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Codex - Gameplay Overhaul

Discussion in 'CivBE - Released Mods' started by Ryika, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Ryika

    Ryika Lazy Wannabe Artista

    Aug 30, 2013
    Pacing is one of the things that I've worked on. ;) The mod should feel a lot faster (because why wait 12 turns for a building when there's nothing else to do?), with more stuff to do every turn, hopefully without feeling rushed.

    Other than that I've mostly worked on the Affinity System shown above, and I've finally worked my way through all of the quests and updated them for Codex, as well as expanding the Tile Improvement system. Some slight changes were made in regards to wonders, but mostly balance-wise, no gameplay changes. Might work on that for v7 though, as they have fallen behind the general design a bit.

    No, unfortunately I don't have that version anymore, lost a lot of stuff when my external hard drive stopped working a while ago.
  2. Ryika

    Ryika Lazy Wannabe Artista

    Aug 30, 2013
    I've just uploaded the newest update.

    The main changes of v6:
    • Pacing has received a major overhaul. Production times have generally been lowered, and players unlock new things quicker, but decisions still remain impactful.

    • The Affinity System has been expanded. Similarly to religions in Civ 5 (and 6), Affiliation with the three ideologies now spreads through the world. The system is less micro-intensive, as no units are required to spread religion - instead, players can spread their own Affinity via Covert Operations, by constructing certain Affinity Buildings, or by spending Diplomatic Capital to increase the number of Citizens that follow their own Affinity. Having many Citizens follow an Affinity drasticly increases the speed at which higher levels of that Affinity can be gained, and new Perks and Bonuses unlock as Players reach certain amount of Citizens following an Affinity.

    • The Improvement system has been expanded as well. Many improvements now give situational bonuses when they're constructed next to a city, a river, on coastal terrain or next to a mountain. A total of 5 new Improvements have been added, 1 "district"-type of Improvement that is very strong when placed next to a city, and Harmony and Purity each receive a new, situatonal Improvement.

    • The planet is now a lot more hostile, and Aliens have a glorious comeback. This, in a way, is a return back to the unmodded Beyond Earth, where the wildlife played a much larger role than it did in Codex. Players who preferred how Codex handled things before can however use a newly added Advanced Game Option to return to the more open and friendly maps.

    • In v6, almost all quests have been overhauled, and now give much stronger rewards, and their texts have been altered where required to fit the narrative. More quests will trigger, especially during the earlier parts of the game, and actively adapting ones strategy to finish quests quickly and efficiently can grant large bonuses. I plan to expand those quests in future updates, with alternative endings, more decisions, and possibly some random factors.

    • The empire manager has a new, updated UI.
    Aside from these changes, v6 again brings a whole ton of general balance and gameplay changes, as well as quite a few bugfixes. Full patchnotes:

    Spoiler :


    - The pacing of the mod has received a major overhaul. In general, things are unlocked faster, but the balance between unlocking technologies/virtues/city growth and construction remains roughly the same. This means... well, less waiting for stuff to happen.
    - It is now possible to rename Units. To do so, simply right-click the unit name in the bottom left corner of the screen. Unit Names only show up in that corner, all other ingame texts will still show the type of the unit instead.
    - Changed the name of the hstructure used in TechFilterFunctions. This should prevent many of the infinite loading screens that sometimes occur when switching between playing with- and without this mod.
    - Workers now start with 6 charges (was 4) to make early game improvements more desirable
    - Apollo AI no longer starts with a free Affinity Level
    - All Combat damage (the way it is calculated, not the combat strength of units) has been reverted back to the numbers from the unmodded Beyond Earth
    - Many Effects that generate resources (mainly from events and wonders) will no longer generate Resources on city tiles
    - War Score for conquering cities has been reduced by a lot (the high War Score was a old pre-v5 system where you weren't able to keep cities)
    - Yields from Progenitor Caches have been doubled, or quadruped, if the chosen yield is Energy
    - Social Development: Production to Culture Conversion Rate increased to 50% (was 25%)
    - Research Development: Production to Science Conversion Rate increased to 50% (was 25%)
    - New Key Combination: Ctrl + Shift + E -> Saves the game and returns to the Main menu
    - New Key Combination: Ctrl + Alt + E -> Saves the game and then exists the game
    - Warscore price of Diplomatic Capital has been reduced to 1.5 (was 3.0)


    The Affinity System has been greatly expanded. An ideological war of ideas has engulfed the planet and the three Affinities are fighting not only for the minds of their own people, but also to win over the people of other Civilizations. The population of each city now is affiliated to one of the three Affinities (or none), and players can spread their own Affinity to their neighbors to keep an ideological hegemony - or decide to accept a multicultural society, and become hybrids where all three Affinities have their place, for different benefits.

    Affinities spread naturally, but players can spend Diplomatic Capital to push their dominant Affinity in certain cities, or construct buildings that increase the amount of pressure a city exerts to the surrounding cities (sie 'Buildings' below) to manipulate the playing field to their advantage. Both versions of the Covert Operation "Propaganda Campaign" now also convert some Citizens to your primary Affinity.

    There are three types of benefits that can be gathered by spreading one's Affinity:
    - Every Citizen in one of your cities that is affiliated with an Affinity increases the Per-Turn Affinity that you generate by 1
    - If you increase the number of people who are ideologically involved with one of the three Affinities to certain thresholds, you unlock Perks that grant unique bonuses
    - If you manage to keep the percentage of people following your primary Affinity above certain thresholds, you gain strong %-Modifiers to different yields

    All of these things can be monitored and managed in the new Affinity UI which can be accessed via a new button in the button grid.

    Affinity Decisions:
    - Harmony 5: Choice now grants +9 Xenomass (was +5)

    Other changes to Affinities:
    - All Affinity gains and costs have been multiplied by 10. This is so the new multiplier from Affinity Population scales more smoothly.
    - Every level of Affinity now also grants +10 Progress towards that Affinity per turn
    - Cost of Affinity Levels above 2 has been increased to adjust for bonuses granted by the new Affinity System. Cost increase more as levels increase.
    - Affinity from mid- and lategame technologies has been increased to keep in line with the increased affinity yields per turn

    Affinity Tile Improvements:
    - All Improvements that are unlocked on Affinity 5 were overhauled and now have bonus yields if they're constructed on "good" tiles.
    - Two new Improvements have also been added on this tier:
    -> Acre (Purity): A plantation that can only be constructed on land terrain. Grows fruits from Old Earth. Does provide no yields by default, but +3 Food when built next to a river, and +1 Food and Production if next to a city. After being worked for 25 turns, it turns into a Quality Acre, doubling its yields.
    -> Breeding Chamber (Harmony): A Dome-ish Improvement that can only be constructed on Desert, Tundra and Snow terrain. Overrides base terrain yields, but makes them yield +4 Food and +4 Culture.
    - Each Affinity has a new Tile Improvement that unlocks on Level 8. These improvements are more or less "city extensions":
    -> Harmony: District. Overrides tile base yields and provides a well-rounded set of Food, Production, Culture and Science if constructed next to a city, provides a lot of Science and Culture if placed next to a river
    -> Purity: Suburb. Overrides tile base yields and provides some Food on any terrain, but also provides Production and Culture if placed next to a city.
    -> Supremacy: Canton. Overrides tile base yields. Porvides no base yields, but provides Food, Production Science and Energy if placed next to a city, and Production, Culture, and Science if placed on coastal land (land tiles adjacent to water, not Coast Terrain).


    - More likely to adopt Hybrid Affinities
    - The way the AI unlocks technologies has changed. Instead of rushing to the top and only picking up very few extra technologies along the way, AIs will now pick up a much broader amount of technologies.
    - AI building flavors have been updated. AIs now focus more on constructing cheap buildings, and the AI will now construct many buildings that it previously ignored.
    - Overall, these two changes have a quite significant, positive influence on AI performance, especially on higher difficulty settings.
    - A lot of changes have been made to the diplomatic AI that should make them feel more cohesive, and have more unique character. Peaceful Civilizations for example should no longer declare war again and again, especially if they are Afraid of the player. More about this below in the Diplomacy Section.
    - Almost all Quests now also trigger for the AI. AI players do not actively attempt to finish quests, but they will finish some "by accident".
    - AIs are a lot more likely to pick up higher tier virtues.


    - Some Infested Ruins/Submerged Nests are now guaranteed to spawn somewhere around the capital cities of all players
    - Alien spawn chance has been increased while number of aliens is smaller than the ideal number of aliens for the given map
    - Colossal Aliens (Siege Worms and Kraken) now start spawning on turn 100 (was 190).
    - Alien Spawn Rates have been greatly increased to make sure they don't get removed from the map that easily.
    - Leech Growth scaling has been fixed, they now grow faster on harder Difficulty level


    - Progenitor Clinic: Renamed to Progenitor Laboratory. Research Yield have been removed (was 10), as well as the Progenitor Alloy requirement (was 50). Instead, this building now grants 1000 Research towards all 5 Victory Technologies when constructed. Like the late-game buildings that grant instant Affinity Progress, this building can now be used to use your cities to push towards Victory if you happen to not have enough Science to unlock the technology in time, instead of having to wait without good ways to quckly increase your science yield.
    - Pharmalab: Is now a National Wonder. Grants 6 Global Health, and makes Old Earth Clinics yield +2 Health (was 6 Global Health, and +2 Health + Science in the city it was constructed in).
    - Rejuvenator: Now causes +5 Pressure towards Harmony to cities within an 10 tile radius
    - Avatar: Trade Yields down to 1/1/2 Food/Production/Science (was 2/2/4), now causes +5 Pressure towards Purity to cities within an 10 tile radius
    - Mind Gallery: Now causes +5 Pressure towards Harmony to cities within an 10 tile radius
    - Holosuite: Now generates an Affinity Resource of the Player's dominant Affinity instead of a random one, but its quantity has been decreased to 1 (was 2), and its building module cost were increased to 300 (was 250). This was done to remove an unnecessary, and annoying element of luck from the game, as spawning the right resources would give great utility over spawning the wrong resource in cities that did not already have a copy of that resource. The main purpose of this building is to allow players to "manually" fulfill the local requirements of that resource in Metropolises, which is especially important for Harmony, but has utility for all three Affinities. The tooltip has been updated to reflect this purpose, and what is and is not a "valid plot" has been clarified to allow players to make an informed decision. This building will also no longer spawn a resource on the tile of the city itself.
    - Terra Vault: Floatstone cost increased to 2 (was 1).
    - Weather Former: Now also grants +1 Energy on Ocean terrain. Now costs 2 Firaxite.
    - Grinder: No longer requires Plains, instead, now requires a local source of Floatstone. Now also grants +1 Production to Coast (in additional to Plains)
    - Airport: Energy from Trade Routes increased to 8 (was 6), Titanium Cost increased to 2 (was 1)
    - Green Soyl Enterprice: Renamed to "Heart of the Land", now causes +15 Pressure towards Harmony to cities within an 10 tile radius. A short Civilopedia Entry was added.
    - Floating Fortress: Now causes +15 Pressure towards Purity to cities within an 12 tile radius
    - Metaspace: Now causes +15 Pressure towards Supremacy to cities within an 12 tile radius
    - Surveillance Web: Bonus Strength for City removed (was 10), Maximum Level of Covert Ops increased to 2 (was 1)
    - Node Bank: Bonus Strength for City removed (was 10), Bonus HP up to 50 (was 10)
    - Mosaic Hull: City Defense down to 5 (was 15)
    - Old Earth Recycler: Now also yields +0.25 Production per Population
    - Smelter: Icon now properly shows the color for Production, instead of Science
    - Cell Pump: Icon now properly shows the color for Energy, instead of Science
    - Hive: Icon now propely shows the color for Health, instead of Science (notice a trend here?)
    - Disassembler: Incorrect Icon Color (Science, who would have guessed) removed
    - Tridecadon: Icon now properly shows the color for Production, instead of Science
    - Geothermal Extractor: Icon now properly shows color for Energy, instead of Science
    - Mechanized Stack Farm: Grower Specialist Slots increased to 2 (was 1), Building Module Cost increased to 150
    - Mechanized Industry: Engineer Specialist Slots increased to 2 (was 1)
    - Mechanized Power Grid: Trader Specialist Slots increased to 2 (was 1)
    - Progenitor Assembly: Wonder Production Mod increased to 100% (was 50%)
    - Titanium Extractor: Production Modifier increased to 20% (was 10%)
    - Petroleum Extractor: Energy Modifier increased to 20% (was 10%)
    - Trading Post: Petroleum and Geothermal gained decreased to 1 (was 2)
    - Civil Creche: Now provides a free Mass Digester.
    - Xenomass Laboratory: Amount of Xenomass granted reduced to 2 (was 4), and no longer grants Science from Xenomass (was 2), but now has 4 Scientist Specialist Slots
    - Growlab: Amount of Grower Specialists increased to 4 (was 2)

    - Starting in the midgame, building costs have been increased. This is mostly to offset new Production bonuses that were added, such as the 0.25 Production per Population from Recyclers, but also to make buildings take a bit longer to produce towards the end of the game; wonders remain unchanged.


    - Al Falah's main Trait has been changed from a bonus to City Processes to a 15/30/50% bonus to Pressure towards their dominant Affinity. The Golden Age (a large Boost to City Processes) has not been changed. The reason for this is to promote a more interesting and unique playstyle, while getting rid of the passive bonus which was almost never very effective. Al Falah now can easily dominate the surrounding ideological makeup, which can be very strong when they focus on one Affinity, but they will have trouble with unlocking Perks of other Affinities. The Golden Age bonus should be strong enough to make players switch to one of the available Processes when its activated, thus the city process synergy is still there.
    - Polystralia: Now has a water start
    - Kavithan Protectorate: Trait has changed from "Cities are founded instantly" to "Outposts gain Tiles 50% faster". Found Outpost Quest has been reenabled (was disabled because it's impossible to complete with Cities that are founded instantly).
    - Brasilia: Golden Age bonus reduced to +100% Warscore (was +500%), but duration increased to 20 turns (was 10).

    Covert Operations

    - Propaganda Campaign I: Now has a chance to convert up to 3 Citizens to your dominant Affinity, but Capital gain was reduced by around 35%
    - Propaganda Campaign II: Now has a chance to convert up to 6 Citizens to your dominant Affinity, but Capital gain was reduced by around 35%
    - Sabotage (Supremacy Ultimate Covert Op): Now removes all Improvements in a 3-tile radius instead of just pillaging them


    - The Custom Diplomacy UI is now included in the Empire Manager UI. See Empire Manager below for further changes in Diplomacy.
    - Bonus to Respect from making an Agreement with a Sponsor or one of their friends has been increased by 200%
    - Changes were made to AI Diplomacy:
    -> In Rising Tide, all Leaders use the same "logic tree" to decide how they react to players, which makes, quite literally, all of them act the same. The peaceful Kavithan Protectorate will attack the player under the same conditions as Brasilia for example. This has been changed. Every leader now has a unique set of conditions that they use to decide on how to approach the player, and some "special conditions" have been added. The Kavithan Protectorate for example will react extra friendly towards other Leaders that have chosen the 'Spiritual' diplomatic position.
    -> Fear: Now depends a lot more on the actual relative army strength and the offensive behavior of the player than on other factors. While the system still compares many factors of both empires, it does not really seem to make sense that a large portion of the system is decided for example by how many cities you have.

    Empire Manager

    - The Empire Manager UI has been rebuilt from scratch. The amount of code required to do all the stuff has been reduced significantly, and it now incorporates the old diplomacy menu, and a general overview of some statistics of your Empire have been added
    - A new funding type, Military Funding, was added and allows players to decrease trade route yields for increased military production, and vise versa
    - Changing Economical Ideals is now free (cost 500 Energy before)
    - Environmental Focus was changed. Balanced Focus no longer gives any bonuses or penalties, while focus on Land-cities grants Food and Culture bonuses in those cities, while reducing Energy and Science in Aquatic cities, and focus on Water-cities grants bonuses towards Energy and Science, while reducing Food and Culture in land cities.
    - It is no longer possible to see diplomatic positions of leaders that you have not met yet
    - Diplomatic Cooldown has been removed, instead, changing your diplomatic Positions now simply costs 150 Diplomatic Capital
    - Your choice of Government (aside from the default one) can now also trigger diplomatic reactions. Each leader prefers one of the three advanced Governments, and because Players can only ever have 1 out of the three Advanced Governments, the positive reactions from Leaders who prefer the Government that you have chosen is greater than the negative impact of Leaders who don't like your choice. The leaders of the game tend towards diplomatic governments overall, so some liberties had to be taken to end up with an even split for balance purposes.


    - The Key-Combination Ctrl + Shift + E can now be used to quickly save and exit to main menu.
    - The Key-Combination Ctrl + Ald + E can now be used to quickly save and close the game.
    (Both will create a save file called 'ExitGame_Quicksave (Codex)' that will be overwritten if used again)
    - Added a Tech Filter for Specialist Slots


    - Colonization Module was changed from 'Free Colonist, -2 Production and -1 Culture in all cities' to 'Free Colonist, -4 Production in all cities for the first 40 turns of the game'. This is to avoid the slowed down nature of city development during later parts of the game with this Loadout, while still preventing it from being used as a tool for rapid early development.
    - "Echo Chamber"-Cargo renamed to "Ultrasonic Emitter"


    - The way the Maps are generated has changed. The maps are now more traditional, "Beyond Earth"-style maps, with more forests, mountains and canyons, and Infested/Submerged Ruins will now spawn on these maps as well. The old option "Traditional maps" has been changed to "Open Maps", and now changes the maps to the type of map that was used in previous versions of the mod. (Reasoning: I originally liked the more open maps, as they allow for quick and easy expansion, and combat with other Sponsors. Over time however, I have changed my mind and now find them dull, and that they make the early game very predictable. The "Tame the planet!"-aspect just isn't there. Players who prefer the Open Maps can still use them, but the default is now the more feral map type.)
    - Starting Positions are now spread out quite a bit more consistently.
    - The amount of Strategic Resources on the map has been increased by quite a bit, and their possible quantities have been changed to 2-4 (was just 2). This increases the amount of Resources that players have available, opening up more room to play around with advanced unlocks (while still being restricted enough so players can't do everything at once).
    - Ocean tiles without resources now have a 45% chance to be covered in ice (to create some obstacles and make the decision where to settle more important).


    - The Quest System has undergone a major overhaul. Almost all Quest Scripts have been reworked and overhauled to fit better into the Framework of the Codex Mod. Quests have been sorted into EarlyGame/MidGame/Affinity, and give appropriate rewards for the approximate timing at which they can trigger. Quests should now trigger more consistently, and give the player things to do outside of their "primary goal".
    -> Quest rewards have been reworked and now grant fixed bonuses, instead of bonuses that scale with the turn you complete the quest. This means it is no longer beneficial to delay finishing a quest for greater rewards, instead, the bonuses players can gain are rather strong at the time the quest becomes available, encouraging players to focus on completing quests, instead of just ignoring them and completing them "by accident".
    -> Many Objectives now also require greater investments, but all objectives should now either be solvable when a quest triggers, or at least in reach of what the player can unlock. An Early Game Quest will for example never require late game technologies, but it might still require a technology that they don't have yet, but should be able to unlock at that stage in the game.
    -> Random quests no longer grant Affinity rewards. This is because the ironically "choice" quests never really were a "choice", it was almost always the best decision to pick the choice that grants Progress towards their main Affinity. Now players are free to make the decisions they want. The base rewards have been greatly increased (almost all quests grant permanent yield bonuses instead of one-time bonuses) to make up for the removal of Affinity.
    -> The major Affinity Quest lines that were added with Rising Tide are now guaranteed to trigger shortly after Players have gained their first Affinity level, and will lead them towards the midgame.
    -> Several Quests that didn't work properly have been fixed (including the ones that were impossible to complete before because they repeatably asked you to conquer enemy cities).


    - Combat Strength per Tier has been reduced to +5 (was +10)
    - Number of Stations per Player that are maintained has been increased back to 2 (was 1.5)


    - Physics/Organics: No longer grant an Affinity Level each, instead grant an Affinity Level after both have been researched (this is to make the rush towards Affinity Technologies less important, a new Choice Quest now allows Players to gain the first Affinity Level)
    - Physics: Production per city increased to +2 (was +1)
    - Organics: Production per city increased to +2 (was +1)
    - Standardization: Production per city increased to +2 (was +1)
    - The tree Affinity Victory Quests now also yield 7000 Affinity


    - Resources that yielded 2 Energy now yield only 1 Energy, but their Improvements still add +2 Energy. This means Energy-Resources now yield +3 Energy, while Food/Production still yield +2 total when improved, which should be a relationship closer to the actual relative value of these yields.
    - Titanium: now gains +3 Production when improved with a Resource Mine (was +1). This gives the resource back its flavor of being a high-production Resources that is very much worth considering when settling a new city.


    - Ultrasonic Emitter: AoE-Damage decreased to 15 (was 20)
    - Ripper: Strength increased to 7 (was 6)
    - Sea Dragon: Strength increased to 12 (was 8, for some reason)
    - Mutated Siege Worm: Strength down from 68 to 48
    - Mutated Kraken: Strength down from 78 to 48
    - Bloated Leech: Combat increased to 32 (was 22)
    - Missile rover: Combat Bonus against Cities increased to 300% (was 150%)
    - Leeches of all sizes now deal 5 damage to enemies in a 1-tile radius, and heal friendly units in a 1-tile radius by 5 hp
    - Leech Monstrocity: Combat increased to 64 (was 46)
    - Xeno Swarms and Rogue Xeno Swarms now heal 5 hp of units in a 2-tile radius, Mutated Rogue Xeno Swarms heal 15


    - The first Tier of Prosperity has undergone some changes to make it entirely focused around being able to quickly grow a big capital:
    -> Eudaimonia: Effect changed from +3 Health in all cities to +7 Health in the Capital
    -> Frugality III: Effect changed from +10% Food/Energy in the Capital to +25% Food in the Capital

    - Moderate Synergy Kicker II: Health reduced to 4 (was 6)
    - Modern Medicine II: Bonus Health reduced to 2 (was 4), but now now adds +10% Growth while the Empire is Healthy
    - Diversification: Now properly applies the 100% Science Modifier in the Capital
    - Industrial Efficiency II: Bonus Production in Industrial Cities reduced to 4 (was 6)
    - Metropolitan Efficiency II: Bonus Food in Metropolises reduced to 8 (was 10)
    - Power Grid Efficiency II: Bonus Energy in Metropolises reduced to 8 (was 10)
    - Orbital Science III: Was renamed to Orbital Science II
    - Orbital Science II: Was renamed to Orbital Science I, effect has changed: Now grants +1 Overlap Radius for Orbital Units (was +4 Science from Orbital Units)
    - Orbital Science I: Was renamed to 'Open Forum', now grants +25% Affinity from Technologies (was +1 Overlap Radius for Orbital Units)
    (So +4 Science from orbital Units was removed (because it scales terribly bad, and there were too many Orbital Bonuses in tier 2 virtues), +25% Affinity from Technologies took its place, and +1 Overlap for Orbital Units was moved up a row.

    So give it a try if you liked previous versions or haven't had a chance to play the mod yet!
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
  3. Telruna

    Telruna Chieftain

    Jan 22, 2017
    Thank you! Just finished my first game with version 5 today, which I really enjoyed, and now version 6 has arrived. XD
  4. Azem.Ocram

    Azem.Ocram Chieftain

    Sep 15, 2015
    Thanks for making such a great mod! It looks even better now and I already loved it before!

    Btw, I sort of want to make hybrid affinity parks (Terrascape/Nanoscape, Terrascape/Xenoscape, and Nanoscape/Xenoscape) and increase the max affinity levels to 21. Is it possible to mod a mod?
  5. Ryika

    Ryika Lazy Wannabe Artista

    Aug 30, 2013

    Depends on what you're trying to do. XML changes can simply be mod-modded by adding Codex as a referenced Mod, then your mod will load after the referenced Mod and all XML-changes your mod makes override the ones that the Mod itself made.

    Lua is more complicated, as lua files exist in their own little space within the mod and don't override each other even if they have the same name (unless they're overriding a base game file). The way Codex makes Improvements available is via Dummy Technologies (see Ryika_AffinityScript.lua), so what you could do is to move those Improvements to other Technologies that your mod-mod handles. Codex would still give out the now empty technologies, but they would not have an effect anymore.
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  6. HorseshoeHermit

    HorseshoeHermit 20% accurate as usual, Morty

    Apr 5, 2013
    There are a whole three let's plays on Youtube that started with this mod and stopped after 1 episode.

    The struggle is... real?
  7. Telruna

    Telruna Chieftain

    Jan 22, 2017
    Yeah, but still an awesome mod. Makes me play Beyond Earth once in a while, despite me being deeply invested in CIV VI. @Ryika, thanks again. :worship:
  8. Ryika

    Ryika Lazy Wannabe Artista

    Aug 30, 2013
    There are two let's plays from TheShadowscythe. The first one showsa much older version, but it's a complete playthrough, the second one is incomplete and apparently made him to go *poof* and vanish from the internet at some point, but it's from a relatively new version:

    ...and apparently there's also a Portuguese one now that I unfortunately don't understand. Bummer. :D

  9. jacktannery

    jacktannery Chieftain

    Apr 8, 2006
    @Ryika, I'm about to return to Beyond Earth (from Civ6) to try your mod. I watched the first few of the shadowscythe's most recent playthrough, and your mod looks incredible. I'm going to try your Antiqua faction.

    I tried to see your guide, but can't download it. Do you have any link to the guide anywhere?
    cinattra likes this.
  10. Ryika

    Ryika Lazy Wannabe Artista

    Aug 30, 2013
    The guide is very outdated, which is why I removed it. I think it wasn't needed anyway, the new Features in Codex are introduced over time and should not cause too much confusion to somebody who is familiar with the base game.
  11. jacktannery

    jacktannery Chieftain

    Apr 8, 2006
    Ok brillo thanks. Will start the game tonight, very excited! Do you think codes might be compatible with awesome pods andruins, your older mod, for maximum Antiqua fun?
  12. Ryika

    Ryika Lazy Wannabe Artista

    Aug 30, 2013
    No, they're not compatible.
  13. jacktannery

    jacktannery Chieftain

    Apr 8, 2006
    I thought not! Started on easiest difficulty with same settings as YouTube, and got totally spawned! Restarting now!
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2018
  14. jhg21

    jhg21 Chieftain

    Jul 14, 2017
    Hey not sure if you still read this, but im having a problem with the mod, i get stuck in the loading screen after setting a game. Other mods or the game unmodded work ok, so im not sure if this is some known issue?
  15. Ryika

    Ryika Lazy Wannabe Artista

    Aug 30, 2013
    Are you using any mother mods?
    What game version does it show in the main menu?
  16. HorseshoeHermit

    HorseshoeHermit 20% accurate as usual, Morty

    Apr 5, 2013
    Will Codex work for multiplayer?

    And if so, is anyone up for it? Play by e-mail or live.
  17. Enchanteur

    Enchanteur Chieftain

    Jun 4, 2017
    I have a quick question:
    Is 'The Awesome Collection' incorporated into the 'Codex' mod ?

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