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Comic Poetry


The Builder
Sep 13, 2001
Weimar, Germany
This is to be sung to the tune of "When I'm Cleaning Windows",
with a British Accent

I bought a new computer,
It cost two thousand pound;
But every time I switch it on
It keeps on falling down.

I used to think it was my friend
Now it drives me round the bend;
You'd be surprised the time I spend
Reinstalling Windows.

I switch it on; what is this?
Something wrong with config.sys;
This isn't my idea of bliss,
Reinstalling Windows.

I want to share my printers and
I want to share my files,
I want to share my anger 'cos
It drives me bloomin' wild.

Load disk four, oh what fun!
It says it helps you get things done;
Every day now everyone's
Reinstalling Windows.

Load disk ten; it will say
All you do is plug and play
Why do I spend every day
Reinstalling Windows?

It can't find my printer
It can't locate my mouse;
The other day it told me that
They were in some other house.

Still unplugged, still unplayed,
E-mailed God in search of aid
He's far too busy I'm afraid

Reinstalling Windows.

Up at dawn for one more try;
Does it work? Can pigs fly?
How do I expect to die?
Reinstalling Windows.

It doesn't like my modem and
Detests all CD-ROMs;
let's see if the setup wizard
Recognizes bombs.

I used to like a drink or three;
No time now, don't call for me;
I'm going to spend eternity
Reinstalling Windows.

- Author Unkown
Ill respond, since no one else will.
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