Best way to convert non-civers

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Jul 27, 2003
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ok im trying to convert several people into the glorious digital crack known as civ but i need some help so what is the best way to go about this. i mean are there any "gateway" games that can prep ones soul and body for civ, etc.

ps ive already convinced one person just by telling him so maybe thats all i need to do.
Civ isn't for everybody, so some you might not be able to convert no matter how hard you try. Just like first person shooters/action games aren't really my thing.

I can think of some games that are similar to Civ, but not 'better'. If you try some of the older games, they may get turned off by the graphics.

First of all, do they like any turned-based games at all? (Games where fast reflexes are not needed, and you have time to think about your moves).
As was posted in a similar thread some time back

'CIV addicts arent made they are born.'

If they dont feel for the game they probably wont play for long no matter what you show them.
Let them see you use a modern armor against spearmen. Or nuke someone. Or Better yet, let them play one of your games several turns before a wonder is finished.

Civ seemed boring to me until I build a wonder. Which did nothing dramatic, but it was cool
Just let them watch while you play. If there's any chance you can convert them, you'll know because they will ask questions, then make suggestions, then yell at you because you're playing so bad, then grab the mouse and take control. At that point you can smile knowingly... :)
I'll bet you a good majority of civ addicts are products of the old "war" board games like me.. Playing games from such companies as Avalon Hill, SSI, etc...
I have an idiot friend that only plays shoot em' up games. I've described Civ to him and all he can say is "cool" and then he does something else. No one realizes how great this game really is and it takes a special (ed j/k) person to love it. It is quite challenging and dumb people get intimidated quickly. Some friends you just can't convert.

(MD: reunited on GD, and it feels so good. :p)
Canidates for CIV:

1. the type of person that likes to play chess

2. that old guy that talks about 'wargame' companies you have never heard of.

3. the person that is always reading biographies of military leaders.

4. the sim city player that thinks that sim city would be perfect 'if only'.......... it's the 'if only' that makes him a possibility.

5. the fantasy/sci-fi game player that complains that sometimes the games he plays go too far away from being 'realistic'

6. that kid in class that can tell you the muzzle velocity of the german 88 on a tiger tank.

7. the political extremist type that loves to speak in cliches ... he will use the game to work out the axes he has to grind....

i once gave my civ 2 disk to my brother-in-law and said "hey, i think you're going to like this game". he liked military things, and military history, so i thought he would fell in love with civ. some time later, he returned the disk to me, saying that the game was 'nice', but that was all.

a few months later, he came to visit me and my wife and spent some days with us. he asked me if i had any interesting game, something like "Commandos", that he had loved. i reinstalled Return to Castle Wolfenstein and he got addicted on that game.

not everyone will like civ.
Originally posted by sabo
I'll bet you a good majority of civ addicts are products of the old "war" board games like me.. Playing games from such companies as Avalon Hill, SSI, etc...
Similar vein: Risk, Starship Troopers, Basic D&D ... then losing the board and moving on to Advanced D&D. There were 8 or 9 other games in there, but I've forgotten most of my youth so you'll just have to trust me on that.
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