[Vanilla] Can somebody help build/write three traits for my Civ?


Sep 26, 2018
Right off the bat, I have very little idea what I'm doing with modding and the traits have thrown me completely off.
I know what I want them to do but have no clue how to code them or if they're even possible.

The first trait; the leader specific one, is called 'We've been burned before' - Enemy spies work at 50% efficiency in your capital.

Civ: 'Whitestone Ore' - +1 builld slots for builders. Quarries produce +1 science.

Building: 'Sun Tree' - +1 culture for each Sun Tree built.

Unit: 'Whitestone Riflemen' - Musketeer replacement. X1.5 damage against earlier era units.

Thanks in advance for your help. :) <3
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