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Converted Civilization 2 WWII scenario


I'm glad you like the scenario, and I especialy like the fact you tried to improve it. If only more people would tweak scenario's, better scenario's would evolve. :thumbsup:

The number of turns in my version was exactly the same as in the original scenario. But since civilization II had a 2 month turn system, the final year of the scenario differs.
Ah, OK. I had forgotton about that; I was going by the
end date.
Impressive! :crazyeye: There's nothing like getting back to basics after a hard day's slack :p EXTRA SPECIAL thanks for converting this particular artifact.

Certainly is different from Civ2 in playability, but that's something I can mend myself.

Great job :goodjob:
With the permission of MiChello, I have been working on another update to the WWII conversion. Version 2.1 reworks units and technologies to parallel those of Civ2 (with some Civ3 features left in, of course) and gives the user some eyecandy. It does NOT, however, feature a pleasant advisor tech tree or a solution to the Germans razing France.

You will need Conquests v1.22 and World War II extras for PTW to use this update.

Link to Version 2.1 everything.

Link to Version 2.11 biq; corrects the helicopter so it will attack ground units.

It is a word.
In other WW2 scenarios they solved the razing of cities by placing a "Paris wonder" in Paris, a "Berlin wonder" in Berlin and so on for every city, this way, the AI tends to spare the cities.
I'm getting an error message when I try to run v2.0. It says something is missing from a .txt file -- something to do with the Alpine Soldier unit, apparently. It exits following the message. Any help?:confused:
when I tried to try it out I received this message: missing entry in "text\pedial cons.txt" animname-prto-alpine-troops. can someone help with this? I would love to try it out.
Sorry to have left people in the dark. The simple answer would be to ask if you had downloaded the main files, however the link appears to be broken.

MiChello does not log on frequently, but I'll see if I can re-package the core files from what I have.
Yes it was. Blame Micropr- er, Firaxis.
Now that is annoying! I loved this scenario on Civ II but I fear I shan't be able to play this - The link to main files does not work! NOOOOOO!

Anyone offer me any help?
This will work.


First version removed after 1569 downloads.

v1.1 is an improvement of the first version, biggest problem solved is the obsolete units and buildings that were still being build.

v2.0 is one more step into getting as close to the original as possible, so I removed all strategic resources. You won't need strategic resources to build anything (including the Iron-works, sorry for that one)

You will need to download either one of the scenario files and the main files map.

main files

the two scenario files:

I have been trying to download your main file and keep getting the file not found error message. Has something happened to the link?

MiChello visits sparingly. I'll try re-packaging the original files this week.
Looks awsome!!!:goodjob:
Yeah, I took a look and the files must've been corrupted.
Looks like I have some repairwork to do... :badcomp:
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