BOTM 236: Mao, Prince - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted


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Dec 23, 2005
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BOTM 236: Mao, Prince - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, particularly anything after 1AD

Did you win?

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I declared war on Louis in 250, giving Mansu Musa a tech to join the war. Suleiman immediately declared on me; I think Louis bribed him in. I didn't want a two-front war, but I conquered France by 800 and the Ottomans by 860.

Since nobody else liked MM, I thought I'd backstab him next, but he peace-vassaled to me in 840. :)

The rest of the wars went quickly. I attacked Stalin in 900, and he capitulated in 940. Attacked Charlemagne in 1010. He bent the knee in 1040. Attacked Julius in 1060, he threw in the towel in 1080. I had to wait a couple turns to attack Roosevelt (I had begged a gold from him before starting the Holy Roman War), but I invaded in 1110. His capitulation gave me a Domination victory in 1150.

Not bad, but the wars went so quickly that I certainly could have optimized it by going for war production in all of my cities, instead of completing buildings that never had time to do much. I built Notre Dame in the capital, when happiness was no longer a problem, and I was working on the AP when the game ended, as if that might have been a faster route to victory.

Now everyone else can show me how slow I really was.
I got to a space win in 1665AD, on normal speed anything before 1700AD is usually fine in my book, so I guess I didn't play it too badly to my own mediocre standards lol.

As planned, after 1AD I annexed the Mayans and Ottomans to the empire without trouble, later also acquired Timbuktu and Djenne from Mansa, to sit at a comfortable 55% land with domination at 60%. For the rest a standard push to space, opted for the communist route. Libbed Assembly Line, to get production up and running as quickly as possible. Just managed to get the 5-man golden age in the end, I had enough variety of wonders in Beijing to get a reasonable mix of great people.

Thanks for the game DS. :)
I conquered America, Maya, Ottomans, France, and Russia while planning to go to space. At some point of my war against Russia, Julius accepted Stalin as a vassal, so I decided to take a city from him as well. I went with corps (Mining Inc and Sushi), which were duly spreaded to my 33 cities.
However, it was around 1500AD when I realized I would cross the domination land limit unless I gifted some cities away, but with a new BOTM available, I was too lazy to do it and just let it happen. Domination @1520AD for some 230k points.

Thanks for the game!
Had a blast with this one.
As a true Chinese ruler, there was no need to harass my Russian "friend". Even without his land I managed to reach a domination victory by 820AD with a score of 252k.
A quick summary:
Roosie was the first one to feel the pain of the Chinese might, worker stealing in the beginning and wiping him out at 225BC.
At 1AD I already finished 1 golden age and got to 15 cities.
At 150AD Pacal was wiped out and he was so kind to build the Mids for me.
At the same year I finished researching Feudalism and 2 civs were so afraid of me that they offered to be a peacevassal. Suleiman and Mansa became "independent" states under Chinese rule.
At 520AD Louis was next to capitulate and he was kind to build the Paya and give CoL in the deal.
I immediately started a new MoM powered golden age.
During the GA Charly became my next target and I brought him to his knees by 700AD.
The last victim to fall under Chinese rule was Julius by 800AD to get me over the 60% land threshold.
Didn't plan to take a late domination win but I happened to cross the threshold and didn't care enough to prevent it when I saw it was going to happen.
[offtopic] a Dom win for a Dom Perignon [party]to be had when my nation joins the MPP with the most powerful and mostly the most civilized nations on the planet (with some exceptions).
Take that :satan: and may you fail in all your wars :spear::lmao:. (Notice the blue and yellow coloring on the shield. It's not for Sweden...)
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