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[SCENARIO] The Cold War (TCW) Unofficial update by Lionic


Feb 3, 2010
Used to live in Irpin'
OK, here we go. This is the unofficial update of the classic TCW scenario originally created by El_Justo many years ago. Originally I planned to just replace unit graphics with more modern stuff that became available since then, but I have also made some changes that will be listed in the change log in the next post. The download link is at the bottom of this post, just download the archive which includes both *.biq files and resources. There are two *.biq files the only difference between them is that "TCW1.6.1 no spy missions" has Intelligence Agency disabled. During the gameplay it has been noticed that Civs within locked alliance may still declare war on each other for spying. In order to avoid this I have disabled Spying entirely but if you still want Spy Missions you may use the other *.biq.

I was not able to contact El_Justo and get his permission to post this. It would be great if someone would contact him on the subject.

Credits and acknowledgments:
Unit graphics--Delta_Strife, Wyrmshadow, AnthonyBoscia , Gwendoline, ShiroKobbure. NavyDawg, Gary Childress.
Building graphics--ukas.
Civilization advances graphics--not certain, some advanced were borrowed from 1989, CCM and AEON scenarios. Please contact me if you see some of the work that is yours.
Playtesting--Moff Jerjerrod.
Advices and suggestions--Civinator and Moff Jerjerrod.

Version has been added.


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The change log:
Renamed Colombian Infantry to Peruvian;
Renamed Collins to Vastergotland Class;
Renamed Project 7 to Anshan Class DD;
Renamed Haruna to Hatsuyuki;
Renamed Kilden to Kotlin, old Kotlin to Kanin;
Bahia cruisers removed from map, Brazil gets 2 two Brooklyn class cruisers instead;
Bahia class removed from unit list entirely, Chapayev class added instead;
All preplaced Soviet cruisers now belong to Chapayev class;
Central Africa can't build 105 mm artillery;
Brazil, Scandinavia and South Africa build 105 mm artillery instead of 122 mm;
Renamed Leahy to Belknap Class CG;
Renamed Skipjack to Permit Class Submarine;
Renamed Ulyanovsk to Kuznetsov Class Carrier;
Renamed AMX 32 to AMX 30B2 MBT;
Su-17 requires resources;
Renamed Scud to KS-1 Missile;
Renamed 203MM to 180MM Artillery;
Renamed M109 Paladin SP Artillery to M270 MLRS;
Renamed Field Gun to Pack Howitzer and set it as Foot Unit;
Renamed Type 96 to Type 88 MBT;
Renamed Achzarit IFV to M-113 Kasman APC;
Renamed Nagmash IFV to Puma IFV;
Renamed Marder 1A2 to Marder 1 MICV;
DH Mosquito - Yugoslavia does not have Air Superiority any more;
Canada and Australia may not build Amphion and Porpoise any more, Canadian and Australian Amphions removed from the map;
Royal Marine Commando renamed to SAS Commando;
English F-6 Lightning upgrades to Tornado F3;
Electric Canberra Bomber upgrades to Tornado GR1;
F-102 Delta Dagger upgrades to F-15;
Moskva Class Carrier upgrades to Kiev Class Carrier;
Whiskey Class Sub upgrades to Victor Class;
Impetuoso Class DD upgrades to Audace Class DDG;
Renamed Rajput Class DDG to Godavari Class FFG;
Oberon class CAN be operated by Canada;
National Guard is not available to those who have cheap infantry;
Saab 37 Viggen requires resources;
Removed Q-5 and replaced it with J-6 unit;
India and Yugoslavia may not build MiG-15;
North Africa, India and Indonesia may build AMX-13;
Central Africa may build T-55 and Type 69;
Canada may build Tribal Class;
India and North Africa may not build T-34;
Yugoslavia builds T-34 and T-55 instead of AMX-13 and T-62;
Greece builds M-24 instead of M-4;
Halved the costs of dedicated Air Defense units;
Stealth attacks for Air units disabled until further notice;
A-4 Skyhawk requires Naval Aviation;
Israel can't build Spitfire;
Brazil builds M113 instead of BTR-60;
Kara, Kresta, Kynda, Kiev and Kirov no longer rotate before attack;
Replaced Cannon Class DD with Le Corse Class FF. This unit requires Coastal Defense. French destroyers on the map are replaced with Destroyer Escorts;
Modern Egyptian Infantry uses North African Infantry graphics;

Doubled starting treasury for all players (Set to 100 for North Vietnam, 500 for Iran-Afghanistan-Pakistan);
Removed West Germany resource (it was not placed on the map anyway);
Capital of Yugoslavia is now Belgrade;
Renamed "Special Ops" to "Early Helicopters";
Renamed "Computers" to "All Weather Combat";
Natl Television Station requires Mass Media;
Renamed "Television" to "Computers";
Improvements and wonders that required "Computers" moved to new "Computers" tech;
Merged North and South Korea into one "Korea" resource;
Air Cavalry Tactics requires Helicopters;
Hospital does not require Utilities Plant;
New graphics for Natl Television Station;
Improvements and Wonders no longer produce culture;
Improvements now require maintenance (so far 1 for each Improvement, 3 for each unit producing Wonder and Ballistic Missile Shield);
Removed North Vietnam resource;
Amphibious War requires Espionage;
Replaced Leon with Bilbao, put Bilbao on the coast;
Removed Cilacap, Guiyang and Kandahar from the map;
Moved Kashi and Urumqui one tile West;
Osaka, Santiago, Aberdeen, Halifax, Miami, Nantes, Brest, Porto, Bilbao, Tuticorin, Madras, Bombay, Kuala Lumpur, Ambon, Medan, Jakarta, Urumqui's culture increased;
Post War Nationalism renamed to Cold War;
Atomic Theory renamed to Fission;
Swapped Espionage and Postwar Industrialization;
Renamed Postwar Industrialization to Transonic Fighters;
Renamed Amphibious War to Combined Arms;
Renamed Smart Weapons to Modern Space Flight;
Renamed Advanced Artillery Tactics to Smart Weapons, it enables Precision Strikes;
Changed Helicopters to Ecology, old Ecology renamed to Anti-Tank Missiles;
Renamed Advanced Carriers to Advanced Naval Aviation;
Mossad Intel Agency and Israeli Special Ops grant 1 extra Trade in each tile and are Tourist attractions;
Israeli Special Ops moved to Jerusalem;
Edited Anti-Colonial Movement: It is Xenophobic and Forced Resettlement, Unit Support Cost set to 2, Free Units increased from 1/3/6 to 3/4/7, Titles changed to Comrade, Commandante, Leader, War Weariness: None, Hurry Method: Forced Labour, Corruption is Rampant, 10 units are Free;
Edited Communism: Hurry Method: Paid Labour, enabled Forced Resettlement, Cost/Unit: 5, 20 units are free, Corruption is Problematic. Titles: Chairman, Premier;
North Vietnam and Cuba start with Anti-Colonial Movement government;
Turned Stadium into Small Wonder, added Tourist Attraction to it's bonuses;
Oasis and Tobacco are now visible on the map;
Added optional biq with unavailable Intelligence Agency;
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Some screenshots:
Last era's tech tree.
Modern Tech Tree.png
tank parade.png

New unit graphics
No one has had any contact with El Justo since July of 2020. I am working on his Storm Over the Pacific scenario and have a large number of questions regarding it.
Congratulations Lionic on the release of your re-imagined TCW. [party]:band:

I'm really liking the ships, aircraft, and vehicles made over by Delta. You should see the wicked grin of glee I get when pushing my little tanks onto the enemy!
The first time ever I got nuked by AI without me using a nuclear weapon first was when Chinese AI nuked Ulan Ude. I thought human player needs to do it before AI players start to.


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    nuked by ai.png
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Fascinating. In one of my test games, playing as China, I started going nuke happy and blasted everything in sight. Just to see if I could get away with it. Although the whole world declared war on me, no one ever nuked me back.

I'm glad to hear that the AI can go berserk and start nuking people without the human player doing it first.
That is strange. I have reuploaded a different version of Gwendoline's 122 mm cannon which does not turn desert when firing.

My video was taken using your original version you sent me. I've got several playthroughs of TCW with all of your various uploads. :)
A link to new version has been added to Post 1. I have included a larger version of the scenario known as TCWFifties, other changes are listed below:
Added new cities to the map:
Red: Conakry, Kinshasa, Mersa Matruh, Port Sudan, Khartoum, Tashkent, Kigali, Bamako.
Neutral: In Salah, Cordoba.
Blue: Port Elizabeth, Kaoshiung, Brunei, Kushiro.
Cairo is no longer a coastal city;

Removed units:
Yak-9 [Soviet]--now there is only one Yak-9 that upgrades to MiG-17;
Philippine Infantry;
US Navy Seal;
F-104G Starfighter (US) (US did not operate this version);
Guided Missile Cruiser;
Submarine SSN;
Portuguese Infantry;
Modern Infantry;
Serbian Infantry;
Salvatore Pelosi Class Sub;
Minas Gerias CV;

Added units:
Golf Class SSB--an early Missile Transport for Soviet and Chinese navies;
W and Z Class DD--an early Destroyer for Arab, Israeli, Yugoslavian and South African navies;
East German Infantry--not buildable, produced by Stasi and Berlin Wall
Centurion MK 7--later model Centurions;
Su-76M SPA--early Offensive unit for China-N Korea;
Type 091 Han Class Sub--Chinese nuclear submarine;
F-104S Starfighter--ultimate version of Starfighter for Italy;
Hawker Hunter--a successor to Gloster Meteor;
M-24 Chaffee (SE Asia)--M-24 that upgrades to M48 not AMX-13;
Clemenceau Class CV--French aircraft carrier;

Removed resources:

Removed improvements:
Serbian Barracks

Added improvements:
Robotic Factory

New Tribal Class DD's are buildable by Canada only and upgrade to St. Laurent Class DDH;
Canadian destroyers now progress in Attack and Defense;
F-104 Starfighter (US) now upgrades to F-4 Phantom;
F-104G Starfighter [export] is now just F-104G Starfighter, buildable by West Germany-Lowlands,
costs 550, no improvements to Attack and Defense compared to earlier version;
New civilization: Iran, allied with Alliance 1. Afganistan-Pakistan is neutral;
Alliance 1 is now named: Blue, Alliance 2: Red;
Iran and Afganistan-Pakistan's unit lines reworked;
Indonesia and South Africa are now neutral;
Added military leaders for: North Vietnam, Greece, W-Germany Lowlands, Warsaw Pact, Iran;
Renamed Advanced Naval Warfare to Variable Geometry Wing;
Added Robotics and new Advanced Naval Warfare techs to Era III;
Added Civil Aviation tech to Era II;
Guerilla Warfare now requires Rocketry;
F-5s and J-7 now require Variable Geometry Wing;
North Vietnam may not build F-4 Phantom, but may build MiG-21;
Indonesia may build Whiskey Class;
Updated Civilopedia for Whiskey Class;
Acre and Buenos Aires classes are nerfed;
Renamed Centurion Mk3 MBT to Centurion MBT and nerfed it;
Indonesia may build Tu-16;
English F-6 Lightning is now stronger;
Removed one Brazilian carrier battlegroup;
Natl Airlines Industry and Airforce Base require Civil Aviation;
Yankee class costs 550 and requires Sub Tactics;
Redoutable Class Sub requires Sub Tactics;
County Class DDG requires Naval Warfare;
Audace Class DDG requires Modern Naval Tactics;
Kara Class CG requires Adv Amphibious War;
Rest of the ships that required "old" "Advanced Naval Warfare" moved to new tech with the same name;
Changed A/D values for early propeller and jet aircraft:
Yak-9 8/8
Mosquito 0/9 no HP penalty
Sea Fury 11/11
B-29 0/10
A-1 Skyraider 0/9
P-47 9/9
A-26 0/8
Saab J-21R 14/12
F9F 14/15
T-33 12/12
Il-28 0/14
F-86 18/19
P-80 14/13 allowed Interception
B-36 HP bonus:+1
CF-100 Canuck requires All Weather Combat;
American aviation separated between naval aviation (may land on carrier) and ground-based which has TC:1 and therefore may not land there;
There are more starting units on the map. Each city contains at least two units, each capital is protected by at least one fighter squadron unless the country had no air force by the start of the game (not guaranteed for Huge map);
Dedicated heavy bombers have at least 4 ROF, multiplication BmbrdmentXROF is the same that used to be, but ROF is now 4 or more;
Increased culture of Kashi;
Added two battlegroups for Chilean navy centered around two Brooklyn class cruisers;
Tu-95 Bear requires Civil Aviation;
MiG-19 Farmer requires Airborne Warfare;
Armies have TC:1 and HP:+10;
Transport now Rotates before attack;
OR of F-100 is 6;
Kynda class costs 550, Kresta class costs 600, Slava 700, Kara 650;
Kynda rotates before attack (again);
Removed Happy (All Cities) value from "normal" City Improvements;
Removed Happy Faces from Federal Reserve Bank, University, Recycling Center, Oil Refinery, Hydro Plant, Hospital, Mass Transit System, SAM Missile Battery, Solar Plant, Naval Base, Offshore Platform, Mod Law Enforcement Syst,
Commercial Dock increases Trade in Water;
M113 and BTR60 require Mechanised Infantry;
MiG-27 Flogger requires Jet Fighter-Bombers;
Su-17 Fitter requires Variable Geometry Wing;
122mm artillery costs 150;
M-4 Sherman gets +1HP;
MiG-19 Farmer upgrades to MiG-21;
MiG-21 costs 500, MiG-23 costs 550;
Defense of Su-17 set to 20;
Victory point near Amsterdam is now in Amsterdam;
New Wonder Splashes for: Intifada, Islamic Revolution, B-2 Plant, B-52 Plant, MedEvac;
Mi-24 requires Attack Helicopters;
Alfa class requires Advanced Amphibious War;
Typhoon Class Sub requires Modern Sub Tactics;
Kiev class requires Super Carriers;
Arab League and Central Africa may build BTR-60;
Scenario is limited to 492 turns;
Victor class costs 400, Alfa class costs 550, Charlie class costs 500, Oscar class costs 575, Akula class costs 650;
Custom graphics for Israel, Syria, USA, Poland, Soviet Union, Cuba, Iraq, Egypt, Netherlands, UK, Islam, Nuclear Club, Taiwan, Europe, China resources;
Placed Cuba resource on the map;
Halved the Air Combat values of existing buildings;

Huge map:
- Huge map plays by the same rules as small except that naval movement are doubled and aircraft OR are increased +50%, and there is one more road movement allowed;
- Added more cities, changed placement of some other for: North Africa, Argentine, Western Germany-Lowlands, Warsaw Pact,
China, USA, France, Cuba, Central America, Central Africa, Iran, Col-Peru-Venezuela, South Africa, Arab League, Indonesia,
Brazil, Afghanistan-Pakistan, Australia-New Zealand, Scandinavia, Spain-Portugal;
- French have a second Richelieu Class Battleship (Jean Bart) leading the battlegroup near Dakar;
- Partly fixed the resources misplacement;
The Huge map has more cities and units than in original version, but it is still underpopulated, some resources are misplaced and not all cities are sufficiently garrisoned even for defensive purposes.
Yugoslavia had two M-24 tanks placed in Belgrade on the huge map. An updated scenario file where they are replaced with T-34s is attached to Post 1. Sorry for that.
Great update for a mod classic. I started a game as UK on the huge map and realized that non of the airplanes has the reconnaissance option, which limits the usability of all those nice Vulcans and Canberra bombers. AI WP heavily pushed into Iran and India but destroyed most of the cities.
Next game I will start with the no raze patch and probably with the normal world map.
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