Badmouthing colony leaders


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Sep 28, 2010
Now from the guy who brought you sociopath CEO Fielding, nationalist Koszlov, populist and libertarian Hutama and master manipulator Elodie: the big leader badmouthing thread.

i'm watching a few of the lets plays and decided i'll have a small gossip thread, after i read the introduction quote for Sochoua Daoming. I always liked her, but in her introductory quote she states that history will not look kindly upon her deeds. That ties in quite nicely into Zakharovs ruthelessnes. Did she experiment with human specimens to perfect cryo technology? Or did she tweak the numbers to downplay the sacrifes the seeding would constitute to those left behind?

It seems that every leader has a distinctively darker side to themselves. I'm not really a grimdark is edgy type of person, but i am very sensitive to sociologically problematic tendencies. But in this thread i'm mainly exagerating. Why? because its fun, and because its great discussion material.
Can someone make a list of leader quotes?
Let's see here let's see here indeed:
Suzanne Fielding: Given how it seems the U.S. took it rough during the great mistake which led to Brasilia to become the head military power their might be some bitterness within the ARC with some hopes of manifest destinying the new world.

Kavitha Thakur: Pretty sure someone figured out cloning or advanced robotics to create the visage of an immortal leader for the Protectorate.

Daoming Sochua: covered pretty well in the first post of the thread, also pretty close last name to the doctor from bioshock who everyone hated so there's that.

Elodie: Literally Hitler with her deciding what should or should not be "canon" from old Earth. Nothing ever good comes book burning.

Vadim Kozlov: SPACE RUSKIES!

Hutama: Let's put a celebrity in charge of this very important mission for humanity what could possibly go wrong?

Samatar Jama Barre: For a guy who says "why must you bring the old ways to our new home" when you declare war on him seems really bitter against everyone not from Africa.

Rejinaldo de Alencar: Seems like a pretty good guy.
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