[BTS] BOTM 227: Kublai Khan, Immortal - First Spoiler - 1AD

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  1. DynamicSpirit

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    BOTM 227: Kublai Khan, Immortal - First Spoiler - 1AD

    Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, up to 1AD. Which save did you pick? (And if it was adventurer, how did you use the great spy and great general?) How did you find the local land? Where did you settle? Have you met your neighbours?

    Reading Requirements
    If you are participating in BOTM 227, then you MUST NOT read this thread unless EITHER
    • You have reached at least 1 AD in your game, OR
    • You have submitted your entry

    Posting Restrictions
    • Do not disclose ANY events or information gained post 1 AD.
    • Do not reveal your final result if that happened after 1 AD.
    • Do not discuss the location of resources that may not show up before 1 AD (Iron is OK, coal and oil are not)
    • Do not post any savegame file from the game. Discussions and screenshots are fine but not actual games
  2. nocho

    nocho Deity

    Mar 10, 2009
    Contender save. Karakorum was settled in place and went straight AH, praying horses would show up on the empty tile so was happy when that indeed was the case. I wasn't disappointed with the local land, at least the closest AI, Justinian, wasn't all too close, so room for 4 more reasonable to good cities. City 2 went south of the Alps at rice and fish, number 3 in Denmark with sheep/wheat/gold. Then the 4th city went off-shore in the UK and number 5 a filler city at Bordeaux, 3N of the capital.

    I made a failed attempt at the GLH which went fairly early to Rome. After sailing/masonry/writing I went straight to HBR to have some fun with keshiks. In 550BC I declared on Byzantium, who bribed the French against me. The war against Justinian went fairly smoothly and I added 4 of his 5 cities to the empire. I left him with 1 city in the Ukraine and extracted Metal Casting from him which he probably got from the Oracle. Conveniently he had already built a forge in Adrianople on the Polish coast, so I could chop out the Colossus there by 50BC. I temporarily lost Constantinople to a French unit popping out of the Portuguese fog, but regained it next turn and shortly after signed peace.

    By 1AD Justinian has vassaled to Joao, so guess they will be next victim, though by the lay of the land that was pretty clear already. Probably will head to Engineering for that. First will have to consolidate a bit, tech is up to currency/CoL/MC. I'm at 9 cities and 57 pop. The Mayans are the lone Buddhists, the rest of the world is in the Hindu fold, including myself with 8 out of 9 cities having it without spreading it myself, so managing relations is rather easy fortunately.
  3. MarleysGh0st

    MarleysGh0st Prince

    Mar 12, 2008
    I took the Adventurer save and settled in place. The GG was settled in Karakorum as an instructor. The GSpy has been exploring the map, doubling back into enemy territory when war began.

    After settling four cities, I attacked Justinian in 750 BC. By 100 BC, my kesheks have eliminated the Byzantine Empire, capturing six cities and razing one. Along the way, DeGaulle demanded alphabet from me, but giving in to that demand got him to pleased.

    At 1 AD, Joao is plotting. DeGaulle is his worst enemy, but Joao is the worst enemy of Caesar. After I build up my economy a bit, I plan to make Joao my next target, hopefully after he's already engaged in a war on one or two other fronts.
  4. Frederiksberg

    Frederiksberg Deity

    Apr 28, 2006
    Denmark, GMT+1
    My game is very similar to the others. Settled between cow and rice, but got boxed in anyway, so war against Justinian was inevitable. Got the GLH early with some cost to expansion and is four turns from building TGL. Met all neighbors quite early.

    Nine cities, pop 48 @1AD. Justinian is down to one city with four defenders. Might take a stab at Joao before he gets longbows. Researching Music for the GA.

    A challenging game. Europe has nice resources and food but northern Africa is not very tempting, with barbs settling the only decent spot (rice/cow) early.
  5. Conquistador 63

    Conquistador 63 Deity

    Mar 30, 2006
    I also settled between cows and rice. Tried to backfill western europe ASAP before attacking Justinian (DOW 500BC).
    In my game most of the world was buddhist (except Pacal), and Justy was able to bribe powerful Rome into joining the war by his side. Luckily Julius hasn`t sent an attacking party yet.

    My main attack force was swords and his closest city had a lot of axes, so I moved on and took Constantinople (nice Buddhist shrine, SH, Oracle) and Antioch(?) which had Hagia Sophia.
    I took a couple mediocre barb cities in the NW coast of Africa just because I could, bringing my city/pop count to 9/49.

    Techwise I got the 4 C`s and heading to CS. After finishing with Justinian I will probably go for Portugal (now at 7 cities with Pyramids in the capital), but at some point should need to attack Rome before JC runs away with tech, he has most wonders like GLH,Glib, Colossus etc in the so-called eternal city.

    Agree with @Frederiksberg - this is a challenging map, but at least the AI leaders aren`t the hardest to deal with.
    Before starting was I afraid of repeating my failure in a recent BOTM which was played on an Earth2 map, with Boudica at Emperor level. :o
    But I hope it won`t be the case this time. :mischief:
  6. Powerfaker

    Powerfaker Warlord

    Mar 30, 2016
    This one went down hill for me.

    I settled 5 cities and DoWed Justinian 625BC with 15 Keshiks.
    2 minor cities I seize quickly with okay losses. Then I stumble upon this in a mayor city:

    Spoiler :


    The guy has Longbows!!
    I assemble a few more troops and try to attack anyway. I loose all four tricky 30 to 60% fights, so I'm one unit short of taking the city. Next turn it's filled with 3 more reinforcements. Talk of peace is impossible. My red-lined Keshiks remainder is hunted back now. So I'm giving up on this one.

    (edit: contender save)
  7. MirrorGuard

    MirrorGuard Prince

    May 13, 2018
    Challenger save.
    I didn't pray.:sad:So I went for fishing and built 2 wbs in case worker would have no job to do after building the first pasture. That decision delayed my expansion. I built 3 cities including the capital. Justinian quickly took all land tiles including Britain. He had 9 cities when I declared war in T83. Usually an imp leader is weaker at this time compared to others because over-expansion means cities are poorly defended. But this time Justinian got a good balance. When I dow, he had 15-ish sword axe spear and chariot within sight. I razed his metal mines destoryed most of his melee units and took 1 city from him. But then 2 bad news came: Justinian got longbow/my supermedic was KIA with 97% win rate. I should have prayed. Even though I still had 12 horsemen, no supermedic means healing would take 1 or 2 turns more. 1 more turn 1 more longbow. GG.
    I tried 1 more time. This time till T95, I have 8 cities including 2 taken from barbs. Math currency horseriding teched. The biggest opponent Rome had 10 cities. It looks like an auto-win game.
  8. Xcalibrator

    Xcalibrator Ultraviolet Catastrophe

    Sep 4, 2008
    I settled in place and have a pretty meh game--didn't take proper advantage of keshiks. I'm last in score with 32 pop and 7 cities, two of them taken from Justy. Doubtful I'll play all the way through with such a large map--replaying and trying to match the faster achievements of others would be instructive.
  9. jnebbe

    jnebbe Warlord

    Dec 14, 2019
    Spoiler :

    SIP. Tricky start since you really have to commit to something on T0 since starting techs aren't great. Decided to go GLH and hope I don't get boxed in hard, and explore africa if needed.
    Went warrior->workboat->workboat->worker->settler-LH->GLH

    worker is 27/60 ready for a 2pop into GLH. Spent a lot of time microing tiles to line everything up

    Justin expanding MUCH faster than I thought (got pretty worried when the first 3 ai I met were IMP :lol:

    GLH is done T66, but HBR was quite slow to tech so I had time to get barracks in each city + 2 more cities and a galley

    I only had like 4 keshiks for the first attack, but Justin in his infinite wisdom left the north city completely undefended. 1st keshik withdrew vs his whipped archer, and then next won this city and 2 workers.

    Grab Constantinople and the northern tundra city, but need to end the war there.
    Justin's last 2 cities are well defended, and since I won't need construction any time soon it will probably have to wait till cuirs

    I can finally start cottages+graneries on T96 :lol:

    10 cities, music+GLIB done in a few turns, got a GM, with all the food on the map I should be able to still get another 3 GS's

    Sent some keshiks down to africa which are capturing and razing barb cities

    Julius has started gobbling up Hammurabi, besides that nothing's really happening.
    100% thought the game was lost once justin settled near me but somehow it worked out. Should be a straightforward cuir attack

  10. Pangaea

    Pangaea Rock N Roller

    Sep 17, 2010
    Contender save. Settled in place. Think I went fishing first, and then forgot to start a workboat. Early micro was poor, and I made several mistakes like that, costing me turns. Settled another city (rice+fish). Guess I got early AH, because... I stole a worker from Justinian early on, and the silly git refused to peace out. So the war kept going and going. He sent some archers over, which a defending chariot of ours was lucky to beat (not inside a city). Turns out we had horses nearby, and I did something I'm pretty sure I haven't done before, because it always felt like such a waste: bulb Math. By the time Justinian was willing to talk peace without wanting my second city, it was too late. The first Keshik was out in 1000BC (one turn after Math bulb), and we attacked in 875BC with 8 Keshiks. Over the coming turns, everything and more was chopped into Keshiks. Needed with only two cities :o We bypassed Constantinople due to a pack of archers behind walls, so it actually was the next last city taken. In 675BC Justinian is no more.

    Shortly after, in 600BC, we could have DOWed Joao. I probably should have done just that in hindsight. But he had a big build which could only be the Pyramids, and I wanted it. Unfortunately it was slow progress, and he refused to chop. After waiting for too long, war was declared in 500BC. Plan was to try to not threaten Lisbon too much (but to take out the metal, although he had another one (actually two). Then hope he would complete Mids when we weren't looking. Then I stupidly forgot about the Keshik's cool ability, and moved as if they were normal horsies. We could have taken the first city on T0 through a forest, but instead he whipped another spearman. Grrrrr!

    Mids was finally completed in 375BC/T100, so glad I didn't wait that long. Think we had 'only' taken one city and razed another (Pacal soon later resettled on top of the ruins, despite the location lacking any food). A daring two-Keshik attack on Oporto failed. It only had two archers on flatland, but both my guys died at good odds. All hands on deck for the Lisbon attack, and we take it in T101, one turn after Mids. Silly Joao went HR... (bad pick + anarchy). Our guys badly needed healing. Out of 15-ish Keshisk, only 3-4 were at full health, and most of those were travelling to the front from the capital and Beshbalik (third ring forests ftw). A tactical cease-fire was undersigned. Didn't have a medic yet, so there was a lull for a little while. First GG went on units for promos.

    War was re-declared in 225BC. Joao wasn't terribly pleased, and kept calling me a "vile person" :(

    Lagos was captured and razed on the east coast. Another no-food city. Why, man?!? The economy was of course shot to pieces here, despite having Currency, and we were losing around 30:gold: per turn at 0% research. Can't keep junk cities like that, although it's always fun with a high city count. However, Joao was still not dead. There was another city somewhere, and I had no idea where.

    Kept looking at the culture overview (zoom out), and there was no sight of any other Portuguese borders. Figured it had to be a random barb city way out of his starting area. Just before 1AD, I sent some Keshiks in different directions to try to find it. Nothing south of France (but then I had bribed de Gaulle on Joao anyway, so that was always unlikely). Couldn't find anything up in the tundra either. After moving units in 1AD, I finally spot his borders in the African jungle past Roman territory. Don't know what kind of outpost it is, but I sent out an "exploratory" force (sorry to all Africans and South Americans who know the true meaning of their intent..).

    Did think about peacing out due to some unhappiness from war anger, but it would be nice to get rid of him (he has no techs, and can't even get a single coin out of him). There was also the shared war with de Gaulle. However, I'm also looking at Roman cities while travelling through with that scouting Keshik, and it seems like he doesn't have Iron and OPtorians.... Could it really be possible to DOW JC as well with Keshiks?! :mischief:

    I do know he has access to elephants, but I haven't seen any yet. However, Keshik vs elephant wouldn't be a nice sight -- for us! Need to think about that some more, but the tech situation is kinda favourable for another war of some type here. de Gaulle has a decent chunk of units I see, plus catapults, but both JC and Pacal look soft. Ofc it's possible that JC is teching Feudalism currently, and he is the tech leader. Pacal has Holkans, which is no good either. Tough one..... :think: Once I play past 1AD, will probably spend those turns to wipe out Joao (hopefully he doesn't have 4 spears parked there), and revisit further war plans. The economy is still shot and I'm trying to limp to CS.

    Oh yes, and we finally settled a third city as well! :lol: It was settled in 1AD, for the gold spot north of the capital. Should have been done earlier, but you know... WAR! Will make another settler for the north tip of the land mass too, and ought to get another bloke to the UK. First need to kill a barb galley that managed to sink a Roman galley (I feared it had a settler party, but probably didn't), and then got double promoted. Hate that.

    Very fun game so far :)

    With that overly long update, at 1AD we have 12 cities (plus 2 razed). Have had to chop+whip a few courthouses, and more are needed, but current population is 58. Not built Keshiks for a while and the count is down to 16, but that is still a fearsome lot if I get them all together (top global military). Kill count thus far is 36 archers, 9 spears, 4 swords, 4 axes, 1 chariot (plus a galley without fighting) ==> 54 units. Not bad with 13 Keshik losses (and a chariot+warrior).

    The wise thing is surely to settle down and recover the economy, but got darn it it's tempting to have another go!! If JC and de Gaulle didn't have so many hill cities, it would be easier to dare.
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  11. WastinTime

    WastinTime Deity Supporter

    Jan 27, 2006
    I intended to settle between cows and rice, but I misclicked on moved NE of Rice. Then my scout spots the gold, so I figure I'll go there. I spot the wheat and settle Wheat/Sheep/Gold. Zero forests :(
    I settle 3 more cities and go all Keshiks.
    Took Justin down to 1 city and got 4 tech for peace, including Aesthetics.
    Joao has mids in my game too. I'll go for that once I have catapults.
    Rome has GLH. I regret leaving him alone and trading him HBR for Iron. I didn't expect him to have Construction before T100 plus Ivory means Keshiks are not gonna work vs Elephants. It's a shame cus he doesn't even have Iron for his UU. I suppose Maces are needed.

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