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She declares war on me? I don't even have an army yet 😩
So I will build more galleys to me prepare to this war!

And Baron Samedi will help me on this war, I send him to Lady Six Sky palace to him take her head out!
About your navy, one of your ships has spotted... the Americans!

Baron Samedi enters the palace hall. "Good evening, Henri Christophe." The great emperor asks the question of an alliance. Baron Samedi says "Unfortunately, I have other things right now. Maybe later." Christophe asks, "But...but what are you doing?"
"Nothing of your importance in the moment, Henri Christophe. You'll find out later. Soon enough..."
Also, FYI guys, you guys can start researching classical-era techs if you have finished the tech parts for the ancient era that you needed.

I meant to say "Great Statesman" instead of "Great Lawmaker".

Moses - Great Prophet. +3 religion per myth. (Must have Myths)
Sargon - Great General. 2x attacking strength against city-states at your tech level (Must have 5 military points)
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All start at 5 points at each category, so I won't put in the ones with 5 points.
Garamantines - 10
Afghans - 8
Russia - 10
Maya - 10
China - 10
Garamantines - 10
Rome - 10
Afghans - 15
America - 10
Japan - 15
Haiti - 15
Japan - 10
Anglia - 10
Russia - 10
Persia - 15
Morocco - 15
Anglia - 15
Haiti - 15
Hawaii - 10
China - 10
Maya - 10
Brazil - 10
Afghans - 13
Mayurans - 15
Persia - 10
China - 10
America - 15
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Anglo-Saxons under Edmund Ironside's orders:

Research farms and navigation.

Edmund stared out east across the north sea. What dangers lay out there? What kind of villains waited for the opportunity to come and plunder these fair and maiden lands. He had heard that the best form of defense was attack. Waiting around to be plundered was foolish. It was time for some BDE. Ready the galley, return the warrior to London. It was time to take charge of our destiny!
Guys, send your moves by no later than next Friday (the Friday after this one.)
Aiken_Drumm: Cichlids - Julidochromis
Nation: Cichlids (tanganyikan)
Leader: Julido Chromis
Bonus: Coastal Fisherfolk - Any coastal (lake or ocean) territories produce +1 culture
UU: Pirate- Gains +5 Combat Strength when fighting in or adjacent to its lake or coastal territory, receives gold on success
UW: Chromis Screw - Like (Archimedes screw), the Chromis Screw allows irrigation on any city tile, and the benefits from this.

Use military to expand to the coast, capture what we find. Pour everything else into science.
So absorb it into our Empire!
Alright. Zanzibar declares war on you, and the Battle of Zanzibar occurs. I'll roll a D20 to see the outcomes.
D1-5 = You get defeated severely
D6-9 = You are defeated a bit
D10 = Draw
D11-15 = You win
D16-20 = Zanzibar is gone!
I got a 16. The Cichlids now have taken over Zanzibar
Afganistan under Ahmad Shah Durrani's orders:

Research Myths and Sailing. Move settler to coastline south of Kabul and found the city of Gwadar.
Move warrior to northwest of Kabul.
Build warrior.
Put scout to auto-scout.
Put points in faith, culture and military.

The day was darkening to dusk as Ahmad Shah Durrani sat resting in his camp. He heard cries from outside the tent and sighed. Probably another fight that had broken out, or some youths engaging in a friendly (or maybe not so friendly) game of wrestling.

He had finally united the Afghans as one nation, but not even he could restrain their restless spirit; the best he could do was to redirect their energies so that the Afghan Empire would not collapse due to the internal pressure.

Suddenly, a gust of smoke manifested out of thin air. The great Afghan lord turned not a hair. The smoke cleared to reveal a figure clad all in white, his face too covered with a white cloth.

'Ah, Zaman,' said Ahmad Shah. 'That was splendid stuff. Our plan will work to a marvel. Now listen closely.'
The world had turned on its axis once again, as Zanzibar had fallen in fire and sword to the Cichlids, and their new Great General, Sargon. Henri Christophe sent his invasion fleet to the coast of the Yucatan. Afghanistan and England have expanded once more. Theodore Roosevelt has met the Carribean states. Now, what's next?

Turn IV will get us to 1250 BCE. Submit responses by next Friday!
Hellenism Salesman, Danwar, Henri, Edmund, fy00sh, Zaarin, you, Bonysduck, Crezth. Sadly some of them don't show up as often
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