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Barb city creation probability/turns/tiles in XML help please

Conqueror Worm

Jan 22, 2006
I want the barb cities to spawn as rapidly and as numerously as possible. I have played around with the numbers below in XML handicap deity , but can't seem to determine the ideal set-up. In fact, no matter how I change the numbers around it doesn't seem to make much difference. Can anyone help?


Clearly, one should reduce the tiles from 80, and reduce the turns elapsed, but it just doesn't seem to make much difference. I would think that one should increase the probability, but to what limit? I have tried 100, but have also tried 01. Seemingly no difference.

I am trying to increase the barb cities on a premade map, but I have also experimented a bit with randomly generated maps. I can fool around some more, but I was just hoping someone might actually already have the knowledge and could tell me exacly what should be done.

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