[BTS] Civ4 BTS crash to desktop when ingame exit to main menu..


Oct 5, 2003
Hi all,
I think the headline explain the problem already :)
Using my own mod based on "Next War" with lot of unit artstyle and DCM.
The mod is running well but when ingame ( tested singleplayer) i "exit to main menu" or "exit the current game" than BTS crash to desktop.
I using a Win 7 machine and have this 2-3 crashs in 10.
On my notebook HP Omen 15 with Win 10 it happen 8-9 from 10 times.
I only start a new game and repruduce it direcly.
If i deactived audio in the civilationIV.ini the problem is not visible!!
I have the lastest DirectX 9 installed and also the last Realtek HD Audio driver on both systems.
Civ4 BTS is clean installed with the last patch 3.19.
It seems something is wrong with the Audio process when i exit to the main menu and so on.
Strange is that the problem is not present all the time. It is not related to a single Player Civ or something.
If i create a scenaro ( save it with the same conditions), repeat start and exit to main menu i can confirm this problem this way. This makes me crazy.....

Does anyone have an idea how to troubleshoot this issue ?
Or is maybe an extended audio setting file available to map it better to the Realtek sound chips?
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I just check out this old problem, and reseach the issue depends from the audio.
In the further tests i changed the audio file for the main menu what helps really nothing.
Also the default Menu from BTS does not help.
In the last try i just remove the audio from main menu in
CIV4MainMenus.xml like this: <Soundtrack/>
And now the game do not crash after several tests. So I am sure something is wrong with the audio scripts/driver or something by exit to the main menu ???!

Have anyone an idea to get this fixed or i have to life with this workaround.....

EDIT I find out it depents at the large art folder because BTS load all files and at a size of couple of hunderd MB the game became unstable by audio swiches and so on.
I need to go out and looking for a new basic mod with better CvGameCoreDLL.dll to aviod crashes with large XML/art mods :o
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SOLVED :D:cool::eek::thumbsup:

I used PakBuild to pak my Art files into 100-200MB blocks. Now is the problem finally gone!!!
The Art Folder was nearly 1GB and the gamestart was about 60 Sec. for my mod. After pak the artfiles iam under 10 Sec and no more CTD anymore visible by switch back to menu :crazyeye:
Interesting. I noticed this post while out in the main forum menu. I had this issue with the BAT mod, which is the primary mod I use. I can't recall what led me to turning the music off some years ago (error message?, log?), but that solved the issue for me. I turned off the music in options using the check box. Of course, it kinda sucks not having the music but I can live with that. I can always play something else in the background.

What's odd is it takes packing the art files to resolve an issue related to audio, but maybe it just has something to do with how poorly Civ IV handles memory, such that when one exists to menu the game just gets overloaded. Anyway, I think I will link this over in the BUG forum so Lemon Merchant (BAT Goddess) can check this out.
I think others large Art mods will have the same issue.
In my Situation i tested and do Trail an error for weeks
now i realized that also the Pak size is importend. at first i Pak a big file but the problem remains.
in last Test i pak files of Max. 200MB so split the Art for Handling.
it seems this help Civ4 massive by memory Handling and ovoid the CTD at Exit to menu .
my last stand about... try to reproduse the crashes since over 100 times without success
i Post this Informations as well to help community by fixed there similar issue.
have Fun all Civ4 BTS Lovers
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