Bass or Surdo players as lead singers

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  • Bass player: yes it will be messed up

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  • Bass Player: no it will not

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  • Surdo - Sim sim é uma idéia má

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  • Surdo - Nao e super legal!

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  • Me gusta la yerba buena y radioactiva

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Oct 24, 2005
North Vegas
Do you think it looks dumb or that the recording will be messed up if a bass player or surdo player ( the surdo is in Pagoda music ) is the main singer in a music group?

* if you know about surdos please vote on that rather than the bass guitar.
Well, Phil Lynott was comfortable singing with Thin Lizzy.

Contrarily, Paul Simonon of the Clash would swap his bass with Joe Strummer's guitar when playing Guns of brixton since he felt uncomfortable singing it and playing the bass.
Geddy Lee and Lemmy play bass as well...
But base is so simple
I agree that John Entwistle was very good at playing the bass.
Cliff Burton from Metallica was terrific too until he died of course.
Geddy Lee from Rush plays the keyboards with his feet at the same time as playing bass and singing too. But no-one likes a smart-arse.

EDIT: Paul McCartney's bass playing skills often get ignored too. And he sings alot.
That Paul McCartney be featured at all is an offence that rates slightly higher than genocide
Well it is a discussion about bass players who sing. Penny Lane and Fixing a Hole have memorable bass-lines too. I admit he has more reknown as an all-rounder and composer though, try listening to Blackbird and tell me it isn't a good song.
What kind of question is that anyway? There are plenty of good singing bass players.
What kind of question is that anyway? There are plenty of good singing bass players.

Well then let me explain :king:

In Vegas we have a "arts" festival called first friday which takes place every first friday of every month (catchy isn't it? ;) )

at the end of the night ussually at 1 or 2 in the morning everyone heads over to the unloading area ( like 2 their vans to put there stuff up)
and we all plug in and what not and try to improvise something - there are usually 30 or more performers so it will allways be a well known song or we will all just try to jump in and play along. I have a habit of moving over to the mic when I have a Surdo or A Bass on and everyone is like "WHY?!" "Dear God a Bass player singing!!!" - maybe it's just one of those local music scene subculture things.

Allthou AFIAK A Surdo player who sings is unheard of but, I play one handed and use a napa head and a towel so it's not like it comes through to heavy on the mic ( I actually use a mic mounted on the Surdo so you don't even hear it on the vocals really....)
But base is so simple

If it's so simple then why can you not spell it properly? :p

And it's not simple. Guitarists and keyboarists can afford to be a bit off time. If the bassist is even slightly off it stands out immensely.
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