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Asterix the Gaul -- Or: How to get the biggest bang out of the Gallic Swordsman

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Succession Games' started by Lanzelot, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Lanzelot

    Lanzelot Moderator Moderator

    Jun 25, 2007
    My general rule of thumb is: as long as only 2-3 cities are having a happiness problem, I tend to hire a scientist/taxman (or even an entertainer, if required) in those towns. With more cities affected, it is definitely worth to increase the lux slider and put those specialists back to work.
    Of course there are exceptions to the rule. If all of these 2-3 cities would lose their magic number when hiring a specialist (e.g. dropping from 10spt to 9spt), then it is the lesser evil to increase the lux slider. Or if at the moment food and growth is the most important point.

    Yes, except that the expansion from the free temples is "towards a domination victory", not conquest... For conquest the ToA doesn't matter that much. (Apart from the extra happiness, which may raise your empires production if you lack luxuries.)
    The important point here is, that in order to achieve the 66% territory as quickly as possible, you need to cover one big continent completely within your borders. For this you need to cover it with towns in a CxxxC spacing without ToA and in a CxxxxxC spacing with ToA! So you need to build 40% less towns, if you have ToA!

    For this it is certainly worth waiting until an AI city has finished ToA. Likewise it's worth waiting for other useful wonders like Pyramids, Hanging Gardens, SunTzu's or Leonardo's. (If it doesn't slow down your expansion too much.)
    However, I would not necessarily wait for the Great Library in a game like this. We already have all the techs we need, and capturing the GLib even bears a certain risk, because you might learn Education before you got the cultural expansion from the Temple of Artemis! This would of course be a disaster... :p So if you still didn't get the ToA-Boost by the time you capture the GLib city, and if you are uncertain about how advanced the other AIs are in the meanwhile, better raze it... :D

    Yes, I think I noticed that if you have once broken a peace deal before the end of the 20 turns, and other AIs know about it, then they won't give you anything (in terms of towns/techs) in a peace deal anymore. So even in a barbarian game like this, it is worth keeping your "peace deal reputation". Breaking gpt deals or resource deals, however, doesn't seem to have an influence on the "peace reputation". There seem to be three separate types of reputation: "peace deal reputation", "trade reputation" and "RoP reputation".
  2. splunge the 2nd

    splunge the 2nd King

    Mar 17, 2007
    Oops, meant domination.

    Thanks Lanz.
    Are we moving on or waiting for anyone?
  3. templar_x

    templar_x usually walks his talks

    Jun 15, 2008
    on a learning curve
    i am quite sure that this is not correct.

    the AI will give you less and less in a peace deal, when you continuously break those. but they will never be as consequent as if you busted your trade reputation. from what i know, this is even seen as one of the major exploits in the game by many.

    so by this definition you might call it a "peace deal reputation", but it would mean something different, i.e. what i said above (=you get less an less).

    therefore, the recommendation in a truly barbarian game would have to be, break as many peace deals as possible to gain whatever you can.

  4. Lanzelot

    Lanzelot Moderator Moderator

    Jun 25, 2007
    No, not a point. The problem is simply: I had already settled that temporary town quite early in one of the first turnsets (turn 45). At that time there wasn't any "competition" yet, just an instructive training day game set up for students of the game who wanted to get better via "learning by doing" and getting some advice on their actions/decisions from an experienced instructor. (And of course I'm trying to learn something new myself...) Had I already known at that time, that a month later you would challenge me to our little private competition, I would certainly not have embarked on any "experiments" in this game... :D

    This is quite interesting. I haven't seen any research about this yet, nor did I investigate it myself, but my memory from earlier games told me that I suddenly stopped getting towns in peace deals, once I had broken a peace deal before the 20 turns were up. Perhaps that "less and less" that you observed, depends on difficulty level, and in the games where I broke deals, it just happened to be the case that it already went down to "less = zero" on the first broken deal?! (Or I broke two in a row and didn't try to extort towns inbetween. Or the towns I tried to extort all happened to be next to an invisible oil/uranium/etc resource...:crazyeye:)

    But in any case, we can make the conclusion that breaking peace deals does have a significant negative influence on your chances of getting free towns. And since I noticed that, I'm trying to avoid it. And I think the tactic can be employed quite well without having to break peace deals: you just steamroll over one civ until they are completely finished and give everything for peace, then take all their size-1 towns and let them live as an OCC for 20 more turns. Meanwhile your troops conquer other civs, and once the 20 turns are up, the next units passing by on their way to the front, pick up the remaining town. Or if that town happens to be far off and sending troops there would mean a big loss of time, you just ignore it. The extra towns you can get from other peace deals because of your clean reputation should compensate for these 1-2 towns you missed out. (Big exception is of course on Deity and above, where you need to eliminate the civ asap in order to avoid nasty flips.)

    Ok, let's play the next set! Turn 110, which is 350 BC.
  5. splunge the 2nd

    splunge the 2nd King

    Mar 17, 2007
    OK, not my best turn set but I captured ToA, Rome is all but beat and I found China's sole iron source. Somehow, I managed to muck up my turn log, but it came out OK in the end.
    Spoiler :
    Turn 100 1/2 (on Lanz's sugggestions)
    Change Entremont from settler (1) to GS (1)
    Have Lugdunum's scientist work plains
    Boston is about to revolt. Change to settler, cash rush and change citizen to scientist.
    Philly change from cat to galley

    IBT Roman warrior kills redlined GS

    Turn 101
    Entremont GS>GS
    Alesia worker>worker
    BIston Settler>wealth
    Canulundunum GS>GS
    Gogovia GS>Barracks
    Miami Galley>galley
    Washington is near unrest. change to clown and rush settler

    Load GS on galley and head down coast
    GS kills warrior. GS kills archer

    Turn 102
    Washington settler>settler
    Lugdunum GS>GS
    Augustadorum galley>galley (for now)
    2 GS get redlined, kill 2 spears in Hispalis. Get city and gain 2 slaves.
    Viroconium grew to size 2. GS is redlined and retreats. Second GS takes city and gains a slave. Build galley.

    Turn 103
    Alesia worker>worker
    Richborough unrest (drat) up the lux slider to 30
    Second GS gets in galley heading to Roman waters

    IBT Roman warrior appears by Pisae,covering 3 workers

    Turn 104
    Richborough GS>GS
    Chicago catapult (crud, forgot to change)>worker
    GS by Pisae redlined killing warrior, gets 3 slaves
    Build Nome in Tundra in old America >worker

    IBT Roman archer threatens slave stack
    Rome builds Brundisium in Northeast near spice city

    Turn 105
    Entermont GS>GS
    Alesia keeps popping out workers
    Camelodunum GS>GS
    Philly (now size 5) 50% corrupt starts courthouse
    Verulanium GS>GS
    Hispalis resistance neds and gets unrest

    Rome completed ToA. Move stack of GS to moutain by Rome and bring in a few more form north.
    GS loses one health killing spear in Pisae. Land another GS nezxt to Pisae from galley.
    GS is redlined killing stupid archer near antium and retreats. Regular GS kills archer with no losses.
    GS is redlined knocking 2 health off Legionaire in Antiuma dn retreats. GS kills spear in Antium, loses 1 health.

    Golden Age ends, several cities (all former AMerican) get unrest.
    Miami galley>harbor
    Lose 2 reg GS aend redline 5 elite and vet GS to kill 2 spears in Rome.
    GS dies redlining spear in Pisae. Second kills him taking city, netting a slave.health, take city, gain a slave.
    Galley near Lutetia sees yellow borders.
    Hurry racks in Veli.
    Push up lux slider.

    Roman archer kills redlined GS on mountain by Rome.

    Turn 106/107 lost track of the IBT
    Veli Barracks>wealth
    Alesia worker>worker
    Lugdunum GS>GS

    Lose 2 fricking GS's to finally kill the superspear in Rome. ToA is ours.Rome starts worker.
    Antoum falls wiht no losses: Legionaire and Spear die to 2 GS's. Gain 2 slaves. Start worker.
    Turn down lux slider as now have temples!
    Kill archer near Veli.
    Meet Egypt. Nothing worth trading.

    Egypt gives boot order
    Roman archer redlines GS who retreats
    Rome is in disorder when resistance stops.

    Turn 108
    Kill 2 archers in open.
    Galley bearing 2 GS's heads back to Lutetia.
    Build Ratae Coritanorum on coast near core, starts warrior

    Washington disorder.
    Rome is pacified
    Lugdunum disorder Camulundum disorder Richborough disorder

    Turn 109
    Shift stuff around, worker work
    Spot Chinese iron colony

    Turn 110
    2 GS's redlined at Lutetia. Rome loses nothing and they retreat to galley.
    Take Pompeii with no losses. Gain 2 workers. start worker

    My happiness monitorring left something to be desired. I built a few cats I didn't need. Exploration is still lagging but I'm pleased with the warring! The barracks I built in Veli I thought I'd need for healing, but turned out to be unnecessary. I've had poor luck with promotions. If I get a leader, I'm tempted to rsuh the Forbidden Palace somewhere in Roman territory rahter than go for an army. I hope I'll need to make that choice.

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  6. templar_x

    templar_x usually walks his talks

    Jun 15, 2008
    on a learning curve
    @ splunge - i dl your save and had a look on the core towns only. i guessed what i will find there.

    you need to have a close look on those towns, always. they are you main producers of shields and commerce. i will give you short notes on each town:

    + Entremont: size 7 with a mere 10spt is not what your capital should look like in 350bc. and even then a few tiles are not even optimized!
    in my game, Ent makes 20spt, and every tile is optimized.
    you are mining that core hill finally, that is good. but still you will not make it to 14spt, the next magic number. because there are no food tiles improved for that matter. make a comprehensive planning for your towns, and execute it. there are only a few really important core towns you need to do that for.

    + Camo: size 6 only? with 9spt? that is very very sad. you are wasting tons of potential here. you are working an unimproved plains tile. that must not happen. you better had improved the hill before the nearby mountain with 3 workers on it. hills are faster completed, then move on to tasks that last longer.

    + Alesia: sell those barracks, you will need workers from this towns forever. even your core has many too few. look at all those unimproved tiles! even the 2nd flood plain tile is totally unimproved.

    + Veru: should be one of your strongest towns, but looks like a pity. it needs that cow back from Lugdunum and to grow. it is on a river!

    + Lugdunum: works 2 unimproved tiles and wastes lots of food, while Veru starves and could grow.

    + Gerg: 2,5 unimproved tiles out of 5 worked. no magic number of shields reached.

    + Miami: already has excess food and now builds a harbour? what for? it won´t be able to grow much further.

    + Rich: wastes food and takes away good tiles from the much more important Camo.

    + Phila: will never bring you a return on that Court.

    + August: another outer town that takes away important tiles, here from Veru.

    workers by Cumae should return to the core and work there.
    workers from Washington area also. a sole slave builds a road on the gold hill??

    after the initial builds, core towns need a plan how to get to their max use. outlying towns should then be abused for everything else, as good as possible.

    and why did you not continue your exploration when you met Egypt? there are other tribes to be made contact with.

  7. splunge the 2nd

    splunge the 2nd King

    Mar 17, 2007
    Templar X, thanks for the advice. This is just what I need in terms of improving my game!

    Here's my next 10. I don't know where we are in terms of who's playing along.
    Spoiler :

    Turn 111
    China gives us the boot
    Rome settler>worker
    Alesia worker>worker
    Camelodunum GS>GS
    Egypt built hanging gardens, cascade of wonders!
    Sell barracks in Alesia. Switch Philly to a galley (per Templar X's advice)
    Neoplois falls with some health lost but no deaths. Gain a slave and start settler.
    Make peace with Rome for Revanna. Starts harbor.

    Turn 112
    Cultural borders expand all over
    Verulanium GS>GS
    Declare on China. Destroy their iron colony.
    Take Tientsin with no losses. Snag 2 slaves in territory. Start worker
    Hurry harbors in Augustadorum and Ravenna (will gain silks)

    Turn 113
    Alesia worker>worker
    Revanna harbor>spear
    Hispalis worker>worker
    Gorgovia GS>GS
    Augustodorum harbor>galley Turn down happpiness to 10%
    MAke some corrupt american cities gold farms
    Take Shanghai with no losses. eGS is redlined killing a 2 health bar spear. Net a slave. Start worker
    GS takes a settler pair in the open. GS snags unprotected worker.

    Turn 114
    Rome and we exchange boot orders.
    WLKD celebreated somewhere
    Entremont GS>GS
    Chicago woker>wealth
    Tsientsien has unrest
    Agedincum worker>worker
    Nome worker>wealth
    Kill chinese warrior and archer in the open. Chengdu has a pike.

    Warrior kills wounded GS in open
    Chinese galley approaches undefended Revanna
    Shanghai riots

    Turn 115
    Alesia worker>worker
    Lug GS>GS
    Rich GS>GS
    Rush spear in Revanna
    2 GS's kill 2 spears and take Xinjian. wealth
    GS kills warrior in open

    Chinese galley sails by without dropping troops
    Rome moves archer our wasy. Chinese warrior head into our territory

    Turn 116
    Camul GS>GS
    Revanna spear>wealth
    rGS redlined, retreats, vGS kills spear promotes, vGS kills warrior and Canton is ours, getting 2 slaves and incense! Starts settler
    Turn down lux to 0
    Sell barrracks in Veli
    Freak bad luck, a elite GS dies attacking a warrior on open ground,not across a river. Warrior dies to GS along with 2 more.

    chinese MI redlines GS who retreats. China moves some units.

    Turn 117
    Ent GS>GS Alesia worker>worker
    GS dies , second kills the MI.
    Amazing, Nanking, built on hill falls with no losses, starts worker.
    Elite GS kills archer in open. Lose GS killing archer on hill. Lose GS in abortive attack on Hangchow

    Archer dies atacking GS.

    Turn 118
    Philly galley>wealth
    Tientsin worker>worker
    Rate Cor warriro (?) >wealth

    We meet Hammurabi
    Take Chendu with no losses but 1 retreated GS.
    Vet GS kills warriro in open and promotes
    Change Nanking to settler
    Change Richborough to Aquaduct

    Turn 119
    Hammurabi wants us out. we yield
    Alesia worker>worker
    Verulanium GS>GS
    vGS kills archer on mountain nearHAngchow, no loss of health and promotes!
    Attack Tsingtao. Lose 1 vGS to Pike and kill it, spear and archer. Start wealth.
    Ratae Coritanorum is isolated by 1 road and near the core. Change to barracks for vet warriors to upgrade.

    Chinese horse kills GS in the open

    Turn 120
    Rome worker>worker
    Canton worker>worker
    Camulundunum GS>GS
    Pompei worker>worker
    Gergovia GS>GS
    Agedincum worker>galley (let it grow a bit)
    eGS kills Archer by Hangchow, no losses, no leader

    I assume it's reasonable to let Beijing build the GL, so I'm working around it.
    I think I masde a mistake in starting the barracks in Ratae Cor. I was thinking I'd build vet warrirors there and move them to upgrade to GS's, but it's corrupt. Does it gain me anything to cash rush warriors to then pay cash to promote them?
    Next set, I hope to finish off China on our continent, leave Beijing to build the GL and try to get a city on the Russian continent in the peace deal to act as a staging area to finish them. I'll also need to finish Rome when it's been 20 turns.

    Attached Files:

  8. Lanzelot

    Lanzelot Moderator Moderator

    Jun 25, 2007
    Ok, I was swamped at work for most of the week, and also the game now starts taking more time... I played the last turnset in 4 separate sessions of 1-2 hours each. So that's about 6h for 10 turns... Of course a big portion of the time goes into the write-up, but it also shows, that now are the decisive turns of the game, and they should be played with care.

    Here's one comment I want to add to templar's critique:
    This is an important point. It is not necessary to make a perfect micro-management for your entire empire. That will only cost hours and hours, and make you frustrated, while not yielding too much in terms of outcome... And after all, the game should still be fun. It probably depends on everybody's personal taste, how much MM one can stand before losing the fun. And with the wrong notion about it, you can easily over-do it, waste lots of time, get frustrated and then fall back to no MM at all... But by doing the MM in the important core towns, you'll get a big "return on investment" and the game is fun again, because you're much more successful.
    Basically it's an application of the "80-20 rule". 20% of MM investment in the important towns already gives you 80% of the benefits. And for the remaining 20% of the benefits, you would need to invest an unjustifiedly huge amount of MM work... (for which usually the time is lacking... I do it only in very important GOTMs.)

    But back to the game. Here's now my turnset 100-110, and I hope I will be able to finish 110-120 also this weekend.
  9. templar_x

    templar_x usually walks his talks

    Jun 15, 2008
    on a learning curve
    where's the turnset? :scan:
  10. Lanzelot

    Lanzelot Moderator Moderator

    Jun 25, 2007
    Spoiler :

    Shortrush a horse in Lugdunum to avoid too much shield overrun.
    Change the MM around a bit.

    T101, 530 BC:
    Rome finishes Feudalism.

    Ok, I think it's finally time to ferment a few wars on the other continent. This will weaken the enemy and at the same time provide an opportunity to fish for war happiness. The first prerequisite is some embassies, so I finally establish the missing ones: Babylon 46g, Egypt 47g, France 79g.
    The same pathetic picture everywhere, unfortunately except for Paris:

    Let's hope Washington started early enough!

    So as Babylon is the biggest of the three, and as it's located in the middle, I choose it as my "target" and declare war.

    Next I ring up Joan and pull the peace treaty from the "Active Deals" onto the table and then check, whether they would be willing to combine that with a military alliance against Babylon. They even give me their 9g on top... (Note: sometimes an AI is not willing to agree to such a MAPT deal (military alliance plus peace treaty). For these cases it is good to have some extra value to offer, in this case Engineering or some gold. Otherwise you are forced to make peace again without the MA, which can then not be re-negotiated for the next 20 turns. To prevent something like this, it is good to check whether they would be willing to join a MA, before pulling the peace treaty out of the active deals...)

    Same procedure is repeated with Egypt. They are not willing to accept the MAPT deal, so I have to soften it up with 20g.

    Galley-R has scouted enough now and returns to the Egyptian west coast, where transportation will soon be needed. Galley-V would need forever to return to the other side of the second continent, so it just keeps going.

    Two GS capture Philadelphia, one loss.
    Three GS take Miami, one retreats from a warrior...

    T102, 510 BC:
    Two GS attack Tsingtao, both retreat.
    Three attach Chengdu, one retreats, one wins, one dies.

    I pillage my iron. Not yet quite ready for connect/disconnect, but that way I can finally run Alesia as a 2-turn warrior/worker combo.

    T103, 490 BC:
    Entremont needs to build 1-turn archers until the iron is reconnected...
    Two GS capture New York.
    Seattle has grown to 2. Strangely enough, the Americans would be willing to give it for peace anyway! Same for Chicago, which is also size 2. But unfortunately they won't give both.

    First two GS land in Russia.

    T104, 470 BC:
    Rome finishes the Pyramids! (And starts Sun-Tzu's...) We still have 13 turns left on our peace treaty, but I'll prepare the final assault as soon as I got all I can get from the Americans and the Chinese...

    Two more GS land in Russia.
    Two GS finally take Chengdu, three take Beijing, one loss. One GS takes Tsingtao.
    Time for a peace deal: China gives Shantung, Anyang, Xinjian and Nanking for peace.
    "The offer is a bit light - we'll agree to it." Quite funny...

    Rush another galley in Philadelphia. Large-scale shipping to Babylon or Egypt needs to start now.

    T105, 450 BC:
    Two GS take Chicago, no losses. Time for a peace deal: they give me Seattle (size 2!) for peace. Boston is still working on the Hanging Gardens and Washington on Artemis. They started quite early, so chances are that they will finish it before the other nations.
    Thanks to the peace deal, the spices at New York are now connected to my empire, and I can lower luxury to 10%, making 208gpt.

    I rush a worker in New York in order to build a colony in the second spices and gift them to America. Don't want Washington or Boston to employ any clowns now...!

    One more GS lands in Russia, four are now ready for action and attack St.Petersburg: three take the town, no losses.

    Buy America's worker for Engineering.

    Iron is reconnected and all productive cities switched back to GS. Lugdunum is making 12spt, Burdigala 11spt, so I leave them at warrior.

    T106, 430 BC:
    When the two towns finish the warrior, I open the city popup and upgrade them to GS. They are ready to go right away, thanks for the tip, Spoonwood!

    The Chinese start building the Great Library... :lol:

    The Americans kick my GS out of their country, unfortunately back to Chicago. Now way to get them back into main territory, so I rush a Galley in Chicago.

    Two more GS land in Russia. I decide to move southward from St.Petersburg and leave Rostov and Moscow alone for now, as both of them are building wonders (GLib and Zeus Statue). 5 GS are ready to strike at Yekaterinburg next turn.

    Iron is pillaged, Alesia and Lugdunum are set to warrior, and iron is reconnected by the 6 workers.
    Burdigala builds an aqueduct now in the last remaining turns of the GA.

    T107, 410 BC:
    One GS takes Yekaterinburg and captures 3 workers, which hurried into that town in the interturn...

    Gift spices to America.

    For this turn Camulodunum gets a plains tile from Richborough and gives a 3spt BG to Verulamium. This has the following effect:
    • Verulamium now makes 10spt instead of the 9spt it made the previous two turns. I cash-rush the missing two shields via archer (8g) and then switch to galley, which will finish next turn.
    • Camulodunum now makes only 19spt, but I can switch back to 20spt next turn and rush the missing shield for 4g.
    • Richborough gets a coast tile and still makes enough shields for finishing the GS next turn.

    Two more GS land in Russia at Yaroslavl. Situation in Russia:

    I think I have enough GS there now. I will have to take Orenburg, Yaroslavl and perhaps the town in the fog, then get the remaining towns in a peace deal. Afterwards I no longer need to care for my reputation and can re-declare on China, Rome or America as I like. (The other continent did not yet make contact to anyone but me. :D)

    After that peace deal, the units can march back north and take the remaining Moscow and Rostov and then ship back to the main continent and over to the other continent.

    T108, 390 BC:
    Two GS kill two spears in Yaroslavl, town still holds.

    T109, 370 BC:
    Egypt and Babylon sign a peace treaty, which means Egypt auto-declares on me...! Luxury slider can be reduced to 0%...
    Boston completes the Hanging Gardens - and starts the Great Library...

    My second incense is connected, so I gift it to America.

    GS attacks Yaroslavl and promotes the spearman to 4/4! The next GS takes it.
    One GS takes Smolensk, the other two move south.

    First four GS land at Memphis (not Tennessee, but Egypt...). They were meant to go to Babylon, but Egypt is actually closer...

    Golden Age is over now, so some changes are in order:
    First of all, Camulodunum will now be settler-disbanded to make room for bigger cities in the core. This means I will need some more marketplaces there. I've reached 51 GS now, so slowing down a bit on GS production doesn't matter: instead of GS, I will soon need lots of cash for rushing settlers in Russia and on the other continent, and marketplaces help with that as well.
    Richborough and Lugdunum start on markets.

    T110, 350 BC:
    I have everything in position to attack Rome now, but the Russian campaign would still take a while, as most units are currently healing over there. So I make peace with Russia now, taking Yakutsk in the deal. Unfortunately the other towns have grown to size 2 meanwhile, and Novgorod has the Colossus, so they won't give that of course. (How did they build a wonder in a size 1 town?!)

    Redeclare on Rome! ! GS takes Lutetia (isn't that a Gallic town anyway?) 5 GS take Rome (one retreat and one loss).
  11. Lanzelot

    Lanzelot Moderator Moderator

    Jun 25, 2007
    splunge, 101-110
    Not much to be added to templar's advice. One more point, which may be useful: those four northern towns which are currently building wealth, could build galleys or settlers at 1spt. It may not seem much, but these units will come handy in 30 turns... (And if you have gold to spare, you could even rush the last 15 shields or so.) Especially settlers will be need en-masse in the last stage of the game.

    Edit: I just took a look at the 150 BC save, and I want to repeat the above advice regarding Wealth for the 111-120 turnset: I see that now you are even building Wealth in towns like Burdigala and Philadelphia, which are currently making 3spt. This is definitely a waste, as you get only 1gpt in return! More galleys are always useful.
  12. Lanzelot

    Lanzelot Moderator Moderator

    Jun 25, 2007
    Spoiler :

    Burdigala is wasting a lot of shields, didn't pay attention the last 2-3 turns... Anyway, I set it to all plains for faster growth and give the oasis to Philadelphia.

    T111, 330 BC:
    Russia give us the boot. Doesn't matter.

    Burdigala: aqueduct -> marketplace

    Three GS take Thebes, one loss.

    Two GS take Hispalis. Now we only need to connect the silks somehow. Not sure yet, whether a harbor is better, or a long road through the jungle. Rome is no more...

    T112, 310 BC:
    France goes into Anarchy. They just got Feudalism. In fact, the entire continent now knows Feudalism. (Darn. Hope I can find the iron resources quickly.) But why revolt? Well, now I guess the ToA in Washington is no longer in danger...

    T113, 290 BC:
    First two GS land in Babylon. Some more in Egypt.

    Two GS take Alexandria.

    I have all necessary units now in place for resuming the war against China. Unfortunately they have just landed a settler-pair on the island N of Hispalis. Well, I just wait ten turns for the first culture expansion and then have an extra town there... Unfortunately that means I have to eliminate their units, before I can take their towns. They have 3 archers and a horse running around, which could harm my Gallics.
    War declared. Units eliminated, four GS take Macao, one loss.

    T114, 270 BC:
    Egypt offers peace for two towns. I decline, and two Egyptian MIs attack! That was quick! One loses to a GS on a mountain, but the other one kills an eGS!

    France is again a Republic... :crazyeye:

    Four GS attack Hangchow, two retreat, two win. A warrior still protects that town!

    Archer, horse and GS attack Elephantine. Archer and horse die, GS wins. Need more units there, before the red-lined MI heals...
    Two GS take Giza.
    Two GS attack an Egyptian warrior on flatland. One dies, one retreats...
    Two more GS land at Eulbar. Next turn the Babylonian campaign can start.

    T115, 250 BC:
    The Babylonians now also have MIs... One attacks my stack on the mountain next to Eulbar and dies.

    Two GS attack Elephantine. One dies. More units ship-chained to Memphis.
    Two GS take Eulbar.
    One GS takes Hangchow.

    T116, 230 BC:
    Washington completes Artemis!

    4 GS attack Elephantine. One dies, two retreat, one wins, but is red-lined as well! Still three units inside. Grrr!
    Two 2/4 GS attack the 2/3 MI, to at least get rid of him, before he heals again, but one retreats, the other dies...
    Move three GS back from Alexandria, and ship two more into Memphis. This must finally be enough!

    4 GS take Babylon (and the Oracle! Good complement for my Artemis...:D). One retreats, one dies.
    Another GS moves onto the iron next to Akkad.

    5GS move into position around Washington...

    T117, 210 BC:
    Two GS capture Washington. Three GS attack Boston, two win, one dies. One red-lined spear remains...
    Unfortunately one American spear moved next to Atlanta during the interturn, and there is no way of protecting it now. I gift Atlanta to Russia (21 shields in a galley down the drain :() and then declare war on Russia...

    Three GS attack Novgorod, two win, one dies.
    Four GS finally take Elephantine, one retreats.

    Two GS take Akkad, one loss.

    CivAssist says 769 tiles till dom limit, while 712 are currently "unclaimed". Most of those unclaimed tiles are in former Roman and Chinese territory, so they will be mine in 5 turns. Start rushing a few settlers to fill a few "holes" and to be shipped over to Russia. It should not take much more than those 5 turns to gain the missing tiles after culture expansion.

    Make peace with Egypt for Asyut. My GS need a few turns for healing and regrouping anyway...

    T118, 190 BC:
    A horseman comes out of Novgorod and captures undefended Yekaterinburg.

    Two GS capture Orenburg.
    One GS takes Boston and the Hanging Gardens! America is no more.
    Another one retakes the empty Atlanta from the Russians.

    T119, 170 BC:
    Three GS take Nippur. After dozens and dozens and dozens of elite victories, my first MGL: Vercingetorix!! Didn't expect to see one anymore this game, my usual leader luck...

    Three GS attack Ashur, two win, one loss. A single red-lined spear remains...

    Three GS take Tatung, one loss. The continent is now mine. China has one island on the west coast left.

    T120, 150 BC:
    Something very strange happens: last turn Entremont was still displayed as happy at 6-0-6, and then during interturn it suddenly switched to 3-1-8 and went into riot!!

    Two GS attack Ashur, one wins, one retreats. A 2/3 spear remains, so Vercingetorix at 4/9 needs to enter the frame, as he is the only unit within reach. Ashur captured.

    Cleaning up a few stray Bowmen, who are about to cause trouble. Joining two workers to Eulbar and rushing a settler.

    Make peace with Babylon for Zarikum (1-tile island) and Eridu (has horses, so I'm quite surprised they are willing to give it?!). Unfortunately my MAPT deal with France against Babylon still has 1 turn to go, so I have to trash my rep on that continent... But it could not be avoided, as I would lose Babylon and the Oracle next turn, which I urgently need for happiness. Also it is most probably war weariness in the Babylon campaign that caused Entremont to riot (the only attacks interturn came from Babylon.)

    Entremont goes to 5-0-7?! So it can't have been war weariness with Babylon, that caused the riot? Should have gone back to 6-6 in that case, shouldn't it? I have to raise lux to 10%.

    632 tiles to domination, 716 are currently unclaimed.

    Ok, as the game is pretty much nearing it's end, I think I can now go and finally read templar's spoiler... :D Has been pretty tough to have to wait so long!
  13. Lanzelot

    Lanzelot Moderator Moderator

    Jun 25, 2007
    Ok, here is my final turn set:
    Spoiler :

    I think I won't use disconnect/connect now for the rest of the game. Most cash now goes into settler-rushing in foreign and far away countries -- that should be the best way now to make more tiles. Therefore I send the workers on the iron hill to a mountain near Augustodurum.

    T121, 130 BC:
    Babylon asks us to leave or declare. I make the counter-proposal of a RoP (not really expecting them to take it), and they agree! Great! Otherwise our Gallics next to Uruk, which just spent two turns marching through the jungle, would have been kicked out and would have to spend another 2-3 turns getting back in place...
    It's always good to have a clean reputation...

    Moscow completes the Statue of Zeus. Ok, it's time to take that town, before they produce the first unit... :D

    Four GS take Novgorod. One GS takes Vladivostok.
    My Galleys ship the two elite GS into Isca, and one of them re-takes Yekaterinburg, spawning my second MGL: Orgetorix! Not sure, what to do with it?! The last two Russian towns can certainly be taken with the forces I currently have there (Rostov still building Sun-Tzu's...) and shipping it over to France (the only opponent still capable of offering resistance) will take ages. Now that I have two of them, I can at least rename them "Asteric and Obelix"... :)

    At Samarra (Babylon) my advancing GS discover the first Pike! Only regular, but unfortunately in a hill town. That'll probably be a job for Vercingetorix.

    I'm doing something now, which I have never done before: founding a town on a Banana... But this is the fastest way to finally connect my silks. So forget the extra food...

    Culture expansion will happen interturn, so let's note our current land mass: 670 tiles. Tiles to limit: 632.

    T122, 110 BC:
    After expansion: 958 tiles, tiles to limit: 344. Hmm, not even 300 tiles, I expected much more... :(

    Found two more towns for 14 tiles.
    Redeclare on Egypt and attack Hieraconpolis, killing 2 stray units.
    Attack Pi-Ramesses with 5 GS, two GS die on the last spear!!!

    T123, 90 BC:
    317 tiles to limit.

    Two GS take Hieraconpolis.

    7 GS advance to Moscow.

    Move Vercingetorix to Samarra and re-declare on Babylon!
    Three GS take Uruk.
    Vercingetorix kills the pike in Samarra and goes down to 3/13!! Fortunately it's the only pike.
    Another GS takes Samarra.

    Orgetorix reaches Agedincum and forms an Army, so I can now use my elites again in Babylon.
    And right the next eGS loses to a Bowman...

    The French have MIs now! But their iron next to Paris is unconnected?! Need to find their iron!

    T124, 70 BC:
    287 tiles to limit.

    7 GS take Moscow, 2 retreats, 1 loss. That was a close shave!

    Founded 3 new towns.

    T125, 50 BC:
    250 tiles to limit.
    One GS takes Pi-Ramesses - and spawns another MGL! Let's call him Idefix.

    Two GS attack Elippi, one win, one loss, a red-lined spear remains :(
    Three GS take Ninive. And 9 Babylonian spears & Bowmen are running around in the open instead of defending properly... :)

    Two GS take Rostov. Russia is no longer.
    Disband 3 GS in Yakutsk and then rush the harbor to finally bring the ivory home and lower lux to 0%!

    Two towns founded.

    T126, 30 BC:
    Moscow produces the first Ancient Cavalry...
    205 tiles to limit.

    Idefix kills two spears and takes Heliopolis, capturing 7 workers.

    Two new towns founded.

    T127, 10 BC:
    175 tiles to limit.

    7 towns founded.

    Three GS capture El-Armana, one retreat.

    Obelix kills a pike and a spear in Paris.

    T128, 10 AD:
    94 tiles to limit.

    Make peace with Babylon for Shuruppak and 53 gold.
    There is a French warrior next to Shuruppak, so I need to make peace with France, too. At least they give a RoP with the peace treaty, so they can't kick my two Armies out, which want to take Paris next turn...

    Make peace with Egypt for Avaris (horse town?!!).

    T129, 30 AD:
    Babylon asks us to leave or declare. Guess what we chose...

    63 tiles to limit.

    Idefix captures Ellipi.
    Two GS capture Lyons. Good luck: the citizen in it is still French, we are at peace with France, so it is not auto-razed, even though it's size 1! Babylon is gone...

    Chinan finally culture-expanded, so my GS (that I shipped over from Russia in the last three turns) take it. China is gone.

    8 more towns founded! If I counted correctly, together with Ellipi, Lyons and Chinan hat makes 76 tiles for this turn.

    I should now be over the domination limit, so I join all workers into towns, where possible and hit enter.
    I could have taken Paris, but why. Instead I use my RoP to explore the rest of the French territory with my two Armies.

    Hit enter and: victory!

    The culture graph shows pretty good, when I captured the Temple of Artemis...:D

  14. Lanzelot

    Lanzelot Moderator Moderator

    Jun 25, 2007
    The first thing to be noted: Camulodunum never settler-disbanded at size 1. Another thing learned: when agricultural, you need size 2 to settler-disband a town (as it can only be done at 0fpt or less)...

    However, I did not care too much, as the town was not in the way too much for a quick and dirty game like this. In the beginning, this "temporary" town produced quite a bit of commerce and a big number of warriors, and that's all that matters. In a long running science game it is much more important to set up the core perfectly. But here my not too optimized core did not seem to matter too much compared to templar's perfect setup. I just took care that I was able to run Entremont at 20spt, a few more at 14spt and 10spt, and that was good enough for producing the army I needed.

    So what factors did matter for this game?
    • First of all, the earlier Republic meant that I was ready for war (and consequently for the Golden Age) earlier. (The number of turns I saved because of the slingshot was approximately the number of turns I finished faster. Coincidence?!)
    • Towards the end of the game it is important to always have enough gold for cash-rushing settlers in far away areas of the world. The Gallics that get produced in the core, will never reach the front before the end of the game, but the distant settlers claimed a lot of territory. And in the middlegame the cash was useful for the disconnect/connect scheme.
      So I think the markets, aqueducts and harbors I built were as useful as the GS you built in their place. (Assuming you would have finished around the same turn with a successful slingshot.) So it's basically only a different strategy, not better or worse?!
    • I had good luck with wonders: the Temple of Artemis, of course, and then I got the very useful Hanging Gardens (10% more cash...) and the quite nice (but not so important) Pyramids. And then of course the Oracle later on (another 10% more cash...)
      On the other hand, for some strange reason nobody had even started the Great Lighthouse by the end of the game (which I think is unusual for Emperor level)! With a bit more luck in this regard, the game could have been faster still. But I don't think the investment of building it myself would have payed off?!
      How did your game fare in terms of wonder luck?
    • Also important is to ignite wars on the other continent, some time before entering the frame yourself. This worked quite well in my game: France and Egypt had worn down Babylon quite a bit, and then I came and captured the Oracle with ease... :D It's important to give them the opportunity to annihilate each other's units, otherwise the full load will bear down on you...
    • Tech-wise everything went well as well: I stopped research after Philosophy (so I had lots of cash for the first upgrades) and then got the important techs (Map Making, Currency, Construction and the quite nice Engineering) via trades.
    • No Legionaries in Rome and no significant number of pikes by the time I was ready to invade the other continent. Due to this, my losses were very light and the military campaigns quite quick.
    • One point I'm still quite unsure about even after this game: did it pay off to build the Forbidden Palace?
  15. templar_x

    templar_x usually walks his talks

    Jun 15, 2008
    on a learning curve

    at least i could get some thrill back into the game with the competition. ;)

  16. splunge the 2nd

    splunge the 2nd King

    Mar 17, 2007
    Hi folks, sorry for the delay, I broke a rib (long story) and was recuperating. Here's turns 121-130.
    My exploration is advancing. I beat China and control the continent except for an arctic Roman city. My core is finally developed and I have the luxury to start clearing jungle.
    I've built markets in my core and wonder whether people think it's advisable. I am massively behind in tech and have no real plan for catching up. I was hoping to snag the GL from Babylon, but by the time I can mount a cross ocean invasion, I may be facing muskets or worse.
    On the plus side, I control 37% of the world, 55% of the population and have massive culture thanks to Artemis.
    Spoiler :
    Left over from turn 120
    Switch Philly to a galley
    Build embassy in Moscow- GL in 11
    Build embassy in Babylon. GL in 7.
    Embassy in Thebes. Great wall in 18.

    Horseman attacks GS in open, dies redlining him. GS is killed by archer.

    Turn 121
    Entremont GS>GS
    Alesia Worker>worker
    Cumae Settler>settler
    Neopolis worker>worker
    vGS kills archer. vGS kills Anyang spear, promotes. vGS kills spear adn the city is ours, picking up a slave.
    vGS kills spear, eGS redlined but kills spear and vGS kills archer and HAngchow is ours

    Turn 122
    Washington settler>settler
    Shanghai riots
    Lugdunum GS>aquaduct
    Tientsin riots
    Miami Harbor>galley
    Attack Beijing. It's only 4 pop and will never get the GL in my day! Plus, it's in the way
    eGS kills spear. rGS redlined and retreats, vGS kills spear and it's ours.
    Trade China peace for Shatung, Tatung, Kaifeng and Currency. The continent is ours.
    Switch core towns to markets
    Worker work

    Turn 123
    Alesia worker>worker
    Hispalis worker>wealth
    China starts great library!!!
    Rush settler in Nanking and Antium

    Turn 124
    Byzantium culture flips to us, leaving a Roman archer in our territory. We demandf they leave and they agree. Send GS to Pisae (undefended) to be safe
    We meet Joan of Arc. Franc has 12 gold and no techs we're interested in.
    Move GS's to West coast for invasion of Russia

    Turn 125
    Alesia Worker>worker
    Chendu worker>wealth
    Babylon completes GL (crud, hoped it would be Russia)
    In Cascade, Moscow builds SOZ
    Wprkers work
    We demand Roman units leave or declare. They teleport to unclaimed land

    Turn 126
    Richborough aquaduct>market
    Build TOlosa near Nanking (filling gaps)
    Land settler and GS on hill on Russian east coast

    Turn 127
    Alesia Worker>worker
    Philly Galley>galley
    Xinjian galley rushed>galley
    Anyang galley rushed>galley
    Babylonians start Leo's
    Build Beachhead on russian coast, start walls
    Build Namausus (filling in gaps)
    Order Roman archer and spear out.

    Turn 128
    Camulundum Market>GS
    Build Curovernum filling gaps
    Troops start to arrive at beachhead
    We order Roman archer out, he leaves.

    Turn 129
    Joan orders our galley out, we agree.
    Russia orders us out, we agree for now.
    Entremont market>GS
    Alesia worker>worker
    Lugdunum aquaduct>market
    Tientsin worker>worker
    Build up GS's on Beachhead

    Turn 130
    China asks us to leave, we ask them to leave.
    Corrupt Roman Cities build workers
    GS's take up position near Russian towns to attack next turn.
    Workers work, galley explores the Babylonian/French Riviera.

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  17. Lanzelot

    Lanzelot Moderator Moderator

    Jun 25, 2007
    Sorry, during Easter vacation and then trying to finish the tough Deity COTM89 before the deadline (which I missed anyway), I didn't have much time for the appropriate end of this game here.

    But anyway, I have updated my resume in post #294 now.
    And splunge: I'll prepare some comments on your latest turnset for tomorrow. Of course, after you stayed with us all the way up to this point, we should now guide you to your successful finish as well. Wouldn't be nice to leave you, now that my game is finished...
  18. splunge the 2nd

    splunge the 2nd King

    Mar 17, 2007
    No prob Lanz. I've continued playing. Here's the next 10, and I'm another halfway through the next set

    Spoiler :
    Turn 131
    Russia demands we move. We declare. Russian horse dies attacking vGS who loses 1 health.
    Alesia Worker>worker
    Camulodunum GS>GS
    Neopolis warrior>galley
    eGS kills spear in Yekireinburg, 1 dies and the third takes the city. Starts worker.
    Take Yaroslav with redlined GS's but no losses. Switch beach head to harbor

    Turn 132
    Entermont GS>GS
    Yakinburg riots-set all to taxmen
    Miami galley>aquaduct
    Virocunium galley>galley
    PAris completed Great Wall
    St. Petersburg falls with no loss of life. eGS kills warriro but still no leader. Starts worker

    Turn 133
    Alesia worker>worker
    Verulamium market>GS
    Burdigala galley>galley
    Kaifeng riots
    Egypt starts Sistine and Knight Templar
    GS's kill 2 spears in Moscow, leaving only 1
    eGS kills warrior outside St. Pete. vGS kills horse outdie Moscow.
    Abortive attack on Vladivostok- lose eGS and vGS kills spear but is wounded.
    Rush harbor in BeachHead
    Galley sinks Russian galley for the heck of it.

    Turn 134
    Camulun GS>GS
    St. Pete riots. Beach Head harbor brings luxes on board.
    Lose 1 vGS taking Moscow. Statue of Zeus is ours. Starts a settler.
    Novgorod falls without losses. Collossus is ours. Starts settler.
    GS kills Roman archer in our territory. GS attacks and kills spear in Brudisium. 1 retreats after getting redlined.
    Vladovistok falls with no losses. Starts worker.

    Turn 135
    Moscow makes ancient cav (AC)
    Entermeent GS>GS
    Alesia Worker>worker
    Pompei riots (oops) set specialists
    Gegovia mrket>aquaduct
    GD kills spear in Brundisium 1 more there but need to heal to continue attack
    Build Glanum in Russian continent to fill in gaps wealth
    Take Rostov losing one rGS, retreating 1 and redlining 2 but it's ours. sets to settler
    Russia is one city and give peace for 9 gold (all of it) Mnotheism, Literature. Don't take feudalism as we lose GS's.

    Turn 136
    Moscow settler>temple
    Cumae settler>settler
    Pisae galley>galley
    Byzantium build warrior and riots. make a clown
    Position, work and heal

    Turn 137
    Alesia worker>worker
    Camulodunum GS>GS
    Philly galley>galley
    Rostv settler>temple
    Ninevah builds Sun Tzu
    Russia and China haven't met the other continent so it's surprise attack time. SoD attacks Macao without warning!
    vGS kills spear w/o loss and promotes, 2 vGS';s kill 2 more spears, 1 rGS dies and 1 takes the city, netting slaves. Starts settler.

    Turn 137
    Entremont GS>GS
    Verulanium GS>GS
    Thebes has Knights Templar
    GS kills spear at Brundisium and the continent is ours.
    Outside of MAcao aneGS dies to spear in open with no losses to spear.
    Ancient cav kills spear and promotes, vGS kills warrior and no loss, both retreat to Macao against chineses SoD, 2 archers, 2 spears, 2 workers

    Turn 139
    2 arch3ers die wounding brave defenders of Macao. Spears retreat to mountains.
    Alesia worker>worker
    Tentsien worker>wealth
    Babylonias start Sistine
    Join worker to Verucanium
    Build Isca in middle of Russian continent filling cultural gaps. On the subject rush temples in Moscow and Rostov

    Trun 140
    Moscow Temple>settler
    Rome worker>wealth
    Shanghai settler>settler
    Camulundunum GS>GS
    Tostov wealth>wealth
    Augustodunum galley>galley
    Macao settler (rushed)>settler
    Nemausus spear (huh)>wealth
    Surprise attack on Russia- we lose GS wounding spear, second one kills spear with no loss. Only 1 defender left
    GS's take Chinan with 1 retreat and China is history.
    PiRamses built Sistine

    In hindsite, I should have not bothered with temples on the Russian continent. Settlers would have given me unit support and more income vs upkeep and have been faster at spreading the cultureal borders.
    In my current turn set, I'm looking at a tough fight with France, Egypt adn Babylon. Babylon, with the GL seems a good choice. I'll prob bribe the others to gang up on her before I try to get my GS's into tussles with muskets.
    I assume, the point of the SG was a domination win with only GS's?

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  19. Lanzelot

    Lanzelot Moderator Moderator

    Jun 25, 2007
    First of all: a speedy recovery with your broken rib! Now let's finally comment on your game.

    Originally it was (in the process trying to highlight the necessary strategies for achieving this), but if it becomes too hard, there is no reason to be bullheaded and to try and go through the wall with your head. And it may turn out to be quite hard, if the other continent has indeed already built a good number of muskets. (Did your passing galley already notice any?)

    In 50 AD you had 736 tiles, now in 250 AD Russia crumbled easily and you are at 864 tiles, which is 43%. So the estimate is that you need ~1300 tiles for domination. Roughly 100 tiles can still be gained in Russia and here and there, but the remaining 350 tiles will have to come from the other continent, and this means one of the three nations plus a good chunk out of a second one... The other continent had Feudalism for quite some time now, and all three of them have iron connected, that means we'll definitely meet pikes and lot's of them... And already against pikes, it is no longer fun with our Gallics...

    (This is the big disadvantage of the Celts: either you get the job done with GS, or you need to build up a completely new Knight- or Cav-based army from scratch. In the recent COTM 89, where we played the Iroquois on a Deity Pangaea map, I used a very similar approach as in this game (the Mounted Warrior is quite similar to the GS, and both civs are agricultural), however with the big difference that once the AIs had pikes (which happens quite early on Deity Pangaea...) I simply upgraded my MWs to Knights, and towards the end of the game, when muskets started appearing, I upgraded the same units to Cavs. This allowed a smooth victory, even on Deity; a victory which would not have been so easy with the Celts. The Gallic Swordsman is basically a dead end: upgrading to Medieval Infantry is not really an option, they are too slow and have a similarly high loss rate because they don't retreat. And by the time you can upgrade the MI to Guerrillas, you will already be facing Infantry... :D).

    So anyway, if you want to continue pursuing a domination victory, the following plan is probably best:
    • The most important point: declare war on Babylon and sign the other two up to join that war. No more time to waste.
    • Optimize your GS output! For example, Entremont is working at 19spt. Join a worker and it can do 20spt and produce a GS every other turn. Most of the first-ring towns should be brought to 10spt soon, and then use disconnect/connect! You have a big pile of cash, so this is the best way to make many units quickly!
    • You need a very large galley capacity on the east coast, so rush a few galleys there asap! You need to ship a large force over to the other continent, before everyone has muskets. Sailing the western ships around to the east will take too long. Just ship the Russian units back to the main continent and let them cross on foot.
    • Pick Egypt or Babylon as your target. France has the Great Wall, that is going to be ugly... (Or if France is the only one without muskets, sign a RoP and take Paris in a surprise attack...)
    • Start building horsemen as well. Once your GS attacks start to stall, finish Engineering and buy Feudalism, Invention and Gunpowder, etc (should be available for cheap or via pointy stick...) and research the missing techs to Military Tradition, while putting the war on hold and producing horsemen. Cavalry should then push you over the domination limit. (Don't bother with Chivalry: Knights against Muskets isn't much fun either.)

    If these possibly bloody wars don't appeal to you, I can also suggest a different strategy for an easy victory. You have a huge continent under control (43% territory), you have ToA, the Pyramids and you are religious! This can be combined for a fool-proof victory as follows:
    • Rush settlers everywhere and ICS your main continent in CxC style. Every new town gives you a free temple.
    • Then buy Feudalism (price is currently 480g) and choose it as new government. Also irrigate everything, so your towns grow quickly.
    • Now you can pop-rush half-priced Cathedrals (benefit of the religious trait!) everywhere. Just make sure that the towns stay big enough to always have 5fpt. Then they keep growing every two turns, thanks to the Pyramids, which means even the most corrupt far away town can "produce" 10spt and produce the Cathedral in only 8 turns. (Part-rush every 4 turns via MI -> Cathedral.)
      In tundra towns, that don't grow, you can rush by joining workers.
    • Towns that already have a Cathedral can continue with Library and Colosseum.
    • Russia can also be ICSed, even though you first need to rush temples here and the towns don't grow as fast due to the missing Pyramids-effect.
    I would expect that with that strategy you can sail home an easy 100K victory around 1500 -1600 AD. If you keep the other continent warring against each other, they won't do much useful during this time... ;)
  20. splunge the 2nd

    splunge the 2nd King

    Mar 17, 2007
    Thanks for the input Lanzelot. My rib is sore, but manageable.
    I did spot Muskets with my touring galley.
    I tried to get an alliance against Babylon with no luck. Apparently declaring first is the critical step!
    I'm trying my gallic swordsman assault. I was planning Babylon as the victim as I wanted to try the GL slingshot. I'm not sure how advanced France and Egypt are, though.
    I may replay from here for a 100K, as I've never actually won that way yet.
    Thanks for sticking with me. Here's my next 10. I hope my documentation is OK. Oddly, my war game, I thinks, is my strong suit while my worker management and micrromanagement, which goes undocumented, is my weaker.
    Spoiler :
    Turn 141
    Roman archer attack GS, retreats
    Entermont GS>GS
    Alesia worker>worker
    Pompeii worker>worker
    Gergovia aqua>GS
    Tatung riots
    Agindicium galley>galley
    Byzantium warrior>warrior
    ISca riots
    Babylonians start Leo's and Lighthouse
    eGS redlined killing spear in Yakutsk and Russia is no more
    Build Segusio in old Russia
    Build Rutupiae in gap on our continent.
    Rush settler in Chian

    Turn 142
    Babylon asks us to leave, we agree
    Archer from Lutetia attacks GS, we lose a health, it dies
    Washington Settler>GS
    Moscow settler>wealth
    Lugdunum market>GS
    Canton settler>wealth
    Richborough market>GS
    Verulanium GS>GS
    Chian settler>wealth
    GS's go 3/4 against spears in Lutetia. 1 more alive plus an archer
    Babylonians have muskets

    Turn 143
    St. Pete worker>wealth
    Alesia worker>worker
    Camulundunum GS>GS
    Kaifeng spear>welath
    Build Monguntium in Russia continent welath
    Build Glevum in Russia continet wealth

    Turn 144
    Archer attacks vGS, no losses and promotes
    Entermont GS>GS
    Antium Settler>welath
    Nanking settler>galley
    Vladivostok worker>worker
    Tatung spear (oops)>galley
    Lutitia falls (eGS redlined killing the remaining spear) and Rome is gone. starts galley
    Try to get Egypt and France to dogpile Babylon- no dice.

    Turn 145
    Egypt orders our exploratory galley out, we agree
    Moscow makes AC
    Alesia worker>worker
    Gergovia GS>GS

    Turn 146
    Camulodunum GS>GS
    Tsingtao galley>wealth
    Verulanium GS>GS
    Virulcnium galley>galley
    Build axima on Russian continent

    Turn 147
    Entermont GS>GS
    Veii GS>GS
    Alesia worker>galley
    Lugdunum GS>GS
    Philly GAlley>galley
    Ratae Coritanorum galley>galley
    Build Beach Head 2 on our west cosast to facilitate shipping troops home from China/Russia

    Turn 148
    Hispalis,Viroconium, Lutetia, Burdigala, Neopolis galley>galley
    Richborough GS>GS
    Xinjian galley>wealth

    Turn 149
    NAnking galley>galley
    Camulundunum GS>GS
    GErgovia GS>GS

    Turn 150
    Entermeont (Optimized) GS>GS in 2
    Alesia Galley>Galley
    Verulanium GS>GS
    Ratae Cor Galley>galley
    ISca warrior>worker
    I declare on Bbaylon and France forms alliance without incentive. Egypt signs on for only 23 gold!

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