CCM2 Epic Mod


Blue Lion
May 5, 2005

Download Size 3,91 GB zipped​
Time of the test-download: 9 minutes - but civers with very slow internet connections reported very long download times​

Welcome to CCM2 and thank you very much for your interest in this non-commercial mod!

CCM stands for Civ Conquest Mod, is only playable with Civ 3 Conquests (C3C) and was constructed around Civ Complete. It is a modification of the Civ 3 epic game, starting at 4.000 BC and ending in the Atomic Age of mankind. Most of my modification ideas (like strengthening the AI) are realised in CCM, but the mod would never have been what it is, without the help, feedback, work and great ideas of many civers all around the globe. Thank you all very, very much! :)

A special big thank you very much to rhodie and Takeo, who edited the civilopedia, to Vuldacon who did a lot of graphical work, especially the main-terrain used in CCM2, to Quintillus, whose wonderful editor allowed to raise the level for a cultural victory to an unreachable limit for normal C3C editors and making it possible, that now CCM2.50 fulfills all default conditions, giving players an additional flexibility in setting the game limits when starting a game, also to Wotan49, who masterly shrinked, repaired and created some wonderful units (especially the new escorted artillery units) and to Takeo, who optimized the animations of tons of units in CCM2 - and of course to the many unit-creators, whose great work keeps Civ 3 alive. Especially Delta-Strife always had an open ear for adding new wonderful units to CCM2. Another big thank you very much to the betatesters PaGe, Takeo, rhodie, Antony Boscia (Bosch), jlvfr, JerseyJoe, elephantium, ThERat (Singaboy), lkendter, SvenBvBFan, tjs282, Node60, Nathiri (Natmeris), Ray2, Delta_strife and later Jarovid, Tigris of Gaul and Bati, who together ironed out hundreds of errors and gave precious input to the further development of CCM2 and MPorciusCatoCivver, who wrote government entries for the civilopedia. Even the prebetatesters of CCM1 (BadKharma, Recon1591, rhodie, MarineCorps, moosezilla and ThERat) are not forgotten - and of course a special thank you very much to, the site that allowed us to do big parts of the creation of this mod and to CFC, the site that kindly hosts this mod.


CCM was also helped by Soren Johnson´s skillful analysis of Civ III gaming elements at the end of the handbook for Civ IV. In that sense: The end of Civ IV is the start of Civ III CCM. :D

CCM 2.50 now is a real (unofficial) expansion of C3C, as the expanded mainfiles also allow (and are needed!) to play the upcoming versions of the mods RARR, CCM1 and the scenarios WW2 Global Gold and my upcoming Age of Discovery (Worldmap) scenario.

CCM2.50 adds the following features to CCM2:

1. Additional victory options enabled:
a) Diplomatic victory with building the GW UN (as in standard Civ 3)​
b) Cultural victory with : Single city: 180.000 culture; Civ: 600.000 culture​
2. Highly customizable victory conditions at the game start
3. LM-terrain is now enabled for all kinds of terrain, opening a new dimension in creating maps with CCM2.
4. Many additional resources

For more detailed informations and changes in gameplay of CCM2.50, please have a look at this post:​

The following features of CCM2 are also included:

5. The exe 4 of Antal1987:

Antal1987 achieved some fixes of C3C that Firaxis was not able to achieve : :thumbsup:
a) Fix of the Scientific Golden Age​
b) Fix of the civilopedia graphics: No more magenta beams in the civilopedia​
c) Cities now can be founded next to each other, allowing to build channels in C3C maps.​
d) The exe allows the direct starting of C3C, both epic game and scenarios.​

This function now becomes much more important, as Windows doesn´t support the SecuROM copy-protection any longer. CCM2 additionally needs the original files of Civ III Complete, that are not included in that mod, as a kind of copy protection. CCM2 can also be played without that exe - but why should this be wanted, if such a wonderful work is available. The exe,-as all files included in CCM2, was tested with Kaspersky anti-virus software.

6. The introduction of "superworkers":
These superworkers are a kind of a "worker-army" in C3C and reduce the micromanaging in the late game massively.​
Old workers now can be upgraded directly to partisans.​

7. The Hyperlink-bug is eliminated.

8. A massive boost in unit lines, units and extensive civilopedia work:

CCM2.50 holds thousands of units (currently more than 3.000 units) with massively improved civilopedia informations. A very interesting aspect of installing the CCM2.50 as an expansion of the mainfiles is to create a big database for modding C3C - a feature that becomes more and more valuable, as the collapse of some precious sites of modding Civ 3 did show. There must not exist many big scenario folders any longer, mostly including the same units in each of these scenario folders. Now it is enough to include the unit in the scenario biq and if you want one of the graphics or sounds of that unit be changed, you only have to include the changed sound and/or graphics and the INI-file in the unit folder of the new scenario (the same methode Firaxis still did use with upgrading sound and graphics files of their units).

9. Civspecific Great Wonders for every civ:
This option strenghtens AI civs, as now all AI civs can trigger their Golden Ages.

10. Ancient Great Wonders spawn additional settlers:

This very good idea by the CCM2 betatesters Jersey Joe and PaGe​
strengthens the AI, as in higher difficulty levels, these wonders are​
mostly been built by the AI.​

11. Massively improved City View (in the epic game)

12. The new Ingame Help:

The civilopedia concepts were greatly enlarged and received a new structure, working additionally as a kind of manual, that can be used during the game (this is a first step in modding this additional feature in Civ 3 and I know, that the Ingame Help can be even more improved). The old system of an alphabetic list of catchwords doesn´t work well any longer with such a mass of very specific catchwords.

CCM2 also holds the improved Civ 3 concepts introduced with CCM1:

13. ICS-tactic (Infinite City Sprawl) stopped.
14. Improved Religious implementation.
15. Great Cultural Persons, that can be used for 'culture-bombing'.
16. Advanced Automatic Unit production.
17. Waste and Corruption are considerably reduced.
18. Pollution has been virtually eliminated.
19. Eraspecific Leaders for every civ.
20. Short Bloody Revolutions.
21. New Government settings.
22. CCM Movement Rules
23. Improved AI-Routine for Land Artillery
24. Trading Caravans (supply shipments) in games with random maps
25. Improved Workers.
26. Better use of Diplomats and Spies
27. Enhanced Tech-Trees.

- Civilization 3: Conquests version 1.22 (English) or Civilization 3 Complete
- about 6,10 GB disk space

Download link: CCM2.50 Download Link
Download Size 3,91 GB zipped
Time of the test-download: 9 minutes

Patch: You can find a small patch (1,8 MB) for CCM2.50 and information about the
installation here and informations about the content of the patch here.

If you have downloaded your version of CCM2.50 on 23 December 2019
or newer, you don´t need this patch, as your CCM2.50 files are already updated to
the patched versions.

How to install CCM2:

1. Find the Conquests Mainfolder inside Civ III Complete.
Don´t mix up the conquests mainfolder with the Civ 3 Complete mainfolder and​
don´t mix it up with the Conquests folder inside the Civ 3 Complete\Conquests mainfolder,​
that holds the single Conquests of C3C.​

2.Make backup copies of the folders Art, Text and sounds in your main conquests folder and rename these folders Art-orig, Text-orig, sounds-orig (or something like that).

Now your Conquests mainfolder should hold the original C3C files in the folders Art, Text and sounds twice. If you have a previous installation of CCM2 in your C3C mainfolder, please delete those expanded Art, Text and sound folders and copy your existing Art-orig, Text-orig and sounds-orig folders in the C3C mainfolder and rename them to Art, Text and sounds.

3. Make a backup copy of the Conquests.biq in your main Conquests folder and rename it to conquests-1 (or something like that) - the CCM2.50 installation in any cases will automatically add a copy of the original conquests biq, named conquests-orig, to your Conquests mainfolder (as a security).

4.Unzip the CCM2.50 file to the Civ III Complete Conquests mainfolder and set the zip to replace all files. The zip-file will add many new files to these folders and replace some of the old files (p.e. the ugly C3C cruiser). It will also add a new exe-file to the Conquests folder done by Antal1987 that can directly start the conquests games, both epic game and scenarios (more about that file later) and Sima Qian’s multiplayer tool, that also can be helpful in detecting and fixing 'house-boat'-bugs caused by other civs.

It is crucial, that especially the Art-folder in the C3C mainfolder holds all original C3C files, when this folder is filled up with the CCM2.50 zip-file, as these original files are needed to run the expanded Conquests main biq. This should work as a kind of copy protection to assure, that the player has the original Civ 3 Complete files. It is the most common error in installing CCM2, to forget, that the Art-folder must hold the original C3C files, when the CCM2 zip-file is used.

5. Now assure that you have no old C3C files in your Virtual Store, that can overwrite your new installed files, and you are ready to start the game.

As the expanded C3C folder includes all files of standard C3C, you should be able to play all complete C3C scenarios (like RARR or Worldwide) without any problems. With some small renamings of the new files RARR can even be played as the new epic game (instructions for those changes and the next version of the RARR-biq will follow in the RARR-thread). Additionally you can switch easily between the expanded C3C files and the original C3C files by renaming the folders Art, Text and sounds to Art-CCM, Text-CCM and sounds-CCM (or something like that) and deleting the suffixes -"orig" in your backup folders inside the C3C Mainfolder with a text editor. With that procedure in the other direction you can easily reactivate your expanded C3C folders again.

The updated CCM1 will become the CCM version for the scenarios folder. It will hold some changes in the system of religious buildings, compared to CCM2.50, as in the scenario folder the connection to the city view graphics and their pediaicon entries must not be taken into account (as in C3C the city view graphics are disabled for scenarios). The new CCM1 will also need the expanded CCM2.50 mainfiles and adds only the CCM1 biq and some textfiles to the scenarios folder. This version is not ready yet.

If you use the Steam version of Civ III Complete, you must additionally delete the labels file in the text-folder and rename the file labels-Steam CivComplete Patch to labels, otherwise the Steam version will play havoc with your C3C text.

The civer Greebley from the CCM2 succession games asked me to clarify, that this procedure seems to be only necessairy, if you run from Steam. If you use the antal1987 exe, you do not want to do this even if you started with the steam version. I haven´t tested this myself, as I don´t have the Steam version of Civ 3 Complete.

Hints for game starters:

CCM2.50 now should be started no longer as a scenario, but as the C3C epic game (Options: New Game or Play Last Map).

I had demanding games even with the smaller starting options: Map 180x180, 24 civs, continents, 60% water, Age 5 billion years.

As CCM2.50 now holds all standard C3C victory types, the game limits are configurable at the start of a game by pressing the button 'Game Limits' - but don´t change the cultural game limits, as they were set by the Quintillus editor and would fall back to the very low limits of standard C3C, considering that a single great artist in CCM2 could boost the culture of a city by 1.000 points and the maximum cultural victory level in standard C3C for one city is only 25.000 culture points.

And last, but not least, please don´t forget, that in CCM2 settlers in the first eras of the game can only be received by autoproduction connected to the palace (a small wonder in CCM) and many ancient great wonders, and workers can only be received by autoproduction connected to the small wonder 'Worker Houses' (that therefore should be built as soon as possible) or by enslavement.


Mod design:
Blue Lion/Civinator
aaglo, Aluminium, AnthonyBoscia, Ares de Borg, Balam-Agab, Balou, BeBro, Bjornlo, Delta_Strife, Gary Childress, gwendoline, imperator1961, Kinboat, odintheking, Orthanc, Plotinus, Ripptide, Sandris, ShiroKobbure, TopGun, utahjazz7, vingrjoe, Vuldacon, W.i.n.t.e.r., Wotan49, Wyrmshadow, Yang Liu
ccm01, CivArmy s. 1994, embryodead, jorde, Piernik, Plotinus, R8XFT, Rita Poon, ShiroKobbure, Vuldacon, Blue Lion/Civinator
Sn00py, Ares de Borg, Balthasar, Goldfool, Pounder, CrackedCrystal, Racc00n, Rick FGS, Vuldacon, Blue Lion/Civinator;
Aion, Sn00py, RedAlert
Improvements, Wonders, Wonder Splashes and Flags:
aaglo, ArbitraryGuy, Ares de Borg, Bjornlo, georgestow, Harlan, Heretic_Cata, Kyriakos, Lusikka755, mrtn, Plotinus, R8XFT, ronning, Rufus T. Firefly, Spincrus, SWalker, Ukas, varwnos, NeoT, Blue Lion / Civinator
Tech Icons:
BeBro, embryodead, Kal-el, Keroro, mrtn, ronning, Rufus T. Firefly, Storm Grunt, utahjazz7, Yoda Power, Blue Lion/Civinator
Telgar, AnthonyBoscia, konradregula
Civ 2 graphics (mainly used for resource-cities and unit32):
BeBro, kobayashi, fairline, Curt Sibling and lots of unknown other artists
exe 4 created by Antal1987
multiplayer tool created by Sima Qian
If you find a piece of your work in the mod and you are not on the list, please let me know and I'll do my best to fix it.


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Switching between different terrain graphic sets in CCM2:

You can easily switch between the different Terrain sets in CCM2 by adding a suffix to the Terrain-folder with an text editor and activating the other terrain set by deleting the suffix from the name of that terrain set (p.e. adding the suffix -Vuldacon to the current terrain folder and deleting the suffix Ares in TerrainAres, so that this folder now is the new folder Terrain. You can change terrain sets even during a game. When starting the save file of the game, this game can be continued with the new terrain graphics. The same way you can switch back to the old terrain set or use another set of terrain.

Please note, that to play a game, you always need a folder that is only named Terrain inside your Art folder.

Here you can see 4 different complete terrain graphics sets inside CCM2. With terrain-Snoopy, CCM2 holds a fifth terrain graphics set, but here the graphics for C3C must be added (LM-terrain, volcano).

The exe 4 of Antal1987:

In the CCM2 betatest, the exe of Antal1987 worked without any problems. It is the work of a pure genius :thumbsup:, as Antal1987 achieved some fixes of C3C, that Firaxis was not able to achieve. The original thread can be found here:

a) Fix of the Scientific Golden Age
b) Fix of the civilopedia graphics
c) Cities now can be founded next to each other, allowing to build channels in C3C maps.
d) The exe allows the direct starting of C3C, both epic game and scenarios.

Alone the fix of the civilopedia graphics in my eyes makes the use of this patched exe a "must". No more magenta beams in the civilopedia.

Here are screenshots of building the 'Yokohama Canal' in one of the CCM2 betatest games, possible with Antal1987´s work:

Sima Qian’s multiplayer tool:

This is another work of a pure genius :thumbsup:, that can be found here. It allows to play C3C multiplayer games with up to 31 human players, instead of the normal 8 players in standard C3C (and of course all kinds of combinations between human and AI players).

Sima Qian’s tool also helps to detect locations, where the so-called 'houseboat-bug' takes place. This is a crash when there is a settler of a civ on a boat, while the last city of that civ is captured. This is a very old bug, that was fixed in Civ 3 vanilla, but came to life again with C3C mods. Mostly it´s the human player, who triggers that bug and there is a simple remedy to help here in many cases: Autosave the game every turn and when the bug occurs after you have captured the last city of a civ and don´t receive a message that the civ is destroyed, load the game again and conquer the last city later, when you have sunk the boat that carries the settler.

But there are also cases, when that bug is triggered by an AI civ. In these cases it helps to open the game with Sima Qian’s tool, find the civ who lost its last city, set this civ to a human player and sink the boat carrying the settler.

Some steps how to handle Sima Qian’s multiplayer tool:

Before starting C3C (with a save file) make sure you have the folder c3me with the file mp-gui on your screen.

Than start C3C and CCM2 as normal. Load your save file you have done before the crash. Let the save load. When the announcement comes that the save is loaded, don´t start the game as you usually would do. Press the keys "Alt" and "Tab" (the one with the two arrows in different directions) at the same time. Now a window will open that allows you to trigger the mp-gui file and to start the multiplayer tool. When mp-gui is triggered, a box will open showing all civs in the game of the save file. The civ, that is currently played by the human player is marked with a hook in the box. The other 30 boxes when playing with 31 civs are empty. Now you can mark another civ that should be played by the human player by taking away the hook in the box of that civ by simply clicking on it and adding the hook into the box of another civ. You can also switch several civs to be played by a human player by clicking into the boxes of several civs. If you want to play all civs by the human player simply set hooks into the boxes of all 31 civs. When you have done the selections of civs that should be played by human players, save these settings with the save-function and lay the folders of the multiplayer tool (and the selection box of the civs) with the window function at the bottom of your screen.

Than start the game with the save file that you have loaded like you normally would do it.
Now the interface for multiplayer gaming appears and the game starts with the first player that was set to be played by a human player. When that player has finished his turn, the game activates the next civ that is marked as be played by humans (and so on). When you have set all 31 civs to be played by a human player, you see very quickly if there is a civ that is near to its defeat and has a settler on a boat - and especially you can see the location of that "houseboat"and can sink it by simply abandoning it.

If you want to quit the game you can do this simply as you are used to it with Civ 3, but when Civ 3 has closed, please don´t forget to close the c3me folder with the windows task-manager.
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The new CCM2 Civilopedia:

Arrows mark the new entries in the CCM2 Civilopedia.

a) Resources: The hyperlink bug was solved in CCM2. On the other side now the player must receive the information for needed resources in the text boxes of units, buildings and worker jobs.
b) The CCM Ingame Help: The concept of catchwords for game concepts was reformed. More about it in the next entry.

The new Ingame Help:

The civilopedia concepts were greatly enlarged and received a new structure, working additionally as a kind of manual, that can be used during the game. Bluemofia´s discovery, that pediaicon images even can be linked to 'concept entries' opened the way for this new form of helping Civ 3 players.

The individual chapters of the 'Ingame Help' can be accessed easily by clicking the link in the 'Table of Contents'. Each chapter holds additional links concerning to that topic. Every chapter is also marked with different pediacons images in the game.

This is a first step in modding this additional feature in Civ 3 and I know, that the Ingame Help can be improved even more. The old system of an alphabetic list of catchwords doesn´t work well any longer with such a mass of very specific catchwords. It is really nice to have a condensed list in the game instead of having to scroll for a long time.
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The City View:

The City View was and is always available in C3C, but only in the epic game (not in the scenarios or conquests games). This means CCM2, when played as an epic game (not as a scenario), has its own city view.

The programming of the city view by Firaxis is really messed up. Most of the graphics are tied to the original Civ 3 pediaicons-entries, but sometimes they are tied to completely other options of the game (per example the harbour graphics are not connected to the habour entry, but to the building that allows coastal trade, what wasn´t the harbour in a former version of CCM - but now it is again).

As the images of buildings, that are no 'filler-buildings, in the city view are limited to a number below 80, many of the pediaicon entries, holding culturspecific graphics, were used for buildings that should not be expected with these pediaicon entries. Per example the entry for the BLDG_United_Nations holds culturespecific images for 'Religious centers', so the different dominating religious buildings basilica, mosque, hindu temple, great pagoda and mission can appear in the city view, related to the culture group of the owner civ of that city. CCM2 has many images of buildings that are not contained in standard Civ 3. For improving the 'Filler-Building' graphics some still existing parts of an old Apolyton mod were very helpful.

I´m now showing you the improvements in the city view of CCM2 in comparison to the standard C3C City View by the example of "Test Town". Test Town is a simple size 1 city without any built C3C improvements and without any Great and Small Wonders (only graphics of 'filler buildings') :

Size 1, Era 1:

Size 1, Era 2:

Size 1, Era 3:

Size 1, Era 4:

And here is the city view of CCM2 in comparison to the standard C3C City View by the example of "Test Town" in size 2 (no special buildings, wonders and small wonders).

City View Size 2 - Era 1:

City View Size 2 - Era 2:

City View Size 2 - Era 3:

City View Size 2 - Era 4:

Here you can see some city view screenshots of CCM2 cities holding not only graphics of 'filler-buildings', but also some graphics of buildings, that can be constructed during the game, like colosseums, aqueducts, cathedrals, tank factories, railyards, the Eiffel Tower and so on.

Era 4 European grassland city:

Era 4 European desert city:

Era 4 Asian small industrial grassland city:

Era 3 Indian industrial city:

Now we can watch some screenshots about the era-specific City View of the Great Wonder "Great Playhouse". In CCM2 this Great Wonder not only raises the happiness in the city, but also doubles the culture awarded by the performance of Great Artists in that city.

Epoche 2: Shakespeare's London's Globe Theater:

Epoche 3: Carnegie Hall:

Epoche 4: Sydney Opera House:

Here are some screenshots of the city of Amsterdam during a testgame.

Amsterdam in era 1: Beside the normal city view buildings you can see the academy, the religious center, the center of administration, a forge and the theater. Amsterdam is in goverment Monarchy and holds a castle (using the graphics of the former coastal fortress).

Amsterdam in era 2: Beside the normal city view buildings you can see the following buildings: The great religious center, a clock tower, a library, an observatory, the university and the opera. To increase production Amsterdam has built a windmill and, as it has changed government from Monarchy to Theocracy, it now holds a monastery instead of a castle (with different options).

During era 2 the civ (Lowlands) had its Golden Age and a rapid growth in population. New buildings are the hospital, the stock exchange and the dockyards. The city now also has the SW Military Academy.

Amsterdam in era 3: Beside the normal city view buildings you can see the railyard, the tv-tower the heavy tank plant - and a hoovering filler-terrain building :D. Even in the standard city view of Civ 3 such situations did happen. This is one of the reasons, why the Civ 3 standard city view graphics have so small buildings and frequently the tiles have no building but only a tree.

Amsterdam in era 4:
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-reserved 4-
-reserved 5-
Hey thanks for releasing - but there seem to be some issues with the civilopedia / pediaicons.txt file. When fixing the issue with the blacksmith (picture) I immediately run into the next missing icon_bldg_ error.
Spoiler :

error 1.jpg
Merry Christmas! :) I've been really enjoying the new mod and I thank you for getting it out before Christmas. I did however get an error: Missing entry in "text\PediaIcons.txt":ANIMNAME_PRTO_Training Launcher
Thank you all for kind words about CCM2 :)

Hey thanks for releasing - but there seem to be some issues with the civilopedia / pediaicons.txt file. When fixing the issue with the blacksmith (picture) I immediately run into the next missing icon_bldg_ error.

Samez, it seems you are playing with the biq of another mod - not with CCM2. The CCM2 biq (and its version as Conquests biq) doesn´t hold a building blacksmith and all betastesters and me would have noticed, if the CCM2 biq wasn´t running. Indeed both biqs are running pretty well. Can it be that your virtual store holds a different biq named conquests, that overwrites the CCM2/conquest biq?

Merry Christmas! :) I've been really enjoying the new mod and I thank you for getting it out before Christmas. I did however get an error: Missing entry in "text\PediaIcons.txt":ANIMNAME_PRTO_Training Launcher

Tigris of Gaul, thank you very much for reporting that error. :) That entry was indeed missing in the pediaicons file (again). Attached to this post is a pediaicons file, that adds that entry. All civers, who have still uploaded CCM2, please unzip that file into the textfolder holding the CCM2 text files and overwrite the old pediaicons text file. Edit: I will replace the CCM2 download files with that new version of the pediaicons file. First I thought to do this today, but may be there will come some more error reports, that can be fixed in a new download, too.

Edit: There is a new pediaicons file zip with a fixed second missing entry that you can find here.
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Settler Clan Egypt - no upgrades.

Haddu, thank you very much for reporting that error. :)

In the CCM2 testfiles, I had replaced the clan and its upgrade by the normal settler that is built by the palace, to look if this setting could fix the houseboat-bug. On the other side this left room for letting an Egyptian settler be autoproduced by the Pyramides. When seeing, that this setting didn´t fix the houseboat-bug, I switched back to the autoproduction of clans and forgot to readjust the settings of the Egyptian settler.

I made a new Conquests and a new CCM2 biq, that fix the settings of the Egyptian settler and can be downloaded now.

Please replace your old CCM2 and Conquests biqs with the new ones. These biqs will only fix the settings for the Egyptian settler in games that are started when using the new biqs. For old games the clan for Egypt will be a 'lame duck' - but this only matters for Egypt, not for the other 30 civs in the game.
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Thank you very much for this awesome present!
I installed the mod and started playing it successfully, but after a few moves received the error:
File not found: Art\Units\Enslaved Worker\Enslaved Worker.INI
One more similar problem:
File not found: Art\Units\Enkidu Warrior\Enkidu Warrior.INI

EDIT: another one
File not found: Art\Units\Chasquis Scout\Chasquis Scout.INI
I fix them temporarily by copying and renaming e.g. Euro Scout -> Chasquis Scout
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Thank you very much for this awesome present!
I installed the mod and started playing it successfully, but after a few moves received the error:
File not found: Art\Units\Enslaved Worker\Enslaved Worker.INI

greekGod, thank you very much for your kind words about CCM2 :)
and welcome to CFC. :band:[party]

It seems you didn´t copy the CCM2 files into the normal C3C Art-, text- and sounds folders. All the files you have posted as missing, are the standard files of C3C. As said in the post about installing CCM2, you should create backup folders of the folders named above and than zip the CCM2 files into the original C3C folders -otherwise you will have the result as you have posted it - and this is intended.

The procedure that needs the original C3C files is done to assure, that the player has the original Civ III Complete files.
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Civinator, thanks for your quick help, indeed I was being careless with the instructions, now everything works fine!
Hello Civinator, I found another one: Missing entry in "text\PediaIcons.txt":WON_SPLASH_BLDG_Integrated_Defense
Hello Civinator, I found another one: Missing entry in "text\PediaIcons.txt":WON_SPLASH_BLDG_Integrated_Defense

Tigris of Gaul, thank you very much for reporting a second missing entry in the pediaicons file. :)

Attached is a new zip-file of the pediaicons file fixing both missing entries. Please replace the current pediaicons file with the new file.

Edit: Pediaicons zip-file deleted as a new one exists.
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The description of the CCM Ingame Help was added to post 3.
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