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Jun 8, 2008
Washington, DC
Has anyone figured out how to get build queues working yet? Obvious possibilities don't seem to work.

I can't imagine that they would have removed this.... right?
I'm at work, so I don't have the game in front of me, but in the bottom left corner of the city screen, there is a box that lets you either pay for production or add to a build queue. If you currently have something building, after you add something else, you can move one or the other up or down according to your priority. It saves any progress you have currently made.
at the bottom of the build menue is a little box titled "queue" .. if you hit t, you can make a queue. If you like to change your current production, you have to uncheck it again and change it. [irony] at least its not a invisible key-combination so it is "more accessible" [/irony]
Great question. I myself spent at least a good 15 mins trying different keys and such to get a build queue working. Thanks for the info. Now if I could only get those 13 hammers back...
There's two build screens actually (3 if you count buying stuff with gold). When you enter the city production screen, click the right tab. Select something for production. Click the left tab, there should now be a box on the bottom right hand side of the production screen. Click this to enable build queues.

Note also that you can reorder the queue and remove items. And just as with Civ4, removing an item that has some production already spent on it does not remove the hammers. I don't know if there's a decay mechanic as with Civ4, but you can place the item back on the queue and you'll see how much you've invested.

The UI here is a little cumbersome if you're used to Civ4's. It would be great to hear from someone who never played Civ4 to see if it's actually better or not, but all the same features seem to be there except for "build unit forever" (ALT + CLICK in Civ4).
nvm, I haven't tested if making any progress on a building stops you from buying it, even at full price.
I tried rushing a building I had already started, and it wouldn't let me.

I unfortunaly discovered this myself last night. One word of advice, when you're going to take over one of your puppet states, don't build the courthouse, rush buy it right off the bat!
I thought courthouses were non-buyable?

And what I meant was: suppose you start building something and spend a few turns building it. Then change to building something else.
Are you sure that you can no longer buy the partly constructed building (at full price) just because you've started building it, as long as it is no longer the item currently under construction (or in the queue)?
I thought courthouses were non-buyable?

This could very well be so. I've only been able to put in about 5 hours on the game so far. Still trying to figure everything out. All I do know is that I started building courthouses to relieve the "occupied" on my puppet states that I recently took control over. However, after building for a few turns I thought, "Let's give this rush buying a try." No, such luck though as the courthouses could not be selected. I will attempt to try building something, and rush buy it after a couple turns. However, if someone else can try this and let us know I would be greatful, since I cannot get on until about 11:00 PM tonight Central Time.
No, such luck though as the courthouses could not be selected
I'm pretty sure that this is because you can't buy courthouses, ever, whether you've started building them or not.

I will attempt to try building something, and rush buy it after a couple turns.
I know you can't buy if if its still in the build queue, my question is whether you can rush buy it after a couple of turns construction and then taking it out of the queue.
There is no buy the remaining required hammers to finish a building, it appears you either buy it, or slug through and build it. And at my first glance some one may Need to confirm as was posted above, hammers stay with the building, and won't jump to a change in build, not sure if there is decay, and what happens to hammers if someone builds a wonder you were working on?
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