[C3C] CCM Mod - Problem with Units FX sound


Feb 2, 2010
Hi everyone!

Civinator referred me to this forum from the main CCM1 thread.

Lately I felt I was missing to play this amazing mod, but as I only have a macbook air now, I did some research as how to install Civ III on mac. I have been able to install it so far using Porting Kit and the game runs great, including the mod.

However, I have the following problem: The fx sounds for some units (i.e. when they move, fight, shoot...) do not play and the game goes on silent. I have noticed that the units that have fx sounds from the vanilla game do not have this issue and the sounds play normally. Only the the new units, which are not present in the vanilla game and have new sounds, have this problem.
Also, if I play a gam in the vanilla or in the original scenarios of Civ 3 Conquests this issue does not appear.

I installed the game as usual, so the audio files should be there, I guess.

Has anyone encountered encountered this issue or knows how to fix it? The lack of audio makes it much less immersive...

Thanks in advance 
Hi again Inoé,

it´s a pitty that it seems here is nobody any longer who can or who will help you. :sad: It seems MAC is really no good choice, at least if you like Civ games. Today I had the time to do a search in this forum, if I can find anything to help you.

I found this: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/no-combat-sound-effects.506226/

I cannot say if it will work for you, as fortunately I don´t have a MAC.

MAC forum rest in peace.
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