our first attempt at infiltrating the Japanese regime goes horribly wrong when our spy is caught. Bloodied and near death he is dumped into the courtyard of an English speaking school near Shanghai, there is little this brave man can tell us other than that the Japanese can be a most savage race if you give them good reason.

    August 1898
    Medical Scientists working in Glasgow have isolated the active ingredients in tree bark that has been used for centuries to help with pain relief, they have synthesized the plant and are now able to make small pills that help reduce aches pains and fever it’s a minor miracle.

    Feb 1899
    The world has been so quiet, we have a shipping run taking supplies back to London and other than a little trouble with the Germans blocking railway lines there’s precious little to report.

    Mar 1899
    We agree a RoP with the Portuguese, it will cut time off our transit of goods home from Africa it also secures us a small monthly stipend. To counter the Germans blocking our rails we send the fleet across the North Sea and park them off the coast inside German territorial water, we also extend the railways through the Dutch territories opening up second communication lines.

    May 1899
    The Austrians complete the project to host the Olympic Games, a glorious summer of sport should follow and Great Britain and her dominions will be sending athletes to compete in every event.

    Jul 1899
    The Olympics are underway and in a gesture of friendship we extend the peace treaty with the people of Tibet, we even make a gracious settlement of gold in favour of the people of Tibet. Research at the Woolwich Battery is suggesting indirect fire from Howitzers may well have a place in our arsenal the 5inch shell that they propose using has recently been successfully trialled on-board ships in a costal bombardment practice.

    Jan 1900
    The Americans complete the first world fair in St Louis, apparently this great wonder celebrates all that is good in the new world. Our spies indicate St Louis is a growing city of about two million people and the Americans have the place guarded mostly with militia. In Exercises in the Irish Sea one of the new King Edward Battleships accidentally rams and sinks a costal steamer, all the crew are picked up alive and several are being treated in the Royal Infirmary in Liverpool.

  5. BorisTheGood

    BorisTheGood Chieftain

    Jan 31, 2015
    Jan 1901
    The past twelve months have passed largely without event, we have continued our scientific progress and our biologists have recently published documents on what happens to dogs when you provide them with a treat or a shock, you can in effect train a dog to perform a specific task time and time again, who would have thought that, after all my spaniels won’t sit or go fetch unless I give them a prod. We have strengthened our Canadian naval forces adding destroyers and two battle ships to the western Atlantic fleet, we are now confident that if the Americans attacked us we should be able to repulse the first wave and reinforcements would soon arrive. Unfortunately the worsening health of our Queen is a worry and all official duties are now conducted by her Son Edward.
    The Queen died on the 22nd, plans are in place for a period of mourning in the meantime the business of state must go on, Edward is a busy man but does like his boats, there is a rumour the home fleet will be brought back to English waters later this week so that he can review it from the deck of his racing sloop.
    June 1901
    Work begins in Enfield (London) to construct a world first, a production line, In effect a large machine shop where workers will be responsible for a small part of production before passing the ever expanding motorbike on to their neighbour for the next fitting. It is envisaged that a motorbike can be produced by this factory in under 4 hours using this process a task that usually took two days.
    March 1902
    It seems hardly a week is going by at the moment without British universities and scientists discovering something new about the world, current research into people lineage has allowed some to speculate that they can advise what illnesses your children may suffer with, its hoped that using these methods we may be able to breed a stronger nation resistant to many debilitating illnesses.
    May 1902
    Liverpool is to host next year’s Olympics work is underway in the Port City to have facilities that will put Austria to shame, the Army and Navy are holding selection training for many would be sports men.
    June 1902
    Harland and Wolf have just launched their finest ship, a luxury hotel capable of slicing through the water at over twenty knots this Great Liner will be the flagship for our Atlantic shipping line.
    Aug 1902
    The New Zealand wine harvest of last year has produced some fine wine, never again will the French be the world’s only fine wine makers. In Vauxhall (London) a motor car company using the Enfield method has started producing a car for the masses Alex Wilson Motor Company, no longer will motoring be a thing only the wealthy have access too.
    October 1902
    Middlesbrough of all places seems set to become the motion picture capital of the world, using simultaneous cellulose tape a “talkie” has been made, the story about a Royal Visit to the town has been duplicated and sent around the Empire, the Local Industry Chamber of Commerce has agreed to make a guild of film makers and help those wanting funding find it via local business.
    In India the City of Calcutta has established itself as the centre of cotton and fabric trading, customers including the French and Chinese have placed orders for many garments.
    In Egypt Archaeologists have entered the great Pyramid at Giza, the finds that they come across are destined for display at a new museum in London.
    November 1902
    Achtung!! The Germans Declare war on us the swine, we had an agreement in place where they had access to our lands and we traded peacefully with them. Vengeance will be swift and decisive. As our Fleet is within German territorial water I expect that the Austrians will follow their allies into a war immediately.
    In the first engagements our Majestic Class Battleships are shelled and damaged perhaps it wasn’t wise to sit so close to the shore of Germany? Our Screen of ships closing the North Sea are sunk and the German fleet is able to escape, Our home fleet is in disarray!
    We complete the first game reserve in Africa but our huntsmen will have other work to do, we can not let the Germans push us about in Africa.
    Our first act of war takes place in the South Pacific, HMS Havock intercepts two German steamships and attacks sinking one and setting the other on fire. HMAS Tasmania operating in the same area sinks the other steamer later the same day. Three Destroyers shell Kaiser Willhelm sinking two ships in Harbour and causing minor damage to shore defences.
    We mobilise at home, it’s essential that we rebuild a fleet as quickly as possible, our new Dreadnought class battleships should hopefully offer a far better match to German warships. We are embarrassed about the performance of the home fleet and need to readdress the balance.
    It’s in our interest to form a coalition against the Germans and Austrians, to buy us some time.

    January 1903
    The German fleet has taken a battering from the Dutch and Scandinavians and our first Dreadnoughts have arrived in the North Sea, the tide of naval warfare is already changing. Throughout Africa the Germans are losing territory left right and centre, not without loss I will admit but the colonial forces taking part are driving the point home. In the Far East an expeditionary force has gone from India to lay siege on the German city of Tsingtao and we have been forced to renegotiate several of our RoP agreement as we were in breach of several following the declaration of hostilities. All in all this war is proving expensive both on manpower, money and our reputation.
  6. BorisTheGood

    BorisTheGood Chieftain

    Jan 31, 2015
    Have now played through to June 1903 and whilst the Germans are stuffed our chances of salvaging a diplomatic win are over, The French have gone on a war spree, firstly allied with us against the Germans and Austrians then the Dutch and then us despite having over half our alliance against the Germans remaining, through Diplomacy they have also got the Central South Americans and the Brazilians to declare on us.

    I now face a choice, win by any means possible or face the very real possibility of never achieving my starting goal. Im half tempted to put the game on the back burner for now.
  7. El Justo

    El Justo Deity

    Mar 5, 2004
    Southern NJ
    first off, welcome :)

    great reporting. it's concise and real easy to read and follow.

    and there's no shame in adjusting one's goal...iow, don't quit! for (the new) King and Country!!
  8. bombshoo

    bombshoo Never mind...

    Jan 7, 2003
    Good story. I still play this scenario to this day, so I always enjoy reading people's reports.
  9. BorisTheGood

    BorisTheGood Chieftain

    Jan 31, 2015
    Haven't given up, I actually reloaded 1903 and played a little today, so far I've not got the French fighting me.

    In the meantime I've played as the Turks. Was quite a good expansionist game until the Brits and the Russians tag teamed me in 1908.
  10. BorisTheGood

    BorisTheGood Chieftain

    Jan 31, 2015
    Feb 1903
    In Africa our colonial forces are driving the Germans into the sea, Thousands of tonnes of supplies and hundreds of prisoners of war are now being transported to Alexandrea for loading to ships, the Germans have lost the Keys to Africa.
    In Asia our Indian Army has landed at the Gates of Tsingtao, Heavy bombardment from the mountain guns from Shanghai and the 13 pounders that the Indians have brought with them means that the siege is short lived and the Germans surrender the town with minimal resistance and only a small loss of life.
    In the Pacific our destroyers and cruisers are Bombarding Kaiser-Wilhelmand and a large force of Australian Infantry has been put ashore in Port Moseby, they are currently encamped in the hills to the South of the German Positions whilst a sizeable Dutch Colonial army is sat to the North West.
    In the North Sea we have lost 6 of the 9 Majestic Battleships in conflict with the Germans, the once proud Home Fleet is fighting for its life although being reinforced rapidly by Dreadnoughts we do not have the number of ships to win a decisive victory should the Germans set sail enemas.
    Fortunately in the Mediterranean it would appear that the Austrian fleet is happy to remain in the Adriatic Sea and we have yet to see any action in this theatre. The Italian fleet is likely pinning the Austrian’s in their home ports.
    The Olympics that were to happen in Liverpool have been suspended, war work is all important and our factories have been mobilised and production is now on a full war footing throughout the British Empire.
    March 1903
    The Siege of Windeok, a short siege takes place in South Africa to displace German settlers in Windeok an unremarkable event except for the first use of Armoured Cars in battle, whilst defending a Garrison of artillery the Germans launched a small scale counter attack that almost took the hill, had it not been for the efficient deployment of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV) our artillery could have been routed. As it is or infantry held firm protected by the heavy cars and was able to close the attackers and drive them back to the city where following bombardment they eventually surrendered. The Germans now have a single province left in Africa.
    Australian Forces take Kaiser, casualties are horrific mostly down to the failure of the naval bombardment, and further Australian infantry are called up for the push on Bismark.
    In the North Sea the German Kreigsmarine has been driven back to home ports, it’s no longer a match for the Royal Navy in numbers or quality.
    Gibraltar has welcomed a new Naval Task Force 4 King Edward Class battleships and their escorts have arrived in the Mediterranean, it’s possible that a breakout from the Austrian’s may have to be countered so we now have the power to add to our standing force that protects the Suez Canal.
    We plant a Spy in Wein so that at the least we can see what we could be up against.
    April 1903
    Cameroon capitulates following lots of action by Colonial Cavalry the Germans have now lost all interests in Africa, the losses in Africa to our Colonial forces has been heavy and we must rebuild our forces to prevent the French from exploiting our current weakness.
    In home waters we have sunk the remaining German battle fleet, our spies indicate other than a few transports and the odd cruiser the German Navy is best reviewed with a Divers Helmet, Our home fleet will now concentrate on shore bombardment of German Interests.
    May 1903
    Anti-war Riots in Fashoda are quickly put down and tax spend is allocated towards public benefit, we don’t want a repeat anywhere in the Empire
    The Dutch have captured Bismark, our infantry was too late, perhaps our naval bombardment for the past months made it too easy for the Dutch but I shall not worry.
    Northern Germany significant damage in all coastal areas is occurring, unopposed now the Royal Navy is throwing shells up to ten miles into Germany reports from collaborators say that the damage specifically in the state of Hamburg is terrifying with citizens getting little or no respite from the shelling by day or by night. Industrial production in German is falling faster than the approval ratings for the Reichstag.
    Jun 1903
    The Austrian Fleet is blockaded by Balkan forces, as we attempt to Sail to Trieste we are advised to turn away, to avoid a diplomatic incident we turn south and hold station in Italian waters from which we could conduct operations if the Austrian’s sail.
    In the Pacific we intercept and sink two troop ships enroute to Bismark, a small landing however can’t be prevented, the Dutch will have to fight the Germans from the hills as our Australian expeditionary force is already heading back to Cairns.
    In order to facilitate a possible landing in Europe Artillery is being shipped from Asia and Africa to England were the training of infantry has taken a higher priority than the building of boats.
    Aug 1903
    Italy signs a peace accord with the Austrian’s and Germans, that’s them known as charlatans until they prove otherwise. However it is in our interests to keep the Austrian Fleet in Harbour and we arrange for hostilities to recommence after but two days of peace.
    Russian Cossacks land in Scandinavia, war there seems highly likely.
    October 1903
    The Dutch have agreed terms with the Austrian’s, this can’t be tolerated, a diplomatic mission is sent to The Hague. Before they get there news from France indicates that a cease fire between Austria and France is to come into force from midnight. Our treasonous neighbours will not be able to extort money from us next time they want our help.
    The Port of Stettin falls after a heavy Naval bombardment to units of the Royal Marines, this unexpectedly easy victory leads some in the press to speculate that our troops will be in Berlin by Christmas and the war will soon be over with German at the least. I remain to be convinced as it has left us isolated and exposed with an expeditionary force that lacks artillery or machine gun support, a counter attack could see our marines driven back into the sea.
    November 1903
    No German counter attack landed at Stettin and now that HMS Amphion and her troop ships have arrived I am feeling more confident that we can hold the beachhead, we still lack artillery but now have regular infantry, machine guns and large concentrations of highly skilled cavalry, the Royal Marines remain ashore too bolstering defences, I have contacted the Air Ministry and ordered that they forge ahead with plans to build airships capable of bombing and destroying the Germans infrastructure as we wait for the artillery units still in transit.
    December 1903
    Naval bombardments’ now switches focus Hamburg and Konigsberg are being hit by shell after shell, more troops are at sea as we speak and other than the weather there is little stopping our forces from crushing northern Germany. Meanwhile the Russians are proving a worthy ally and have captured Dresden.
    January 1904
    The Germans make efforts to find a peace accord, it’s not going to happen as I don’t break my agreements and having recently bought the French, Dutch and Italians back into the fight 1904 is going to be a year of war unless the Germans surrender without conditions.
    A landing in the Forests near Hamburg goes unopposed and our cavalry takes up position to the North of Berlin, we are still hampered by a lack of artillery especially now as we are moving out of the range of Naval guns.
    March 1904
    We take Hamburg from the Germans and are approached by the Austrian’s to end the war. We refuse the offered settlement but several of our allies sign peace deals.
    September 1904
    Lyon is to host the Olympics that we had hoped to host in Liverpool, the war has cost us this opportunity but there will be more and soon, we land infantry near Koenieggsburg with naval bombardment this should be a possible victory for us. Our barrage of Berlin continues, we still have insufficient artillery to make the final lethal push.
    December 1904
    Konigsberg Castle is captured vast efforts have taken place to remove the Germans from the North Sea, its now possible to consider an end of hostilities, much as I would love to capture Berlin its beyond my capabilities right now. Also it would appear that I’m likely to face a war with the Balcan Nations if I continue fighting as they have been happy to declare alliances with Austria against three different nations in the past three months.
    Jan 1905
    We sign a peace accord with the Germans, they pay heavily for the peace and we order their troops to leave the newly conquered territories, The Dutch are obviously upset that we have broken our alliance but a gift of gold soon sweetens their view of the World. The balcans continue their quest to get the world to war, 4 more alliances are signed in the past month and it’s hard to follow just who is fighting who, our forces are pulled back to safe towns and repairs and replenishments start to happen, it’s amazing how punishing more than two years of war have been.
  11. Redman

    Redman Emperor

    May 11, 2004
    Nijmegen, Netherlands (GMT+1)
    Nice story Boris!
    Hopefully you're continuing this story

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